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Thursday, November 30, 2006
New sports ground for Atori
Solomonstar news 30 November, 2006 - 10:43am.

EAST Malaita Constituency will have a new sporting ground and a locally made stadium to be commissioned on the 23rd of December 2006. This will be followed by the constituency annual sports competition to be opened on the 27th of December 2006. Speaking from Suva the Member of Parliament for East Malaita, Mr. Sanga said that the commissioning of Atori sports ground and stadium will be a highlight of the week long sporting activities.

The land for these facilities was donated by Noi and his father David Kame with their relatives. But the construction work was done by the locals and supervised by this year’s host club the Atori Football Club. Hon Sanga said money for the construction of the field including the local stadium and other facilities comes from the ROC funded RCDF for East Malaita. Under this years Constituency budget the East Malaita Constituency Council had set aside $35,000 of its ROC funded RCDF for construction of the sporting facilities.

Commenting on the development, Mr. Sanga said this is a demonstration of a proper of the various ingredients for development to ensure proper outcome. Mr. Sanga said ROC provided the money unconditionally, the constituency council allocated it, the resource owners willingly offered their land, the young people’s club properly supervised the work and the community committed to and carried out the work.“ All these put together in a given timeframe gave us the sporting facilities,” Sanga said.

The Member for East Malaita Hon. Joses Sanga also said that these facilities will be ready for the competitions to start on the 27th of December. On the financing of the sports competition Mr. Sanga said this year’s competition like other past years is largely funded by the Republic of China through its RCDF for the Constituency. Hon Sanga said that the East Malaita Constituency Council which normally decided on the allocation of RCDF had set aside $20,000 to cover prizes and the general administration of the events.Also, on Tuesday the Ambassador of the Republic of China in Honiara has donated further $5,000 to cover cost of hiring of the Solomon Islands FIFA qualified referees to officiate during the games in East Malaita.

On the impact of sports on young people, Mr. Sanga said while in the last four years sporting in East Malaita has proven to be a unifying factor for many tribes and communities; it is also a direct catalyst for positive character building for youth.He pointed out he has observed in a very short time that many young people in the constituency have demonstrated good quality and responsible leadership as a result of discipline learned through sports. With the very positive outcomes already demonstrated in East Malaita through the ROC unconditional support, the Member for East Malaita and Minister for Public Service is calling on the donor community in Honiara and their Governments to note what direct assistance can do to achieve community confidence and instil community ownership of important community projects like the sport facilities at Atori.On the officials side of the games, Mr. Sanga said Mr. Martin Alufurai the President of the Solomon Islands Football Federation has been invited to be the officiating Guest of Honour in the sports competition in East Malaita. Four FIFA qualified referees are being hired and the Brass Band of Kiluskwalo Village as been invited to grace the occasion with music.

Another interesting development is - Mr. Sanga said, that his constituency offers to host the Solomon Games in 2008.He said that while this may seem being overambitious, the offer is consistent with Government policy priority on rural development strategy. The Member for East Malaita revealed that he has made his intentions known to the President of SIFF, to which he [the President] has noted and has asked him to advice on the minimum requirements of preparation in order to qualify as host. This year’s sports in the East Malaita are being sponsored by the Republic of China Embassy, SoloSoft Computing Company, George Wu Company, RAMSI and others which are yet to respond.
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One dead as military chopper crashes off Fiji
Fiji Times Newspaper - 2250 FJT Wednesday, November 29, 2006
Update: 10.50PM

One Australian soldier has been killed and another is missing after a Black Hawk helicopter crashed into the sea while attempting to land aboard the HMAS Kanimbla off Fiji today.
Seven other soldiers, some SAS troops, have been injured.

Kanimbla and two other Australian warships were despatched earlier this month to stand by off Fiji to rescue Australian nationals in event of a coup by the Fijian military.

The incident could become a major embarrassment for Australia as the navy boats are understood to have been close to Kadavu.

The Australian Government has maintained that the navy boats would remain in international waters unless the situation in Fiji deteriorated to the point where they needed to move close to evacuate Australian citizens.

Australian defence chief, Angus Houston, said the helicopter had sunk in very deep water and would not be recovered.

A search is continuing for the missing man.

The body of the dead soldier and the injured would be taken by HMAS Newcastle to Noumea.
Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase late last night said he did not know any details of the incident, but said it could not have come at a worse time.

Fiji is teetering on the edge of its fourth coup in the wake of a confrontation between the military and the Government.

A major military exercise has been scheduled for midnight with the armed forces saying they would "secure strategic parts of the greater Suva area" and fire starshells over the harbour.
The military says the three-hour exercise is training to prevent any armed intervention force from being sent to Fiji.
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Wednesday, November 29, 2006
Fiji army plans show of strength
Fiji's military has said it will conduct night-time exercises to secure strategic areas of the capital, Suva, citing fears of "foreign intervention".

The announcement came amid warnings by Australia and other regional powers of an imminent coup in the Pacific nation.

Earlier, talks in New Zealand between the prime minister and military chief aimed at averting a military seizure of power ended with no sign of agreement.

Military leaders accuse the government of corruption and lying.

In a statement, Fiji's military said the exercises were being carried out to protect the country.
Troops in full combat dress would secure the centre of Suva, the army said, and "illumination rounds" would be fired into the sea.

"The exercise is in anticipation of any foreign intervention and the Republic of Fiji Military Force is taking all precautionary measures," the statement said.
The general public was advised to remain cautious when travelling into the centre of Suva, but urged not to be alarmed by the exercise.

War of words

Military chief Frank Bainimarama has repeatedly threatened to overthrow the government, despite Fiji having been through three coups in 20 years.

He flew back home on Wednesday after talks with Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase broke down.
The military leader had said he would not negotiate with Mr Qarase.

"It's very simple. He comes with a 'yes' or a 'no' to our demands, full stop," he told New Zealand radio before the meeting.

The prime minister, though, described some of Cmdr Bainimarama's demands as a "threat to democracy".

The heart of the feud between the military and Mr Qarase's government lies in plans by the government to offer amnesties to those involved in a racially-motivated coup six years ago.
The proposal is bitterly opposed by Cmdr Bainimarama, who was the main target of the mutiny, and was forced to flee for his life.
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Close of chilli market turns sour for farmers
Solomonstar, 29 November, 2006 - 11:05am.

CHILLI farmers in the country and particularly on Malaita were forced to abandon their production after the closure of the chilli market by Soltai Fishing & Processing Limited (SFPL) four months ago. SFPL was the largest buyer of locally produced Nepalese Chilli grown by local farmers, which was used mainly for the canned tuna product commonly known as “Chilli Taiyo”.

The closure sadly forced the Department of Agriculture and Livestock to advice farmers to focus on other spice crops, especially vanilla. Permanent Secretary of the Department Israel Wore said the issue is a sad development for farmers but his department could not be able to control forces that determined the market. But he said the department is looking for alternative measures and markets to solve the chilli market problem.

Among other pressing issues raised in the Department’s 2007 Corporate Plan is the development of the agriculture sector’s rundown human resources. Mr Wore said the government needed to train and upgrade the knowledge and skills of Agriculture officers in order to raise the output of the agriculture industry in the country. He said the country has very few specialised agriculture specialists and the ministry is currently facing threats of losing the only few experts in the country. Mr Wore explained that the agriculture industry is suitable for the country’s vast rural population and there is a great need to raise the current subsistence level to semi-commercial level.

“This is very crucial to drive down improved financial benefits to the rural population which is in line with the current government rural development policy,” he said.He added that agriculture, which was tugged as the “backbone” of Solomon Islands economy, must not crash if the 84 per cent rural population of the country is to participate in the cash economy.—

GovernmentCommunications Unit
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Malaita Voters told to vote wisely
Malaita voters have been asked to vote leaders who can aggressively address the need to push development forward in the province.

Intending candidate in the coming Malaita provincial elections in December, Charles Karaori says Malaita province needs leaders who are determined to take Malaita forward in terms of economic development.Mr Karaori says the current care-taker provincial executive of Reuben Moli is the weakest government ever to rule Malaita province.He says Malaita voters should choose candidates who are determined to achieve things for their wards and the province.He says choosing someone with the right qualities for leadership means getting away from voting for a friend or a close relative.

Mr Karaori says Malaita Province wants to see a strong and vibrant Executive to get all of its proposed national development projects such as the Bina Harbour and Auluta Basin up and running.
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Tuesday, November 28, 2006
New HIV cases
Solomonstar, 28 November, 2006 - 12:08pm.

TWO more people have been confirmed HIV positive as the country’s tally hits eight.However, the Solomon Islands National AIDS Council has warned that people should not be complecent about the statistic because based on estimates it could mean that unofficially there are now 150 cases.

The two new infections were declared by the vice-chairman of SINAC Dr George Malefoasi during a recent meeting.Dr Malefoasi said people shouldn’t see the small numbers and just do nothing.He said in actual fact based on estimates “we could have 150 cases” now.Solomon Islands recorded its first case in 1994, then waited until 2004 when five cases were reported. Since then three have died of AIDS.

SINAC has recently beefed up its activities outlining key strategic results areas (challenges) and its national HIV response aims at achieving:
lReduction of risk-behavior and vulnerability to HIV and STIs
lEnhance voluntary counselling and testing for HIV as an entry point for confidential prevention and treatment services for STIs and AIDS (including ensuring blood safety..
lEnhance HIV/ STI surveillance, Treatment and Care.
lTo enhance capacity building for the national HIV response at both the community and institutional level.
lEnsure sustainable development to enable an environment for behavioural change, de-stigmatization and against discrimination impacting on prevention and care.

SINAC has taken a multi-sectoral approach in its efforts to address the disease with the induction of new members recently.Among SINAC’s next step is to complete, National HIV Operational Plans 2007 (All partners) and National HIV Response Review.
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Monday, November 27, 2006
Death sparks outrage
Solomon Starnews- 27 November, 2006 - 11:50am.

THE death of a man on a construction site in Honiara on Friday has sparked outrage and urgent calls for safety at work place to be seriously look into. Luke Kalangoe, an employee of the Kitano/WKK/Seaboard was believed to have died as a result of unsafe work practices.

In wake of the accident, General Secretary of the Solomon Islands National Union of Workers (SINUW) Tony Kagovai calls on the Commissioner of Labour and the Police to investigate the death of Kalangoe. “SINUW believes that the death of the late Luke Kalangoe relates to unsafe work practices despite various calls by employees on management to upgrade and improve occupational Health and Safety Standard at the work site,” Mr Kagovai said yesterday.

The Commissioner of Labour and company representatives could not be reached for comments last night.Mr Kagovai said the employee was believed to be digging beside the Public works compound where the Kitano construction is based using a steel bar when the it struck an electrical line which resulted in the deceased being electrocuted.Mr Kagovai said: “The incident at the weekend is a tip of the ice-berg which calls on the Labour Division to inspect all work sites to make sure that none of such incidents happens again due to negligent of duty on the part of the employer.”

The ‘Safety at Work Act 1982 requires the Employer to provide Safety equipment to employees at the workplace.“In the recent case the employee did not provide any safety equipment,” Mr Kagovai claimed.“It is a clear negligent of duty by the employer and a breach of the laws of Solomon Islands,” the general secretary said.He called on Kitano, WKK & Seaboard to properly compensate the family of the deceased.
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Saturday, November 25, 2006
Solomon Star News, 24 November, 2006 - 3:40pm.

EVER heard of a man called Moses Aru Graziano? Maybe, maybe not. Well Graziano, from Malaita Province, is a local musician who has been in the music scene since the 1980s. He could be a friend of local string band artist Dickson Matoea whom we ran a story on yesterday. In fact Graziano's story is quiet similar to Dickson who was popular in the 80s with his string band and song "Iu Se Wanem Na Bae'era". But there is something else to Graziano's story that interests me and that is at the age of 48 and years of keeping a low profile - he is now back on the scene.

To those who still do not know who I'm talking about. Well you might know him by his popular song in the 80s which he called "Nice Bola, Nice Bola You Liar Lo Mi". This guy is back to release his third album with the help of a team of experience and young musicians who called themselves "Third Hands". His first album was called Solomon Rock. And if you're one of his die-hard fans then you are in for another heart throbbing sensational album from this father of five. He told Weekend Magazine that his love for music never grew old and had always dreamt of making a come back in the music scene. Graziano's dream has come true and his latest album is called "Saenamu E Kwalaimoki" which according to the singer means "talking about the truth" in Langa Langa language. The 48-year-old dedicated this album to an Anuatu boy - a keen listener and a die-hard fan of Graziano.

The recording was done at SIBC, where he had once recorded his first in 1982 with the help of the Fa'arodo family. His second album was recorded in 2000 during the height of the tension with Unisound Studios but music is more technical and with so many programming in it. This year he returned to SIBC and approached John Adifaka for the possibility of recording his third album. Adifaka said it was a discussion that finally went through with Moses signing a contract to do his recording with SIBC. Adifaka then was given the task to hunt for some of the musicians. He said "Moses contacted me in late August so we talked about it. "And so he was contracted to do the album "After signing the contract I collected some old and new musicians and do the job together.

Like Moses' first album, all the music were recorded live and manually with individual musicians playing their own instruments and recording was done. "There was no programming done to the music because individual players do their own skills," Adifaka said. "It's a big project which we are happy with because its like repeating what has been done in 1981 "But we done it is a best way that we can do it. "It's quite a different from any style of music "This album is a bit different because the music is played live and recorded so the tempo is different. "But its good so that we team up together and team up for the music and assist an old singer who is still around. "We have been working on this album for the last few weeks and months with the final touches to be done on the CDs and tapes. Adifaka who is coordinating the project said that by December the album is expected to hit the airwaves. The style of music is Solomon Rock so the music was kind of rock with little country, the composer and singer, stated yesterday when describing his new album. Four of the songs are slow guitar based rock mixed with country. "It's like bringing back the rock country feeling," Graziano said. Some of the songs he wrote sometimes ago are now in this third album.

Those who are assisting Graziano are on the drums Timothy Anafala, guitars by Ezekiel Wate and Young Willie, Jeffrey on the keyboard and John Adifaka on bass. Most of the songs are own composed songs, which are sung in pidgin, Langa Langa and English. The eleven tracks will be on CDs and tapes. The target is on elders and young ones as well so that they can get a feel of the style of music, says Adifaka. Looking back after all the weeks of recording Moses said "its been a hectic months of practising session at the studio. "I have spent three months out of the family and I wanted to go back home and to be with my family. "I thank the band members for their dedication and hard work in getting this album into reality ready to release. "I thanked them and God from the bottom of my heart because without God I can do nothing. "It's a big achievement for me," he said.
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Thursday, November 23, 2006
Source: Solomon Star @ www.solomonstarnews.com
23 November, 2006 - 11:03am.

Toktaem with Moffat Mamu.
Moffat Mamu of the Solomon Star office met up with one of our local country artists in the 80's and 90's. Dickson 'Bae'ra' Maetoea is from Dukwasivillage, in the Aoki/Langalanga Constitutency.

SINGING is a talent that many of us, Solomon Islanders, are blessed with despite our age and background.Some take their musical talent for granted while others went on to make an income out of it. One person who has gone out to expose his talent in the local music industry is none other than 50-year-old Dickson Matoea, a local string band singer. I was in Dukwasi Village, Central Kwara’ae, on Monday with a RAMSI Outreach team that was visiting four villages in the region including Dukwasi when I met Dickson. To those who don’t really know who I’m talking about, I bet you will by his popular song “Iu Se Mami Wanem Na Bae’era”. Dickson, who now resides in his home village of Dukwasi, was among villagers listening to the RAMSI team who visited the village to up-date villagers on the progress of the mission in Solomon Islands. I was asking some folks about their views on RAMSI when I was introduced to Dickson. Dickson is a well-known local singing artist in the 1980s. During those days his song “Iu Se Mami Wanem Na Bae’era” was always hitting the airwaves and even today - though it is seldomly played - it still puts a smile on a listener’s face. I too remember that during my primary school days whenever I heard this song on the radio I would put up the volume just to hear the words of the song. So on Monday when I met him the first thing I asked him about was how he came to compose such a song. He told me that the song was in fact based on a true story. “There is this girl from home who left the country for overseas and spent a month in Nauru. When she came back she wore high heel shoes with red lipstick and at the village when her mother mentioned the word ‘bae’era’ which means slippery cabbage in Kwara’ae language to her. “The girl in confusion asked her mother, ‘what is bae’era?’ So it was from this story that I compose the song,” Dickson told Toktaem.

He said the song was composed in 1982 and as soon as it was released it became a hit on the local radio. “I guess it was a hit for the local people because the song actually talks about something that is true and that has happened.“Although it is funny, but it tells a message,” Dickson said. The message, according to Dickson, is for locals not to forget their origins.Dickson’s love of music started at a very young age. “I really love singing and it has become part of my life, I can’t live without it. Today though I am now settling in the village I still sings or hums to myself, in the jungle, the gardens - everywhere. “I guess it is a passion that one cannot leave without,” the father of six said.

He told me that he still got his instruments and although some of them are old he would look at them and rekindle his younger days when he used to sing with friends.Honiara has been home for Dickson for 25 years, but he fled for the village with his family during the tension. “I cannot live with my family in Honiara during the ethnic tension because day in and day out you will hear guns fired scaring women and children.“There was so much fear in Honiara then so in 2001 my family and I evacuated back to Malaita.” He stated that during then Malaita too was affected.“ I could not go to the gardens in Malaita during the tension days because of fear.” But according to Dickson that was home. With these experiences, when the RAMSI Outreach Team visited Dukwasi, Dickson was among many who have expressed the need for RAMSI to remain in Solomon Islands.“ I want RAMSI to stay on in the country. There is still much work to be done in the country in reconstruction work and rehabilitation work mostly to the economic and social wounds that have been caused by the tension.” He said people are still affected by the tension today including the current generation therefore, so much is needed to be done.“

RAMSI’s arrival is freedom at last for us the locals because guns were collected and people were able to go on their normal activities.“ Without them the freedom we experience today will not exist, so whatever allegations there are against this mission I believe those can be resolved easily and should not be the engine to remove the force.“ We are happy with RAMSI and we look forward to seeing it uncover the many corrupt activities happening in the country over the years to return Solomon Islands to where it was before - the happy isles,” Dickson said. As I thanked him for the interview, Dickson quickly sang a few words from his famous song, as a way of saying, “you are welcome”.
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RAMSI donate balls
Submitted by Arthur Wate on 22 November, 2006 - 10:58am. Sport

FOUR communities near Auki in Malaita can now plan ahead to celebrate their Christmas and New Year festival with sports.

This follows the kind donation of sporting equipments by the RAMSI Outreach Group on Monday and yesterday.
The communities who have benefited from the free gift are Dukwasi, Ambu, Kilusakwalo and Fiu.

The communities were visited by a eight member delegation from RAMSI to update them about the role RAMSI in the country since Monday during the a two days visit.
After the talk in each of the communities, Jane Kriegel from the Special Coordinator’s office while thanking the communities for accepting the delegation into their village presented two soccer balls, a netball, a volleyball and a pump to the communities.

The delegation told the communities to use the equipments wisely and for their end year program by organising sports activities for the communities.
In most of the communities the village chief or the chairman received the sports equipments while being witnessed by the exciting crowd.
Most of the local leaders have expressed gratitude over the kind donation and said they now have something to look forward to celebrate in terms of sporting competition next month.

Chief Nemeul Malesu’u of Kilusakwalo told Star Sport that his community can now plan ahead to organise some competition for the Christmas and New Year.
The delegation which made the tour includes Sue Ingram Coordinator of the Machinery of Governance, Jane Ingram from the Office of the Special Coordinator, Andrew Beaumont and Bruce Arnold of Ministry of Finance, Gino Gaspari and Sepola Niulakita of the Participating Police Force (PPF), Capt Setareki Bogidrau and LCPL Karl Arand of the Coalition Task Force.
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