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Wednesday, January 31, 2007
Fauabu snatch Iduri cup
SIBConline news, on 31 January, 2007 - 9:58am.

AOTA Fauabu United is the current champion in the Sam Iduri Soccer Sevens Cup held at Durukwua Village, Malaita Province, last month.

A total of 40 soccer teams participated in the tournament, which narrowed down to a deciding match between Aota Fauabu United and Dala South on December 30.

Organiser Enley Fomani said Aota Fauabu United beat Dala South to snatch a trophy and a cash prize of $1000. Dala South received $1000, which was the second prize for the tournament.

The competition was organised by West Kwara’ae MP Sam Iduri. Over 1000 people flocked Durukwua Village daily to support their teams and participate in the tournament which started on December 27.

Mr Fomani said this was the first ever tournament to be held in ward four of the West Kwara’ae constituency. Not only that but also the most successful and peaceful tournament, Mr Fomani added.

He thanked Mr Iduri for enabling youth in the constituency to enjoy the festive season with sport.

He said the tournament would now become an annual event.
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Government services

An Australian man was arrested and charged in connection to a plot to kill Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare.
Bill Johnson in his 60’s appeared at the Central Magistrates Court this afternoon charged with conspiracy to commit murder and conspiracy to commit felony.
The court heard that he conspired with another four people earlier this month to assassinate the Prime Minister Sogavare.
The Prosecution alleged that between the 18th – 23rd January, Mr Johnson along with four others were drinking alcohol at the Honiara City Motel when they conspired to murder Mr Sogavare.
The prosecution successfully applied to have Mr Johnson remanded in custody while police investigations continue.
“A conspiracy to murder the Prime Minister of Solomon Islands is a very serious matter, and there is a likelihood that the accused will interfere with witnessed on this case,” the prosecution said.
Mr Johnson was residing at the City Motel when he was arrested yesterday (29th January).
The prosecution said they have three documents so far which points to a “strong case” against the accused.
The Prosecution alleged that other people are also implicated in the statements obtained by police, and they are still to be located and apprehended.
Johnson’s lawyer, Patrick Lavery attempted to have the bail application quashed by offering to pay any bail charges for his client.
But presiding magistrate William Seneka turned down the application.
Mr Johnson is married to a Malaitan woman and has three children.
He will appear again in court on the 7th February.
George HermingCommunication Officer
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Oti Responds to Criticisms
SIBConline news, 19:05 hrs

Foreign Minister Patteson Oti has hit out at comments made by the MP for West Georgia Vonavona Peter Boyers on the PNG Defence Force inquiry team.

Mr Oti says the comments were rather cheap and thinks Mr Boyers was playing politics. Mr Boyers has described as a complete cover up, governments action in blocking the Papua New Guinea Defence Force Inquiry into the secret flight of Julian Moti into Solomon Islands.

He says the incident had put the Melanesian brother in an awkward position.But speaking immediately after he returned from Port Moresby yesterday, Mr Oti said Mr Boyers' comments were not a proper scenario to draw from what is currently happening.

"PNG and Solomon Islands are two sovereign states and they belong to a very powerful sub-regional grouping in the pacific. If you watch the political situation now, MSG is cooperating more because of certain economies of scale that we have to pull our resources together. And we are not in this instance dictating to PNG how they should be going to satisfy our own interest and so on. I don't think PNG is that cheap to go that low to allow any other country to manipulate its own affairs."
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SIBConline news, 19:07 hrs

Transparency Solomon Islands,TSI, has described government's decision in blocking the Papua New Guinea Defence Force Commission of Inquiry into Julian Moti's secret flight in Solomon Islands as coward, dishonest and disrespectful to a friendly neighbour.

Chief Executive of TSI Joses Tuhanuku says the inquiry is no longer an internal matter of PNG, because Moti and two other Solomon Islanders came on a secret PNG military aircraft and landed in Munda, Western Province in October last year.

Mr Tuhanuku says the arrangements for the flight were improper and the incident happened in Solomon Islands and is affecting the country.He says if the government is so obsess about sovereignty and sovereign decision, the way Moti entered Solomon Islands on a secret flight is an insult to the country's sovereignty.

"When they refuse to allow the Commission of Inquiry to come to Solomon Islands, they interfere with the process set up by the sovereign state of Papua New Guinea to come up with the inquiry to look into the problem which belongs to Solomon Islands, but somehow PNG was involved. Secondly, if Solomon Islands allows them to come in, then it will show to the public it has nothing to hide."

Mr Tuhanuku suggests that the government either allow the Commission of Inquiry to come to Solomon Islands for further investigation into the matter or send Moti and the two Solomon Islanders that accompanied him to PNG to be questioned.
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SIBConline, 19:08 hrs

The government’s rearmament programme for Solomon Islands will benefit the country including politicians.

The Minister for Police and National Security Isaac Inoke says this in response to statements by critics claiming that the programme will only benefit some politicians. He says it was a government policy to arm the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force and the rearmament programme was in line with that policy.

The minister says the government under the constitution had the right to arm its police force.Mr Inoke says the rearmament programme would be implemented in accordance to police protocols.He says three units of the Solomon Islands Police that were disarmed and phased out by the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands under three weapons-free Solomon Islands campaign.

Mr Inoke says these units are:
the Protection and Guarding Unit,
Rapid Response Unit, and
the Police Field Force.

He says the Protection and Guarding Unit is responsible for the Prime Minister and politicians whose lives are under threat.Mr Inoke says the Rapid Response Unit and the Police Field Force will maintain internal and national peace and security.
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Man Charge for attempt to Assasinate PM
SIBConline news, 19:10 hrs

A man has been charged for alleged murder attempt on Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare.

The man, Bill Johnson, an Australian citizen was remanded in custody following his brief court appearance today.

Mr Johnson arrested yesterday afternoon by police at Honiara Motel was charged with conspiring to murder and commit felony against Prime Minister Sogavare.

The court heard that Johnson, a retired war veteran married to a Solomon Islands woman had allegedly conspired with four Solomon Islanders to assassinate the Prime Minister between 18th and 23rd January 2007.The prosecution says police have yet to locate other people indicated in the plot.

Johnson will appear again in court on February 7th.
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Tuesday, January 30, 2007
Marist FC v BA game scheduled for next month in Fiji
FijiTimes news
ZANZEER SINGHTuesday, January 30, 2007

THE Oceania Football Confederation O League match between 4R Men In Black of Ba and Marist Football Club of the Solomon Islands has been rescheduled to next month.
The match which was to be played at Govind Park in Ba yesterday was postponed after Marist FC failed to travel to Nadi following a technical fault with a Solomon Airlines aircraft.
Friday's fixture between Marist FC and AS Temanava of Tahiti has also been affected.
OFC head of competitions, Seamus Marten, said both matches would be rescheduled next month.
Marist FC team manager Paul Mwaritara said the club was helpless in the situation.
He said Marist FC squad was unable to leave the Solomon Islands and had now returned to its training camp at the Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) Academy.
4R Electrical MIB executive Rishi Kumar said the Ba-based franchise club was looking forward to the fixture. He said it was unfortunate that the match had to be called off.
"The O League is more important than the upcoming CVC," Kumar said.
"We would have liked to play the Solomon side and then face Suva in the CVC. This will not obviously happen. The boys will continue training. We have to divert our focus on the match against Suva."
Kumar said 4R Electrical MIB's match against Marist FC is likely to be played on February 6.
Meanwhile, Ba will be gunning for its record 14th CVC title.
The side has left no stones unturned in its title defence.
Kumar said attendance at training had been perfect.
"Everyone has been attending training daily," Kumar said.
"It is a positive sign. We are keen to keep our record intact in the series."
Meanwhile, Suva president Jahir Khan said those players who started training yesterday would be considered for a spot in the team for the CVC match.
"We are very strict and only those who train will be included," Khan said.
"We have all the players who played in the IDC with us and there are a couple of new players from other districts have shown interest.
"There are a few players who will switch to Suva and we will include them in the team for the match against Ba."
He said they were waiting for the under-20 players to arrive in the country on Thursday.
"The Vanuatu players along with the under 20 players will also be part of the team," he said.
Suva is in the process of trying to get the release of the Army players, Apisalome Turuva, Samuela Vula, Harris Bali and Lisala Vetaukula.
Khan said the four were to have joined training yesterday.
The Ba versus Suva match in the Pillay's Garment CVC series will be played at the Post Fiji Stadium on Saturday at 3pm.
The return match will be at Govind Park on Saturday week at 3pm.
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Rascals abduct, rape Fiji woman
Fijitimes, Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A FIJI woman married to a man from the Central Province in Papua New Guinea was abducted and brutally raped by seven criminals in Port Moresby over the weekend, according to a report in the Post Courier newspaper.
And while performing the act, the criminals called the police and told them what they were doing to the woman.
The report in the Post Courier, a sister newspaper of The Fiji Times, said the woman and her husband were driving towards their home in Ensisi Valley when the seven criminals armed with two revolver pistols and two homemade guns held them up and took them to Morata settlement in their vehicle.
National Capital District Police Metropolitan superintendent Mark Kanawi said the husband of the Melanesian woman was chased off and the woman was dragged into nearby bushes and repeatedly raped by the seven men.
"The criminal called the police from a mobile phone and told them what they were doing to the woman, this is an inhuman act," Mr Kanawi said.
He said the woman later managed to escape from the men with the assistance of another woman from the settlement and went to the Waigini police station to report the incident.
Mr Kanawi told the newspaper that at the police station, the woman identified one of the men who raped her and who was brought in by police for questioning after an armed holdup and car theft.
He said the same group of men had gone to North Waigini and held up Police Superintendent John Anawe and his family.
Mr Kanawi said the criminals robbed 2000 Kina from Mr Anawe's wife and drove off in Mr Awane's unmarked police vehicle.
He said a police inspector saw the different driver in the vehicle and gave chase, fired at the criminals who in fear abandoned the vehicle and ran off into the Morata settlements. Police caught three of the criminals and took them to the Waigini police station for questioning.
The Metropolitan Superintendent said four of the criminals were still at large with the K2000 and other personal items.
The two vehicles were recovered and the three suspected rapists and robbers are in police custody at the Waigini Police station cell.
Mr Kanawi asked the four criminals to surrender to the police before police hunt them down and bring them to justice.
"I also call on the community living in Morata to corporate with the police and bring those involved in raping the woman and robbing the police officer and his family to face the law of the country," Mr Kanawi said.
No comments could be obtained from the Fiji's High Commission in Port Moresby last night.
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By Alfred Maesulia
The newly elected premier of Malaita Province, Hon. Richard Na'amo made his brief maiden speech after taking his oath last Friday.

Mr. Na'amo admitted that without the support of development partners, Malaitans would not be what they are now.

He said: "As a Malaitan I know our people have suffered as a people and a province socially, politically, economically and spiritually.

"We must acknowledge our partners in development who have helped us to rise above the minimum level of survival."

Premier Na'amo asked Malaitans not to become spectators in development but "to actively participate one way or another to further improve the welfare of our own people."

The new premier said his government would review existing ordinances and fully utilize development partners such as EU, AusAid, NZ Aid, Japanese Grassroot and others.

He also said his government would work closely with the National Government to successfully implement its bottom-up approach policy.

"Our forefathers developed the initial economic bases of Australia, Fiji, Samoa and our own country.

"The question for us to collectively answer is: 'Can we all Malaitans – women, youth, men, church leaders and chiefs do the same for our province like our forefathers did for others?" the new premier challenged his people.
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Mamula bows out of the Oceania U20 with a 8-1 demolition of samoa
NZsoccer news,
Auckland January 29, 2007

New Zealand are a win away from a place at the 2007 FIFA U-20 Men’s World Cup in Canada after thumping Vanuatu 7-0 in their Oceania Youth Championship match in Waitakere on Monday.

All Whites and Fulham reserve team midfielder Chris James capped New Zealand’s biggest win of the qualifying tournament with a hat-trick to take his tally to six goals in five matches – two behind Fiji's golden boot leader Roy Krishna.

The result – coupled with Fiji's 2-1 win over New Caledonia – means New Zealand’s destiny is in their own hands as they eye Wednesday’s final match against New Caledonia (2.30pm) at Trusts Stadium.

Victory will ensure Stu Jacobs side Oceania’s berth at the June 30-July 22 World Cup while Fiji – a point behind New Zealand - must beat Tahiti in their final game and hope New Caledonia at least take a point off the Kiwis.

Jacobs admitted afterwards that New Zealand's thoughts were turning to Canada although he refuses to let his side get ahead of themselves with New Caledonia showing dangerous glimpses throughout the tournament.

"I guess we can start talking about Canada now although we don’t want to put too much on it because we’ve got to think about winning the next game first," he said.

"We’ll just talk about winning on Wednesday. The sign in our changing room says 'Win at all costs' and 'whatever it takes'. We wanted to win every game but maybe five wins and a draw will be enough."

New Zealand raced to a 5-0 halftime led with defender Phil Edginton sparking the first half deluge with a headed goal after just 2min 30s from a cross that was almost inevitably delivered by James.

James made it 2-0 in the 16th minute when he curled a 20 yard free-kick into the top right hand corner before All Whites team-mate Jeremy Brockie put the result beyond doubt just four minutes later with a 25m screamer.

New Zealand had their fourth when James nodded home a cross from Brockie before midfielder Cole Peverley outdid Brockie with a 40m howitzer.

James completed his hat-trick in the 52nd minute but New Zealand were only able to add one more second half goal – a well-taken 63rd minute effort from defender Michael Cunningham.
Vanuatu enjoyed far more of the possession in the second half with New Zealand goalkeeper Jacob Spoonley required to make four quality saves including a good reflex stop after a miss-cued defensive header from Edginton.

"We played pretty well, very well really," Jacobs said. "It’s hard to keep that tempo going when you're in that position [at halftime]."

Meanwhile, Fiji kept the heat on New Zealand with a 2-1 win over New Caledonia despite a late 22m scorcher from Richard Sele and a fluffed late chance by Wilson Forest. Roy Krishna scored Fiji’s first to take his tally to eight for the tournament and a two goal lead over James in the golden boot race.

Solomon Islands finished their tournament with an 8-1 demolition of Samoa who have conceded 30 goals in their five matches to date. Jose Nawo scored two first half stoppage time goals in his hat-trick for the Solomons while Joachim Rande was on target in the 86th and 87th minutes before Judd Molea scored his second in the 89th minute as Samoa were left devastated by a late burst of goals in each half.

2007 Oceania Men's Youth (U-20) Championship – Match Day Six (January 29)
New Zealand 7 (Phil Edginton 3, Chris James 16, 25; Jeremy Brockie 20, Cole Peverley 33) Vanuatu 0. Halftime: 5-0.

Fiji 2 (Roy Krishna 37, Rinal Prasad 79) New Caledonia 1 (Richard Sele 67). Halftime: 1-0.

Solomon Islands 8 (Tony Otini 27, Joses Nawo 45+, 45+ 66; Judd Molea 31, 89 pen; Joachim Rande 86, 87) Samoa 1 (Joachim Waroi 49 own goal). Halftime: 4-0.

Golden Boot standings
8 - Roy Krishna (Fiji).
6 - Chris James (NZ).
4 - Sam Jenkins (NZ), Judd Molea (Solomon Islands), Joachim Rande (Solomon Islands).
3 - Dan Keat (NZ), Tony Otini (Solomon Islands), Joses Nawo (Solomon Islands), Richard Sele (New Caledonia).
2 – Jean Wahnyamalla (New Caledonia), Ulrich Bowden (New Caledonia), Alvin Singh (Fiji), Eran Underwood (Fiji), Ariihau Tereiitau (Tahiti). Michael Cunningham (NZ), Jeremy Brockie (NZ),
1 - Meneusi Senibuli (Fiji), Krishna Sami (Fiji), Esava Naqeleca (Fiji), Jason Sablan (New Caledonia), Cesar Lolohea (New Caledonia), Teiki Wan Phook (Tahiti), Jay Warren (Tahiti), Leon Chan (Tahiti), Ionataana Tino (Samoa), Matahi Hauata (Tahiti), Elten Boe (Vanuatu), Francois Sakama (Vanuatu), Silao Malo (Samoa), Simon Molbet (Vanuatu) Brian Melar (Vanuatu), Jean Christophe Xenie (New Caledonia), Young Paul (Vanuatu), Raihau DeGage (Tahiti), Rinal Prasad (Fiji), Phil Edginton (NZ), Cole Peverley (NZ).
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SIBConline news, 19:20 hrs

The new Malaita Premier, Richard Irosae, has announced his Executive.

Mr Irosae is responsible for the Office of the Premier.

The names of the other 15 members of the 16-member Executive are:

1. Deputy Premier and Minister for Development Planning, Edwin Suibaea;
2. Minister for Finance and Treasury, Moffat George;
3. Minister for Commerce and Industries, Billy Abae;
4. Minister for Agriculture and Livestock, Senly Filualea;
5. Minister for Land, Housing and Urban Development, Robert Madeo;
6. Minister for Fisheries and Marine Resources, Billy Farobo;
7. Minister for Culture and Tourism, Tony Silas Bobby;
8. Minister for Forest, Environment and Conservation, Charles Jeffrey;
9. Minister for Infrastructure, Development and Communication, William Isui;
10. Minister for Education and Human Resources Development, Randall Sifoni;
11. Minister for Health and Medical Services, Isaac Houhiapa;
12. Minister for Mines and Energy, George Abana;
13. Minister for Sports, Youth and Women's Affairs, Jimmy Manewai;
14. Minister of Ecclesiastical and Regional Affairs, John Teehou, and
15. Minister for Police and Justice is still unallocated."
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SIBConline news, 19:24 hrs

Former PNG Defence Force commander and deputy chairman of the inquiry team into the Julian Moti flight, Tony Huai has warned that any decision by the Solomon Islands and PNG governments to prevent the inquiry from completing its task could haunt them in the future.

Mr Huai says he does not believe the inquiry should be prevented from completing its tasks under the guise of diplomacy.He says the Solomon Islands government has a reciprocal obligation to PNG.

Mr Huai says Papua New Guineans were used to transport Moti out, and the least the Solomon Islands government could do is allow the inquiry team in for an interview. He says the issue is a moral one, and not a legal issue which only the Solomon Islands government can allow the team in.

The inquiry considers an interview of Moti will be the final piece in the jigsaw puzzle to find out who gave the orders for the Army plane to be used to fly him out.Moti is wanted by Australian authorities for a child sex offence he allegedly committed in Vanuatu and was cleared of by the courts nine years ago.
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Monday, January 29, 2007
Football under-20 World Cup qualifier turns nasty
NZHeral news,
Sunday January 28, 2007
By Michael Brown

New Zealand 3 Fiji 2

Police were called to Waitakere's Trusts Stadium when yesterday's under-20 World Cup qualifier threatened to get out of hand.

Solomon Islands referee Nelson Sogo seemed to let both teams get away with blue murder.
Players were elbowed, stamped on, had balls thrown at their faces and a punch was thrown, yet the referee took no serious action.

At the final whistle, a couple of Fijian players raced at their opponents and police had to break up a scuffle involving about 20 spectators on the sideline. They also escorted both teams and the officials from the field.

"It's a bad look for the game," Oceania event manager Seamus Martin said. "I asked for security before the end of the match because I was concerned about the officials. I was very glad to see them [the police] because we didn't want to see anything get out of hand and they did a fantastic job calming the situation."

Hector Zinck, one of the 3000-strong crowd, said abuse flew at the end of the match.

"There were some comments I thought were racist," he said. "Some spectators said we should go back to our little island and then there was a scuffle. If the cops weren't there, it could have been much worse."

New Zealand won 3-2 to replace Fiji at the top of the Oceania qualifying table with two rounds remaining.

But the match bore little resemblance to the "beautiful game" of which legendary Brazilian striker Pele spoke.

The match was likely to decide which team would journey to Canada for the under-20 World Cup in June and it needed a strong referee.

Sadly, in Sogo, it didn't get it, and the Oceania Confederation must take some of the blame for that.

New Zealand are now favourites, although they still have to get past Vanuatu and a tricky match against New Caledonia on Wednesday.

But the game will be remembered more for a host of spiteful incidents.
Incredibly, only one player was red-carded (for an elbow on Jeremy Brockie) and three yellows were brandished.

The referee was even subject to physical abuse himself, when he appeared to be shoved by Fiji captain Esava Naqeleca, for which he was shown only a yellow card.
It was a dreadful shame that the game's best player and tournament's leading scorer, Fiji's Roy Krishna, was often at the centre of controversy.

He was on the end of what the Fijians claimed was a deliberate elbow from Brockie before he stamped on defender Michael Boxall in clear view of the referee - who took no action.
Krishna also twice threw the ball at New Zealand players (again no cards) and then kicked out at Brockie at the end of the match as one of the Fijian substitutes raced on to the field to challenge the New Zealanders.

Fiji started the brightest, with Krishna rifling a shot past goalkeeper Jacob Spoonley. New Zealand replied with a Chris James penalty before skipper Dan Keat rose to nod in a close-range header in the 56th minute.

New Zealand looked to be controlling things until Sogo awarded Fiji a highly dubious 68th-minute penalty for handball. Krishna converted to take his tournament tally to seven from four games.

In a tense final quarter, Keat headed in a Brockie cross to give New Zealand three crucial points.
"I guess it was an entertainment package, really," New Zealand coach Stu Jacobs said diplomatically.

Entertainment? Possibly. Beautiful game? No chance.
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Mamae's Manuwatu team lost to Wellington
Monday January 29, 2007
By Terry Maddaford

Auckland City's habit of giving opposing teams a two- or even three-goal start before sparking into life was evident again over the weekend.

After turning a 0-3 deficit into a 4-3 win and then 0-2 into a 2-2 draw with arch-rivals Waitakere United, City beat YoungHeart Manawatu 5-3 after conceding early goals in the New Zealand Football Championship battle at Kiwitea St.

A sublime long-range Ian Robinson strike, which deceived Ross Nicholson in the City goal, gave the visitors the lead in the 20th minute.

Substitute Shaun Van Rooyen, in action for barely five minutes, doubled the lead in the 38th minute when he steered home from a Benjamin Totori set-up.

At 2-0, Manawatu should have slammed the door. Not so. With Alick Maemae limping out, their direction and momentum appeared lost.

Three minutes into first-half stoppage time, Bryan Little fired in a pinpoint freekick and Grant Young swooped to touch home.

Just 32 seconds into the second half, the Little-Young double act combined for 2-2. Less than 10 minutes later, Little again provided the assist and Paul Urlovic the simple header for 3-2.

The visitors got back on terms with a Totori penalty before scoring an own goal and the home side finished the job with a late effort from Keryn Jordan.

That, coupled with Canterbury United's 2-1 home win over leaders Waitakere, has thrown the championship race wide open.

Canterbury beat Waitakere's offside trap to set up Greg Draper's fourth-minute opener at English Park. Nathan Knox made it 2-0 after 16 minutes from an acute angle.
From the restart, Daniel Ellensohn scored to give Waitakere some hope but they could not find an equaliser.

Stu Wilson has become something of a folk hero with his Waikato FC teammates. His two goals in the 14th-round game at Waikato Stadium steered Waikato to their first win of the season, 2-0 over Hawkes Bay United.

On Saturday they took the bus across town to Porritt Stadium. Wilson again turned up trumps, with his 67th-minute curling effort enough to get them home 1-0 over Otago United.
After being rooted to the bottom of the table for most of the season, Waikato, under new coach Roger Wilkinson, have reached sixth but with little prospect of going higher.
Team Wellington's comfortable 7-0 home win over Hawkes Bay yesterday kept their slim play-off hopes alive.

While his brother Bryan provided Auckland's win, Graham Little was the finisher at Newtown Park, scoring four for Wellington in a game in which the first goal, a Little penalty, was not scored until the 23rd minute.

The visitors lost some impetus when Woo Jae Kim was sent off in the 36th minute for a dangerous tackle.
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Soccer: Security boost after police called to ugly scenes
Monday January 29, 2007
By Terry Maddaford

Security at remaining matches in the Oceania under-20 championship will be beefed up after ugly scenes during and after New Zealand's 3-2 win over Fiji in what may prove to have been the tournament decider at Trusts Stadium on Saturday.

Describing the situation as a powder keg, OFC competitions manager Seamus Marten called for a police presence to ensure the safety of match officials and players after the game, which attracted 3500 spectators, many supporting the Fijians.

For his part in sideline incidents, volatile Fiji coach Carlos Buzzetti faces a disciplinary report and could be banished to the terraces for his team's remaining matches.

"I called on New Zealand Soccer as tournament hosts to arrange for a police presence," said Marten, who spent much of the match on the sideline between the two team benches working alongside fourth official Chris Lengata (from the Solomons), who appeared ineffectual in his efforts to defuse the situation.

"Given the situation, we felt it would be better for the officials and teams to stay [apart] on the pitch after the game to allow the feelings of some fans to cool down. It was unfortunate that the game erupted as it did."

Referee Nelson Sogo (Solomon Islands) was out of his depth and struggled to deal with a number of unsavoury incidents which in the end overshadowed the best game of the tournament and certainly the best showing by the home side.

Stung by an early goal from Fijian striker and the tournament's golden boot, Roy Krishna, New Zealand worked their way into the game, testing the Fijian defence with Craig Henderson, Sam Jenkins and Jeremy Brockie having chances.

Chris James equalised three minutes before halftime from the penalty spot after Sogo had ruled hand ball against a Fijian defender. That call sparked the first of the many incidents with Fijian captain Esava Naqeleca booked for his part. Given that he pushed the referee, he should have been sent off.

As the teams reassembled for the restart, Krishna remained on the ground amid claims he had been felled by a New Zealand player in an off-the-ball incident. That further fuelled the tension but on consultation with his linesman, Sogo ruled play on.

Seven minutes into the second half, Krishna stomped on New Zealand defender Michael Boxall. Sogo saw it, hesitated, then ran down field, giving the impression he saw this as a square-off for the earlier incident.

Four minutes later Dan Keat headed home for 2-1 after Brockie had headed a James freekick back across the goal.

This time the Fijians got back to level terms from the spot after the referee harshly ruled hand ball against Boxall when the ball had run down his body when surrounded by players from both teams and touched his hand.

Krishna slotted his second goal of the game and seventh of the championship. He is, no doubt, a player of class but will not last long if he does not quickly control his at times wayward temperament.

Keat's second goal (in the 77th minute), another header after Brockie had neatly turned and fired a cross to the far post, put New Zealand ahead.

Seven minutes later, Kelepi Qaqa was sent off after throwing an elbow into Brockie's face.

Charged with violent conduct, he received a two-match, tournament-ending ban.

In key matches today, Fiji play New Caledonia with both teams on nine points with three-win, one-loss records and New Zealand meet Vanuatu. In the early game, the Solomons play Samoa.
The tournament may come down to the last games on Wednesday when New Zealand play New Caledonia and Fiji meet Tahiti in matches which will now be played at the same time.

Golden boot
* 7: R. Krishna (Fiji).
* 4: S Jenkins, D. Keat (NZ).
* Today (all Trusts Stadium): Solomon Islands v Samoa noon, New Caledonia v Fiji 2.30pm, New Zealand v Vanuatu 5pm, Tahiti bye.
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From the SI High Commission Office in Port Moresby

The Solomon Islands Government has formally conveyed to the Papua New Guinea Government its position on the proposed Defence Force Board of Enquiry to be conducted in Solomon Islands on the escape of Julian Moti to Solomon Islands.

The Solomon Islands Government’s position was conveyed to the Government of Papua New Guinea during the visit of its Foreign Affairs & Trade Minister, Hon Patteson Oti in Port Moresby over the weekend.

Foreign Minister Oti stated that Solomon Islands Government understands that theDefence Force Board of Enquiry’s jurisdiction does not extend to Solomon Islands and therefore is an internal matter for Papua New Guinea.

“This is a sovereign decision of the Government of Solomon Islands and therefore called on the understanding of the Papua New Guinea Government on the matter,” Foreign Minister Oti said.
As far as Solomon Islands Government is concerned, it will be inappropriate for the Papua New Guinea Defence Force Board of Enquiry to visit Solomon Islands.
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Oceania soccer, Saturday, 27th January 2007

New Zealand took a giant step toward qualification for the FIFA U20 Men's World Cup Canada 2007 today after defeating Fiji 3-2 in an incident-packed match at Trusts Stadium.

Referee Nelson Sogo of the Solomon Islands struggled to maintain any semblance of order as both teams lost control throughout a volatile match. Two headed goals from New Zealand captain Dan Keat and a Chris James penalty were enough to cancel out Roy Krishna's double for Fiji.

New Caledonia's prospects were kept alive thanks to goals from substitutes Jean Wahnyamalla and Richard Sele who helped himself to a double during their 3-1 win over Vanuatu. Vanuatu's Jekyll and Hyde performances continued as they surrendered a 1-0 halftime lead. Francois Sakama had earlier given Vanuatu the lead with a goal in the 28th minute.

In the earlier matches Solomon Islands kept their slim qualification hopes alive with a 2-1 win over Tahiti thanks to goals from Joachim Rande and Tony Otini. Roihau Degage was on target for Tahiti.
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PM wants Chief of Land Reform unit back
By George Herming,
Government Communications Unit

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare joined two of his Ministers today to recall land expert Leonard Maenu’u to remain us head of the Land Reform Unit in the Department of Lands and Survey.

Mr Maenu’u late last year publicly tendered his resignation in the print media over certain unresolved administrative issues.A decision to recall Mr Maenu’u was reached today in a joint meeting between Prime Minister Sogavare, the Minister of Public Service Joses Sanga and the Minister of Lands and Survey Leslie Boseto.

The three leaders refused to accept Mr Maenu’u’s resignation and instead strongly recommended him to remain in the Unit saying any replacement would disturb the current approach on Land Reform throughout the country.Mr Sanga said Mr Maenu’u’s knowledge and expertise on customary land matters is broad and that qualifies him for the position.

“He (Maenu’u) is a brainchild on approaches to customary land reform and philosophies behind the concept.“Any replacement would put the whole reform in jeopardy,” Mr Sanga said.

Mr Maenu’u has already conducted seminars in Malaita and Western provinces last year.Premiers and leaders in those provinces have widely supported efforts to land reform in view of the current surge in land disputes across the country.

Mr Sanga said the present government seriously prioritizes land reform which is believed to benefit the country in the future.

© Government Communications Unit
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SIBConline news, 18:42 hrs

Chiefs and community leaders of east Kwaio on Malaita are being urged to help police identify people who threw stones at the MV Temotu at Atoifi wharf last Sunday.

Former east Kwaio MP, Alfred Sasako says there were reports of people throwing stones at the ship and have threatened the captain.He says the ship had to leave Atoifi in a hurry and anchored outside before people could unload.Reports say the MV Temotu will not be calling at Atoifi in its future trips, unless compensation is paid.

Mr Sasako says chiefs and village elders in east Kwaio should help police identify what may have caused the mob to throw stones at the boat, and to report those involved to the police.Mr Sasako says in a previous incident, a villager claimed his bicycle was missing during a trip home in the same boat.He demanded the ship to pay him some money.Crew members were reported to have been assaulted.

Mr Sasako says the MP for the area then reportedly paid two-thousand-500 dollars compensation to the ship crew, and money was also paid to the man who allegedly lost his bicycle.

Mr Sasako says the compensation should not have been paid in the first place because it only allows such incidents to continue to happen.Mr Sasako says something must be done about this because others ships won't go there.He says people who really want a shipping service are innocent and they are the ones who are going to suffer.
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Friday, January 26, 2007
SIBConline news, 12:30 hrs

Malaita Province has a new Premier.

He is Richard Irosaea Na’amo the provincial member for Ward One in Central Kwara'ae.

Mr Na'amo beat his only rival candidate for the Malaita northern region, Ben Foukona in the election for the Premiership post.

A report from Auki says the new premier was sworn-in just before mid-day today.
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Local soccer sensation Benjamin Totori has signed up with Richmond City with the hope of boosting the club's Mainland Premier Soccer League debut.

The Nelson Mail reports, Richmond's Mainland team coach, Peter Simonsen is full of praise for the Solomon Islander, saying Totori is a very difficult player to contain and can close a goal from almost any angle.

Totori, while playing for the Manawatu club had scored 18 goals in 14 games during the New Zealand Football Championship season.Meanwhile, Richmond has also signed Alick Maemae and Nelson Kilifa.

Mr Simonsen said that the new signings would lift the other players and increase competition for places in the team. Totori, Maemae and Kilifa have been signed for one season.
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Two eye Malaita Premiership
SIBConline news, 26 January, 2007 - 11:31am.

NEWLY elected members of the Malaita Provincial Assembly will elect their new premier today.Source from the Malaita Provincial headquarters told Government Communications Unit that two candidates would contest the highest political post in the province.

Candidate for the Malaita northern region is Ben Foukona, a onetime member of the National Parliament.

A second candidate who defeated the current caretaker premier Reuben Moli is another contender. He is Richard Irosaea Na’amo, provincial member for Ward 1 in the central region.

A source said result of the election would be announced publicly in front of the Auki Primary School near the provincial headquarters before midday.
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Solomons Draw 2 all with Vanuatu
Thursday, 25th January 2007

New Zealand have their sights set on a make or break clash with Fiji on Match Day 5 after accounting for Tahiti 2-0 at the Trusts Stadium, Henderson today.Goals from skipper Dan Keat and Fulham's Chris James were enough to keep the Junior All Whites in the hunt for a place at the FIFA Youth World Cup - Canada 2007.

Elsewhere, New Caledonia kept their chances alive with a solid 5-0 victory over Samoa. While the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu fought out an entertaining 2-2 draw.
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SIBConline news, 18:43 hrs

Senior counsel assisting the Defence Board of Inquiry John Kawi says Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare could have ordered the clandestine escape of controversial lawyer Julian Moti.

The Post Courier newspaper reports Kawi as saying the board in its report on the findings would infer Sir Michael, as an individual, could have ordered the clandestine operation which spirited Julian Moti using a PNGDF CASA aircraft on October 10 last year.

The senior counsel said the inquiry will not summon Somare to present himself to the inquiry. But the inquiry sees that many of those who gave evidence have lied.Evidence given before the defence board of inquiry by both military personnel and civilians into the secret operation which spirited Julian Moti to the Solomon Islands indicates the orders for the operation came from the top.
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SIBConline news, 18:59 hrs

The newly elected Provincial Assembly members of Malaita have been encouraged to choose a new Premier that will help move the province forward.Member of Parliament for Central Kwara'ae Fred Fono says the provincial members should pray about the election of the Premier.

He says the new Malaita Provincial Government could be the one that takes the province into the state government system, if Parliament passes the law.

"My warning is that because a candidate who is associated with the Malaita Maasina Forum, and the agenda which Maasina Forum had been preaching will not help Malaita Province to progress. Previously I supported Maasina Forum, but then over the years and up until now they are involving in politics."

Mr Fono says Maasina Forum's involvement in politics is dangerous therefore their agenda of should not be pursued at the provincial government level.

He says Malaita Provincial Assembly should be separate from the Maasina Forum.
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Thursday, January 25, 2007
Menapi's goal was not enough to steal all three points from Auckland City
Thursday, 25th January 2007

It was a familiar NZFC script at Trusts Stadium last night as Auckland City broke Waitakere United hearts yet again with their latest Houdini act - but this time it was in the OFC O-League.United skipper Danny Hay gave the West Aucklanders the perfect lift when he powered a header past Ross Nicholson after just 25 minutes.

Waitakere United looked set to roll their crosstown rivals but spurned several decent chances, missed chances that would come back to haunt them later.Waitakere United fans must've believed it would finally be their day when Solomon Islands striker Commins Menapi powered home a great finish from an Allan Pearce cross just five minutes after the restart.

The goal seemed to confirm the growing belief around Trusts Stadium that United - unable to conquer City in the NZFC - would reverse that trend in the O-League.Then it happened. For some inexplicable reason Waitakere United reverted to the same bad habit of sitting back and inviting Auckland City to throw the kitchen sink at them.

As if the lesson hadn't been painful enough in last Christmas's extraordinary match at Kiwitea Street when Waitakere surrendered a seemingly invincible 3-0 lead to lose 4-3. The only saving grace this time was Waitakere at least took a share of the spoils.In fairness to Auckland City their fightback was sparked by a quite special goal from Paul Urlovic.

The All White striker - who has played a bit-part role with Grant Young and Keryn Jordan the preferred striking partnership of choice - found space in the penalty area, then turned the defence inside out, before clipping a brilliant curling shot into the top right hand corner of Michael Utting's net.

It was the catalyst for a City revival and the double substitution that allowed Paul Seaman and Keryn Jordan to enter the fray was timely. Jordan had a chance to grab the equaliser moments later when he jinked through the Waitakere box held onto ther ball slightly too long before scuffing a low shot into Utting's grateful grasp. With only a minute left to play the game was up for Waitakere when a Neil Sykes cross was driven to the far post for Paul Urlovic to cushion into the path of Grant Young.

The 35 year old South African striker doesn't miss from that range and under those circumstances and he made no mistake driving the ball past a despairing Utting.Auckland City coach Paul Marshall was understanably ecstatic with the result."We had a good defensive shape despite how we conceded the goals - one took a deflection. But we had to grind the result out today and we showed we had plenty of character.

Paul Urlovic's goal was special. In this competition to get a draw here is more like a win so we're very happy."Waitakere United coach Steve Cain was annoyed with a "15 minute loss of concentration" that cost Waitakere the game but denied the players lacked self-belief. "We had enough decent chances in the first half to win this game and we didn't take them and it's come back to haunt us.

Auckland City made some changes in the second-half and we didn't respond to them. We have to learn to deal with when they play the ball long."

The next match in the OFC O-League is in Group B when Ba take on Marist FC of the Solomon Islands on 29th January, 2007, in Fiji.

The next match in Group A will take place on February 23rd at Trusts Stadium when Waitakere United host New Caledonia champions AS Mont Dore.

Waitakere United: Michael Utting, Rupesh Puna, George Suri, Danny Hay, Hoani Edwards, Allan Pearce (Craig Wylie 80), Commins Menapi, Jeff Campbell, Jakub Sinkora, Daniel Koprivcic (Michael Gwyther 85), Prince Quansah. Substitutes: Simon Eaddy, Graham Pearce, Pedro Santos, Sam Jasper, Craig Wylie, Sam Mathews, Michael Gwyther.

Auckland City: Ross Nicholson, Ben Sigmund, Jonathan Perry, Liam Mulrooney, James Pritchett (Paul Seaman 52), Jonathan Smith (Keryn Jordan 52), Paul Urlovic, Grant Young, Neil Sykes, Chad Coombes (Luiz del Monte 86), Greg Uhlman.Substitutes: Paul Seaman, Richard Gillespie, Cole Tinkler, Christoph Pospich, Luiz del Monte, Paul Vodanovich, Keryn Jordan.

Waitakere United 2 (Hay 25, Menapi 48)
Auckland City 2 (Urlovic 73, Young 89)
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SIBConline news, 12:27 hrs

The head of Australia’s Agency for International Development, AusAID, Bruce Davis, joined communities in Malaita to open the new Busurata Road in the Central Kwara'ae.The improvements have cut travel time from one hour to twenty minutes, and are part of RAMSI’s 30 million dollars commitment to upgrade Malaita’s roads and bridges.

The Caretaker Premier, Reuben Moli, thanked RAMSI for its practical support and help, adding it was the responsibility of Solomon Islands to keep the road maintained.

Mr Davis said he was happy to see that Australia’s pledge, through RAMSI, to improve roads and bridges damaged during the tensions had become a reality.He said economic growth happens when people can improve their lives.

Mr Davis congratulated and thanked the communities surrounding Busurata for their participation and contribution to the project through sand and gravel for the repairs. Over the last year three major roads have been rehabilitated by RAMSI, including the East Road from Dala to Atori and the Fulisango and Busurata Roads near Auki.
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SIBConline news,
18:22 hrs

Chairman of the Government Lawyers Association, DPP Ronald Bei Talasasa says a meeting between the association executive and government officials over claims for improved work conditions was very fruitful.

Mr Talasasa is now calling on members of the government lawyers association and the magistracy who issued a stop work notice on the government to show patience.He says the Public Service department had assured his executive that it has taken the matter seriously.

Mr Talasasa says the matter was delayed by the long Christmas and New year vacation.He says issues that were raised in the government lawyers and magistracy associations proposal include increase in the starting salary of government lawyers and other allowances.

Mr Talasasa says the association executive was satisfied on the outcome of todays meeting which had reached a general understanding that the threat to stop work could be averted.
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SIBConline news, 18:25 hrs

The PNG Board of Inquiry into Julian Moti's escape from Port Moresby is heading to Honiara next week.

Sources in Port Moresby say the team plans to interview certain senior Solomon Islands government officials who may have information relating to travel arrangements for Moti and his group out of PNG.

The suspended Solomon Islands attorney general was flown out of Port Moresby, along with two other Solomon Islanders in the early hour of October 10th, 2006, in a military aircraft.

The PNG Board of Inquiry personnel will arrive in Honiara Monday next week.
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sibcONLINE NEWS, 18:26 hrs

The Office of the Independent Group in Parliament has called on the government to halt its plan to re-arm the Close Personnel Protection Unit of the police.

Group leader, Daniel Enele Kwanairara says the plan must be halted because there is no basis for it.He says the security of the people of Solomon Islands out-weighs the security of a few leaders.

Mr Kwanairara says the decision by Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare to re-arm the protection unit is one of the many political stunts of a leader that will haunt the country for many years to come.

Meanwhile, He claims the directive by the Prime Minister is influenced by a move to take control of critical and wider government structures and machinery.

He says the rationale for this choice needs to be clarified to the people because RAMSI is in the country to provide security for the Prime Minister, Ministers and other Very Important People.
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Wednesday, January 24, 2007
Wednesday, 24th January 2007

Marist FC have gone into camp to prepare for their O-League double-whammy against AS Temanava of Tahiti and Ba of Fiji.

Coach Patrick Miniti is no stranger to the OFC club scene having taken Marist FC to the 2006 OFC Club Championship at North Harbour Stadium last year.

While preparations on the training pitch are taking pleasing shape issues off the pitch have seen the Marist team management appeal to the Solomon Islands public and business sector to assist them as they prepare to travel to Fiji and Tahiti for their away matches in the OFC's O' League.

Club spokesman, Paul Mwaritara says Marist FC will represent Solomon Islands in the O-League and he hoped that the opportunity to qualify for the FIFA Club World Cup Japan 2007 would be incentive enough for sponsors and benefactors to climb aboard the campaign. The Marist FC marched into camp Tuesday this week and depart for Fiji next Saturday.

At the 2006 OFC Club Championship Marist FC were eliminated at the group stage following defeats against Auckland City and AS Pirae. Marist FC's only victory came against Sobou FC when the team's chances of a semi-final place were already extinguished.
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Soldiers question Suva lawyer
FijiLive, January 24, 2007

Prominent Suva lawyer Richard Naidu was taken by surprise last night when soldiers surrounded his home and took him to the Queen Elizabeth Barracks.

Military Land Force Commander Colonel Pita Driti confirmed that soldiers arrived at Naidu’s home a little after 9pm and asked to take him.

“We just brought him in for questioning. He was cautioned and then released,” Col. Driti said.
Col. Driti did not say what Naidu was questioned on.

Soldiers then dropped Naidu off at Wailoku, where he was told to find his way home from there.
Col. Driti said businesswoman Laisa Digitaki was supposed to have been brought in with Naidu but could not confirm whether she was at the camp last night.

Efforts to get a comment from Naidu and Digitaki proved futile.
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Auckland January 24, 2007

After thumping Samoa 7-1 on Tuesday, New Zealand are eagerly eyeing Saturday’s Trusts Stadium showdown against tournament leaders Fiji - a likely title decider in the race for a berth at the 2007 FIFA U-20 Men’s World Cup in Canada from June 30-July 22.

But Jacobs knows New Zealand cannot afford to take their eye off the ball against Tahiti as the hosts (with a game in hand) look to bridge the five-point gap on Fiji who sit out the tournament’s bye on Thursday.

Jacobs stayed on after New Zealand’s win over Samoa to watch Fiji overpower the Solomon Islands 3-0 with two clinical finishes from speedy golden boot leader Roy Krishna.

“Fiji are obviously quite big and physical and the seven [Alvin Singh] and 11 [Krishna] are quite useful and technically very good. If we can nullify them we’ll be in with a shout,” Jacobs said.
“But we’ve got to get through this Tahiti game first…we’ve got to keep churning out the results and improving.”

Jacobs has no doubts New Zealand will improve following mediocre performances against the Solomons and Samoa.

He has a full squad to pick from for Thursday’s match with skipper Jack Pelter back from suspension. But New Zealand must play the delicate balancing act between ensuring victory and resting players ahead of the Fiji match and also have key players Sam Jenkins, Dan Keat, Jeremy Brockie and Cole Peverely one booking away from a automatic one-match suspension.
Jacobs gave his players “five and a halves and sixes out of 10” for their performance against Samoa “if we’re brutally honest”. He knows more intensity and clinical finishing is needed for New Zealand’s coming matches.

“What we’ve got to do is get players up around the seven and a half to eight range…if we can get four or five of them around that mark then I think we’ll be okay.”

New Caledonia play Samoa (midday) and Vanuatu face the Solomon Islands (2.30pm) ahead of New Zealand’s match at 5pm
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SIBConline news,
18:59 hrs

Prime Minister, Manasseh Sogavare warns ousted Commissioner of Police, Shane Castle that he faces arrest if he sets foot on Solomon Islands soil while he is an undesirable immigrant.

Mr Sogavare echoed the warning following reports that Mr Castle wants to return to complete some important tasks before the end of his employment contract in April this year. But Mr Sogavare says as far as Government is concerned, Mr Castle is an undesirable immigrant.

The Prime Minister says Mr Castle is at liberty to challenge Government's decision through the courts.

Meanwhile the Prime Minister says recruitment process for Mr Castles' replacement is in progress.
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SIBConline News,
19:00 hrs

Local lawyers employed by the Solomon Islands government have issued a stop work notice to the government over their work conditions.

The notice is contained in a letter by the government lawyers association and magistracy association to the permanent secretary of the department of Justice and Legal Affairs.

The letter says all local lawyers and Magistrates in the offices of the Public Solicitor, the Director of Public Prosecution, the Attorney General's Chamber and Magistrates courts in the country will refrain from carrying out their duties from Monday next week.

The letter says discussions between officials of the Public Service department, the department of Justice and Legal Affairs and the lawyers association in 2006 ended in limbo.

It says the Public Service Department personnel involved in the dialogue failed to honour their commitment.
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Documentary highlight Aus. participation in Policing in the region aired on SBS Channel
Elicia MurrayJanuary 22, 2007

On the streets of Melbourne, policeman Patrick Veitch knows his job. In the Solomon Islands capital, Honiara, during last year's volatile election campaign, his role was less clear-cut.
Veitch is one of the Australian Federal Police officers featured in Policing the Pacific, a documentary series screening on SBS. Writer and co-director Alan Erson says Veitch represents all the useful aspects of policing in Australia. Tough, fair and competent, the experienced cop arrives in Honiara as "just a new boy". As he begins to train the local police force, he realises how much he has to learn.

"Patrick's story is our story in a sense," Erson says. "Australia is a regional power but it doesn't have a long tradition or necessarily a sense of righteousness in exercising power in the region. Whether we know it or not, we are powerful and we do have the potential to make things a lot better or a lot worse."

The four-part series follows several AFP officers deployed to different parts of the Solomons and East Timor as part of the Australian Government's efforts to bring peace and stability to the region. About 450 police from the Pacific region make up RAMSI, the Australian-led Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands, dispatched in 2003 to restore justice to a nation torn apart by civil conflict.

The documentary shows federal officers patrolling the streets of Honiara, as well as rarely policed outer islands and the Weather Coast, where AFP officer Dave Elson is the only Caucasian and fluent English speaker.

He and his police partner, a young female officer from Papua New Guinea, walk a 28-kilometre beat, trying to bring Western-style justice to the traditional "wantok" tribal culture.
"There are rapes and there is also child molesting," Elson says. "Culturally, it's not accepted but it is a way of life, so we are here to try and stop that as well."

Elsewhere, Australian officers investigate killings and police forestry and fishing companies. During the lead-up to the April 2006 election, the officers in Honiara must do their job as the capital descends into lawlessness.

The documentary crew was in East Timor as 200 Australian officers, supported by heavily armed Malaysian police, tried to restore order after the massacre of unarmed East Timorese police. Policing the Pacific follows two AFP officers who walk the streets of Dili for six hours a day, seven days a week. One is Elson, who is posted to East Timor after his Solomons deployment. As post-independence gang violence continues, he averages five arrests a day and tries to convince the locals to call the police when trouble arises, rather than taking
Gritty, real-life stories are Erson's forte. He was writer, director and executive producer of Dust to Dust, an observational documentary series set in a Sydney funeral home, and his latest project is Race for the Beach, a documentary about training Lebanese Muslim lifeguards after the December 2005 Cronulla riots.

Policing the Pacific wasn't an easy shoot to co-ordinate. The production team negotiated for 18 months with the AFP's International Deployment Group before they were allowed to film. Once on the ground, they had to win the trust of the police officers.

"They were really the people with the hardest job and I think they were worried about being seen to be making mistakes," Erson says, adding that he quickly gained a lot of respect for his subject. "They're just cops. They're not the army, who signed up for all of that. They expect a bit of danger but the danger of the Third World is not the danger of Melbourne or Sydney."
Members of the documentary crew also endured difficult conditions. "When Andrew [Merrifield, another director of the series] was shooting on the Weather Coast, he was sleeping rough on the floor of the police station. It wasn't great hardship but it was really humid, it was really hot and it rains like crazy at any time of the day and night."

Then there were the cultural sensitivities. One episode shows officers exhuming bodies to solve murders committed during the Solomons civil war.

"We're the same as the police," Erson says. "Filming a funeral, I don't know what's right to film and what isn't ... You have a general sense of what feels appropriate and what doesn't, but I don't know."

He says it is important for Australians to know about the risks their police face overseas. This is especially true with growing instability in the Pacific, as post-colonial economic problems surface and ethnic tensions escalate.

"In the past, we've sent aid and we've sent soldiers or the navy when required. Now we're sending the police, which is an extraordinary thing to do," Erson says.

"You're sending in ordinary Aussies, with all our strengths and weaknesses, to a place where they don't know exactly what's going on and you're asking them to front up to really tough problems. Their task is huge."

The second episode of Policing the Pacific airs on SBS on Wednesday at 8pm.
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Tuesday, January 23, 2007
Opposition opposes return of guns – Fono
PFNet News,

The Parliamentary Opposition is opposed to the Government’s plan to re-arm the police force.

The Opposition joins the National Council of Women and the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands to oppose the plan, saying Solomon Islanders have had enough of living under the barrel of the gun.

The Government of Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has made known its plan to re-arm the police to provide security over the Prime Minister and his Ministers. But Opposition Leader Fred Fono asks why taxpayers’ money should be spent on the security of a handful of politicians only, adding what about the security of everyone else in the country. He says it is premature to start thinking about arming the police as the memory of police officers, taking sides in the recent ethnic conflict remains fresh in people’s minds.

He says the RAMSI Police Protection Force has been assisting the Solomon Islands Police Force with both logistic and personnel support to provide security over VIPs including the Prime Minister. Mr. Fono believes the same arrangement could be made to ensure the security of Cabinet Ministers, adding the arrangement is adequate for the time-being.Under the arrangement, requests have to be put to the Commissioner of Police who is responsible for the protection and security of VIPs.

Mr. Fono urges parliamentarians, both on the ruling side and the Opposition, the churches, non-governmental organisations and the public at large to reject the government’s plan to re-arm the police force.

Meanwhile, the Opposition Leader acknowledges the commendable and tangible improvements being achieved by members of the Solomon Islands Police Force since RAMSI began a re-strengthening program of the force in 2003.

© Office of the Leader of the Opposition
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SIBConline news, 10:35 hrs

Local entrepreneur Peter Mana has embarked on manufacturing washing soap using coconut oil.

Mr Mana, who operates in Auki , Malaita province says he had decided to go into such business to show to others what they can do for themselves in terms of development.

In an exclusive interview with SIBC, he says the development initiative was in line with Government's bottom-up approach policy in economic development.

He says the initial difficulties he faced was having to spent his personal savings on buying machinery to crush and extract oil from coconut.

Mr Mana currently buys copra from local farmers in Malaita province.
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SIBConline news, 10:45 hrs

Prime Minister, Manasseh Sogavare has defended his plan to provide training and re-arm the police close protection unit of the Solomon Islands Police force.

Mr Sogavare blames Australia of meddling in Solomon Islands internal affairs by allegedly influencing the Taiwanese Government to cancel training in the use of arms by police officers of the close protection unit.

Prime Minister Sogavare says he was fully convinced from intelligence information he has gathered that Canberra was responsible in persuading Taiwan to abandon the planned training for local police officers who are currently doing their training in Taipei. Mr Sogavare says the perception held by few residents of Honiara that Government was trying to re-arm the whole Police Force was wrong and misleading.

Mr Sogavare says he only wants right training in the use of fire-arms given to the police close protection unit. He says this is a well disciplined unit, responsible for the protection of the Prime Minister and the Governor General and other important people.
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SIBConline News, 12:11 hrs

The Malaita Provincial Assembly has a new Speaker. He is Richard Watekari from Small Malaita.

Mr Watekari was elected Speaker this morning defeating two other candidates; the former Speaker Abraham Kapei and William Horia.

Clerk to the Malaita Provincial Assembly, Mathew Maefai says the new Deputy Speaker of the Provincial Assembly is member for Ward 6, Silas Tolota.

Mr Tolota was nominated unopposed at the close of nominations at 6pm yesterday. Mr Maefai says the new Speaker and Deputy Speaker were expected to take their oath this morning.

Meanwhile, Mr Maefai says nomination for a new Premier opened at six o'clock this morning and will close at six o'clock Friday morning. A new Premier for Malaita will be elected at nine o'clock Friday morning.
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Selwyn College sets date to dedicate chapel
SIBC online news, 23 January, 2007 - 10:53am.

SELWYN College National Secondary School will be dedicating its chapel on Transfiguration Day in August.The chapel, which was constructed since 1991 when the school first moved to Marovovo, is expected to complete before August this year and dedicated as the Transfiguration Chapel from the former Christ the King.

Since 1991 students, staff and former students have involved in a lot of fundraising activities to complete the church building.Construction took place but at a very slow pace.Then last year a committee called School Chapel Appeal Committee was set up and this is the committee that is currently working really hard to ensure everything is done before the August 6 dedication.In their effort to raise funds for the chapel’s finishing touch, they have appealed to parents, former students and supporters of the school to assist by donating funds.

Yesterday, the committee started its fundraising programme for this year and former student and lawyer Gabriel Suri was among the first to respond with a donation of $5000.Mr Suri completed his Selwyn College education in 1984.He told Solomon Star yesterday that it was an honour to be able to give something back to the school.“I acknowledge the school for the training I receive.“I was looking forward to when I will give something back to the school and now I’m honoured to assist in this appeal,” he said.

Selwyn College chaplain Fr Davidson Nwaeramo said the chapel is the foundation of spiritual life of the students.Others who have given assistance to the school in response to the appeal are Selwyn College School’s first principal Ron Taylor and first headboy Bishop William Pwaisiho.
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SIRUF welcomes govt's decision
SIBConline news, 23 January, 2007 - 10:42am. Sport

SOLOMON Islands Rugby Union Federation (SIRUF) has welcomed the supports shown by responsible bodies in approving the proposed million dollar stadium at Town Ground. These included the National Government, Ministry of Lands, Housing and Survey and Honiara City Council.

SIRUF President, Jay Kabei said it is a huge breakthrough not only for rugby but other sports in the country.

"I feel honored that the government, Honiara City Council and Ministry of Lands have supported us." A big thing, not for rugby but the country as it is a national project," Kabei said.

He said SIRUF had already received letters of approval from these responsible organisations.The president expects work to start soon when the list of building items are cleared at Custom and detail plan is handed to Honiara Town and Country Planning Board (HTCPB) for consideration.

"Preparation still go ahead. If everything go through then work should start at anytime," Kabei said.

China United Corporation Company, which signed the agreement with SIRUF on July 26 last year, will still develop the stadium, he said. The signing became fruitful after the developer agreed to pay the federation SBD$100,000 for unvalued premium at the signing of the deed.

Under the agreement between the two parties, China Cooperation will construct a multi-million dollar stadium for SIRUF and develop a commercial area of 13,000 square metres around the area.This commercial area will see the construction of 350 meters by 22 metres double story commercial buildings and amenities.

Earlier Department of Lands permanent secretary Charles Viva said the minister made the decision after various consultations with the Honiara City Mayor Alfred Maetia. He said the minister considered the interest of the public but eventually a decision had to be made in the best interest of development of the city."He has consulted the mayor of the city council and several criteria were used to assist in the decision.

"The first decision is based on the concern for youth. Often youth related developments were overlooked as the focus is on major developments that are not youth related."With more than 50 per cent of our population being youth, we must not ignore the fact as this is the most volatile group in any society," Mr Viva said.

The other criteria he highlighted were whether the development would generate employment opportunities, which indigenous Solomon Islanders could benefit from.

"In consideration of the nature of development that will take place in Town Ground, employment opportunity will increase and Solomon Islanders will benefit much in the development," Mr Viva said.

Finally, he said it is the desire of the city council to improve the artistic beauty of the city with modern facilities and good landscape."We are too familiar with the fact that Town Ground had been neglected and no one took responsibility for its up keep and maintenance. It is a no man’s land. "While it is open, its has low usage as only once or twice a year it is used for activities such as trade show," Mr Viva said.
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RAMSI cautions against current plans to re-arm Solomons Police
RAMSI website, Sunday 21st January 2007
Anne McCaig

The Special Coordinator of the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands, Tim George, has reaffirmed that RAMSI does not support the government’s plan to put guns back in the hands of the Solomon Islands Police Force at this stage.
“We feel it is our responsibility to voice our concerns about current plans to bring guns back into Solomon Islands. This is an issue of community safety, security and public confidence. “RAMSI’s first task in 2003 was to get rid of guns in the Solomon Islands and bring back law and order. This is why RAMSI was invited here in the first place – it goes to the heart of our work here”, Mr George said.
“The surrendering of almost 4,000 guns by the community was a powerful moment for the people of Solomon Islands. Guns brought fear into people’s lives.
RAMSI has not seen any evidence that people want guns back in their communities.
Current plans to re-arm the police also undermine the long-term training plan that RAMSI’s Participating Police Force (PPF) has been undertaking to rebuild the Solomon Islands Police Force since 2005.
The Commander of RAMSI’s Participating Police Force, Will Jamieson, said he was impressed by the improving skills of SIPF officers and the strong relationships between PPF advisors from 15 Pacific countries and their Solomon Islands counterparts.
“Since 2005 the central aim of the RAMSI PPF has been training and capacity building the SIPF in all aspects of modern policing”, Commander Jamieson said.
This has included members of the Prime Minister’s Close Personal Protection team who have undertaken a specially designed training program adapted to the needs of the Solomon Islands including: driving, emergency actions, close personal protection drills, planning and searching techniques.
“The success of this training has helped the police force begin to rebuild confidence in themselves and trust with the community”, Commander Jamieson said.
“We are concerned re-arming the police force now may damage the good work that has been undertaken over the past two years between the police and the community”, he said.
“The re-arming of the police at this time is not something that can be rushed. It must be carefully planned”, he said.
Mr George says RAMSI feels that in the government proposal to re-arm the police there is not a satisfactory plan for training, purchasing, maintenance and security of weapons, and no evidence of broad community support amonst Solomon Islanders for re-arming.
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SIBConline News, 19:27 hrs

The Central Bank of Solomon Islands strongly warns the public and those involved in the Family Charity Fund financial scam to ignore promises of receiving money from the promoters of the so called fund.

The bank gave the warning after it received a copy of a forged letter on CBSI letterhead, carrying the signature of the governor, being circulated by promoters of the fraudulent scheme, promising payments to members on January 27th.

CBSI warns members of the public to ignore such empty promises and get on with their normal lives, saying the letter was a deception, and part of the never ending cycle of lies.The Bank reminds the public that the court had convicted promoters and leaders of the so called Family Charity Fund in November 2003, and they have served various jail sentences.

CBSI says it stands by its previous warnings that the fund is a scam, and an illegal financial scheme which has no money to pay its members.
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Monday, January 22, 2007
Mamula managed to maintain a 1 nil win against New Caledonia despite being 1 man down
NZ Herald News, Monday January 22, 2007
By Terry Maddaford

Fiji continue to set the pace with a perfect two-from-two record after the opening rounds of the Oceania under-20 championships.
With six points from wins over Samoa and Vanuatu, the Fijians are the surprise frontrunners in the chase for the direct-entry spot at Fifa's world championships in Canada.
Fiji followed their opening 7-0 romp over Samoa with a 2-0 win over Vanuatu at Trusts Stadium yesterday.
Goals either side of halftime to Esava Naqeleca and Krishna Sami had Fiji in control as they restricted Vanuatu, in their first outing of the tournament, to a handful of half chances.
There was more drama in the other two games, with the Solomon Islands and Samoa finishing with 10 players.
The Solomons were untroubled as they played the last hour of their game with New Caledonia without Gibson Daudau, whom referee Peter O'Leary sent off for retaliation after what appeared an innocuous challenge.
Judd Molea's 55th goal won the match 1-0 for the Solomons, who retained their unbeaten start following their 1-1 draw with New Zealand on the opening day.
Tahiti came back from their loss to New Caledonia to beat 10-man Samoa 3-1 after leading 2-1 at the break.
Teiki Wan Phook gave Tahiti a welcome early buffer with his goal after five minutes. The Samoans battled back to 1-1 20 minutes later through Ionataana Tino.
The Tahitians hit back with Jay Warren scoring a minute later. They retained that lead until the 75th minute when Leon Chan made it safe at 3-1.
Samoa then went a man down when Dominiko Tokuma was sent off for a second yellow card. His dismissal led to a ruckus behind the Tahiti dugout as Tokuma continued to argue his case.
New Zealand have the chance to get their bid back on course tomorrow when they play Samoa at 2.30pm.
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Sunday, January 21, 2007
Menapi Scores to help Waitakere demolish Otago
NZ Herald News , Sunday January 21, 2007
By Terry Maddaford

With coach Steve Cain many kilometres away enjoying the delights of New Caledonia, his Waitakere United players handed stand-in coach Kevin Hagan the biggest win of their NZFC season - 5-1 over struggling Otago.
After a tentative start, the home side gave the small crowd at Trusts Stadium something to savour ahead of Wednesday's big O-League battle at the same ground when they go head-to-head with Auckland City in a much anticipated clash.
If they play as they did for the first half hour, Waitakere will struggle. Turn in something close to what they produced in the last 60 minutes and they will be a chance to score a first win over City after nine straight losses.
Adopting a 3-5-2 formation - and with Danny Hay a surprise starter in central defence - Waitakere lacked imagination and go-forward early but once they attacked with some width through Price Quansah and Allan Pearce, they stretched the visitors and the goals flowed.
The first came after 38 minutes when Waitakere broke quickly. A couple of half chances were blocked before the ball fell to Daniel Koprivcic, who pushed home from close range. In the first minute of stoppage time, Commins Menapi chased deep and played the ball towards the far post. Attempting to snatch it, Otago goalkeeper Peter Evans succeeded only in turning the ball into his own net.
Two goals in the opening 10 minutes of the second spell killed off the visitors' hopes. Quansah was brought down by Jesse Molloy and Pearce converted from the spot. Koprivcic quickly grabbed his second with a simple header from a Jeff Campbell corner. He completed his hat-trick when he scored virtually unchallenged for 5-0 with 17 minutes to play.
The visitors got one back late in the game when, clearly from an offside position, Andy Coburn beat Michael Utting from close range.
Manawatu kept themselves in the title race with a 3-1 win at Canterbury. Ahead 1-0 at halftime after Hayden Laird's 19th minute strike, the visitors retained that advantage at the break after Canterbury missed a penalty.
Ian Sandbrook worked a one-two with Benjamin Totori to score for 2-0 after 50 minutes. Two minutes into stoppage time, Totori unselfishly set up Alick Maemae to increase the lead before substitute Greg Draper scored for the home side in the 94th minute.
Cain will return from Noumea after watching Auckland City play AS Mont Dore in the O-League's first game happy that Waitakere have retained their four-point buffer over Manawatu and that Canterbury are all but out of the race.
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Premier League Soccer Players charged for stealing
NZ Herald News, Sunday January 21, 2007

England and Portsmouth fullback Glen Johnson, who reportedly earns £30,000 ($85,000) a week, stunned onlookers in a hardware store in Kent, England last week when he was caught trying to steal a toilet seat and bath taps.

Johnson was spotted by a security guard putting a toilet seat into a box with a cheaper price tag. Aided by Millwall striker Ben May, he also hid a set of taps underneath a sink at the checkout to avoid paying for them.

Both were handed £80 ($227) on the spot fines by police, according to The Sun newspaper.
"We all recognised Johnson," said one worker at the store. "No one could quite believe a bloke like him, with all that money, would be moronic enough to nick a toilet seat. But that's what him and May were doing.

"They were spotted by one of our security guards, a chap of 74, and cops arrived as they were trying to leave. They seemed to find the whole thing funny and couldn't stop smirking even after they had been arrested."

Meanwhile, Johnson's Portsmouth team-mate Lomana LuaLua has been arrested on suspicion of assault causing actual bodily harm. The arrest of the 26-year-old striker came three months after he was detained following a domestic dispute with his partner.

Police were called at 1.50am to an address at the luxury residential development Port Solent in Portsmouth, where LuaLua was arrested.

The striker has not played for Portsmouth for six weeks because of a thigh injury. A police spokeswoman told the Daily Mail: "A 26-year-old man from Portsmouth has been arrested following an incident in the early hours of the morning. He is currently helping police with their inquiries."

In the October 5 incident, LuaLua was arrested in the early hours at his home. The Democratic Republic of Congo international was detained for 17 hours while police found a translator for his partner. He was released the same evening without charge.
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New Auki Prison Soil Turning Ceremony
The Hon. Isaac Inoke, Minister for Police and National Security, [yesterday] officially opened construction works of Auki Prison, a new international standard 100-bed medium/minimum security prison in Malaita Province. Auki Prison is the first completely new prison structure in the Pacific. “Today (18th January 2007) marks an important step by the Government in providing provincial prison infrastructure in the Solomon Islands”, Minister Inoke said. “The new prison can accommodate both remand and convicted male and female prisoners from Malaita Province, and will provide appropriate accommodation for young prisoners. “Prisons are an important link in the justice system.

Creating a safe, secure and culturally sensitive corrections system, which meets international human rights standards, is central to a fair and just society”, Minister Inoke said. “While prisons help create a safe and secure society, they should also be a place of rehabilitation, giving people the chance to make a new start in life”, Minister Inoke said. Medium-minimum security provincial prisons like the new Auki Prison provide an important alternative to the high security facilities at Central Prison and will have a strong focus on rehabilitation and reintegration of prisoners.Commissioner of the Solomon Islands Prison Service, Mr Barry Apsey, said the new Auki Prison will provide services that prepare prisoners for release at the end of their sentences. “The prisoner population is anticipated to have a range of different needs. Programs such as vocational training in prison-based industries - including horticulture and agriculture, and education programs will cater to these needs and help prisoners make a new start back in their community. This will give people the best chance of becoming active members of their community again”, he said.Mr Apsey said government and community-based agencies will also visit the prison to provide pre-release support programs.

The Hon. Isaac Inoke, Minister for Police and National Security said the new Auki Prison is part of the Solomon Islands Prison Service National Development Plan which has a focus on provincial prisons.“The National Development Plan provides a critical tool to guide both Solomon Islands Prison Service and Solomon Islands Government future prison developments as well as any donor involvement in the sector”, Minister Inoke said.The Minister acknowledged the work achieved through the Solomon Islands Government/RAMSI partnership in strengthening the justice system from the courts through to Solomon Islands Prisons Service.“Over the last three years the prison service has vastly improved with a tremendous amount of hard work done to bring prisons up to international standards”, Minister Inoke said.Special Coordinator for the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands, Mr Tim George, said that Law and Justice had been a key success of RAMSI’s work with the Solomon Islands Government.“The Solomon Islands Prison Service should be proud of their efforts to attain international standards for the treatment of prisoners”, Mr George said.“RAMSI is also sensitive to the Government’s priority of providing services to the provinces.

The Government’s National Development Plan will assist RAMSI to closely align its resources and activities to the priorities of the Solomon Islands”, Mr George said. “High security facilities like Central Prison in Honiara need to be supported by high standard and well-maintained provincial services. These help families stay in touch with their family members who are in prison, and make moving back in to the community after prison much easier”, Mr George said.Over the next three years, the Solomon Islands is undertaking the largest provincial prison construction program in the Pacific. In addition to maintaining an ongoing commitment to Central Prison and Tetere Prison Farm, new prisons will also be constructed at Gizo, Kirakira and Lata.

These developments will involve a large investment in infrastructure, human resources, training and systems development.The Auki Prison is scheduled for completion by the end of January 2008.The ceremony was attended by: The Hon. Isaac Inoke, Minister for Police and National Security, the Special Coordinator for the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands, Malaita Provincial Government representatives, Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands representatives, local community representatives and Solomon Islands Prison Service members.© Barry Apsey, SIPS Superintendent of Prisons
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Saturday, January 20, 2007
Solomon Islands held NZ to a 1 all draw
NZ Herald,
Saturday January 20, 2007By Terry Maddaford

New Zealand's hopes of a reasonably comfortable journey to Fifa's under-20 world championships were rocked at the first hurdle when held 1-1 by the Solomon Islands yesterday.
It was a brave effort from the national side who played all but the first three minutes of the second half a player short after captain and key central defender Jack Pelter was inexplicably sent off for a second yellow card by Papua New Guinea referee Job Minan Ponis.
The referee frustrated the players from both teams with dubious calls and unnecessary bookings which started as early as the third minute when he cautioned Joachim Waroi.
The Solomons stunned the home side in the 27th minute when, after Pelter was judged to have fouled on the edge of the area. Ponis pushed the wall back way too far.
Sensing that, Judd Molea buried the free kick in the top corner.
Five minutes later it was tied up.
Leo Shin ran strongly to gather and play the ball back to the far post from where Sam Jenkins headed high into the goal.
Substitute Craig Henderson brought some spark to an at times dispirited New Zealand effort but he failed to go the distance after a clash of heads left him with a nasty gash.
The frustrations continued when Jenkins was brought down but legitimate calls for a penalty were ignored.
Ponis' effort was typified when, after signalling four minutes of stoppage time, he called it off after 1m 13s.
"We'll just have to win the remaining five games," said Jacobs later.
New Caledonia sprang the first minor surprise of the tournament when they held on to beat Tahiti 2-1.
The Tahitians, expected to be a contender, fell behind after nine minutes from a goal by Jason Scabland, and rarely threatened thereafter.
Cesar Lolohea scored for New Caledonia in stoppage time to give them a valuable three points. Spearheaded by a Roy Krishna hat-trick, Fiji ran out comfortable 7-0 winners over Samoa in the tournament opener.
The best of tomorrow's second round games will be the second-up clash between the Solomons and New Caledonia. New Zealand have a bye.
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SIBConline News
18:15 hrs

The Minister for Police and National Security, has opened construction works of Auki Prison, a new international standard 100-bed medium/minimum security prison in Malaita Province. Auki Prison is the first completely new prison structure in the Pacific.

Minister Inoke said yesterday marked an important step by the Government in providing provincial prison infrastructure in the Solomon Islands.He said the new prison can accommodate both remand and convicted male and female prisoners from Malaita Province, and will provide appropriate accommodation for young prisoners.

Minister Inoke said prisons are an important link in the justice system. He said creating a safe, secure and culturally sensitive corrections system, which meets international human rights standards, is central to a fair and just society.Minister Inoke said while prisons help create a safe and secure society, they should also be a place of rehabilitation, giving people the chance to make a new start in life.
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SIBConline News
18:30 hrs

The Solomon Islands Under-20 soccer team drew its first game against New Zealand 1-1 this afternoon in the Oceania Under-20 football championship underway in Auckland.

Solomon Islands scored first in the first half through a free kick from young striker Jud Molea.

New Zealand equalised five minutes later.

Our commentator Bart Basia says the young Mamula side could have won the game but missed few chances.

The boys play next against New Caledonia on Sunday.

In earlier matches today, New Caledonia defeated Tahiti 2-1 and Fiji scored 7 unanswered goals against Samoa
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SIBConline News
18:30 hrs

The Solomon Islands Under-20 soccer team drew its first game against New Zealand 1-1 this afternoon in the Oceania Under-20 football championship underway in Auckland.

Solomon Islands scored first in the first half through a free kick from young striker Jud Molea.

New Zealand equalised five minutes later.

Our commentator Bart Basia says the young Mamula side could have won the game but missed few chances.

The boys play next against New Caledonia on Sunday.

In earlier matches today, New Caledonia defeated Tahiti 2-1 and Fiji scored 7 unanswered goals against Samoa
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Friday, January 19, 2007
SIBConline News
12:41 hrs

A ground turning ceremony was held in the Malaita Provincial capital, Auki for a new Prison.

Government and RAMSI representatives from Honiara attended the ceremony this morning. The government group attending the ceremony includes the Minister of the Department for Police and National Security, Isaac Inoke and officials from the Ministry.

The Chief of Staff from the Prime Minister’s Office, Dr Judson Leafasia; RAMSI Special Coordinator, Tim George and the Superintendent of Prisons, Barry Apsey are others who attended the ceremony.
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SIBConline News
17:23 hrs

Newly elected provincial assembly members for Malaita are expected in Auki over the weekend, ahead of its first meeting on Monday.Provincial Secretary Harold Leka says administration of oaths for the new members will be administered by the caretaker speaker on Monday.

Mr Leka says nominations for Speaker and Deputy Speaker will open after the administration of oaths, and elections to be held Tuesday.

He says nominations for Premier will open Tuesday morning, with elections planned for Friday next week.
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17:25 hrs

Former Papua New Guinea police commissioner Sam Inguba might be considered for the vacant Solomon Islands police commissioner’s position.Prime Minister’s media officer Deli Oso told The National from Honiara Mr Inguba was now a hot candidate for the Solomon Islands police commissioner’s office since he had not been re-appointed by the PNG Government.PACNEWS understands the offer came through after Gold Ridge Security Adviser and Senior Police Superintendent Romanu Tikotikoca declined to take up the offer by the Solomon Island Government.

Mr Tikotikoca confirmed to PACNEWS he was offered an "open contract" to take up the Police commissioners post replacing Australian Shane Castle.

Mr Tikotikoca had since accepted the position of Fiji’s Police Commissioner offered to him after the sacking of Australian Andrew Hughes. According to reports, Solomon Islands foreign affairs minister Patterson Oti met Mr Inguba in Port Moresby last year and expressed interest in him. Mr Inguba, who is on holiday in Lae, confirmed that Mr Oti had expressed interest in him last year.
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Thursday, January 18, 2007
Students will return to Fiji
Solomonstarnews, 18 January, 2007 - 10:12am.

GOVERNMENT will be sending back its funded students who study in various institutions in Fiji this year. Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education Barnabas Anga made the assurance following reports of security concerns after the coup in December. Speaking to Solomon Star yesterday Mr Anga admitted that the government is concerned about the security of its students following the military takeover.

He said since then the government has been keeping a close contact with the various administration of the three main institutions Fiji School of Medicine (FSM), Fiji Institute of Technology (FIT) and The University of the South Pacific (USP). Mr Anga said from reports he received the situation is okay and therefore the students will be sent back.

"Based on the advise from the administration of the various tertiary institutions in Fiji, government will be sending its funded students," he said.

However, he said that should anything arises overtime, the government has a contingency plan in place.

Samoa is one of the Pacific island countries, which has been monitoring the situation in Fiji . Following its cabinet decision, the Samoan government has now agreed to send it medical students this week based on the advise from the FSM administration. Similarly, the Solomon Islands Government has reiterated its commitment to send its students back.The National Training Unit (NTU) said it has proceed with the booking of all the students bound for Fiji and other institutions.

A spokesperson from the unit said that they have not received any advise from the government about any changes to stop bookings. "We are currently processing the bookings for all the new and returning students because we have not heard anything from the government," the spokesperson said.According to the USP calender formal lectures will resume at the end of February, a slight delay than last year.
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Malaita election results out
Solomonstarnews, 18 January, 2007 - 10:14am.

TWENTY two winning candidates have been officially declared out of the 25 wards in the second election of the Malaita province yesterday. Returning Officer Johnson Houma told Solomon Star from Auki yesterday that the other three results were not made available due to late response by the Assistant Returning Officers from wards 8,9 and 10.

However by 5.30pm results for wards 6 to 30 were announced.

The winners are,
Ward 6 - Silas Talota,
Ward 7 - Philip Taloinao,
Ward 11 - Silas Tony Bobby,
Ward 12 - Kalberth Aluta,
Ward 13 - Sam Bobby,
Ward 14 - George Abana,
Ward 15 - Michael Saru,
Ward 16 - Philip Farobo,
Ward 17 - Billy Abae,
Ward 18 - Alick Butala,
Ward 19 - Roni Maia,
Ward 20 - John Arahauri,
Ward 21 - John Teohu,
Ward 22 - George Moffat Ou,
Ward 23 - Francis Wate Liu,
Ward 24 - Jimmy K Manewai,
Ward 25 - Isaach Hou Hiapa,
Ward 26 - Charles Jeffery,
Ward 27 - David Nguiburi,
Ward 28 - Henry Dada,
Ward 29 - Clifton Frazer Pulesau,
WaRD 30 - Randell Sifoni.

Mr Houma said that the three remaining results are expected by last night or this morning.The election was the second part of the election first held in December.The postponement of the election in wards 6-30 was due to late preparation of ballot boxes and the difficulty in transporting them to the polling stations in time for the election. It had been agreed that the election be postponed until this week.

Mr Houma said that despite problems being faced with transport the election was successfully held. The first provincial assembly for the new and returning members will be next week and the premier’s election will be held on Friday.
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Wednesday, January 17, 2007
Builder lifts to 2nd place in Fiji Games
Solomonstarnews, 12 January, 2007 - 1:50pm. Sport

A YOUNG Solomon Islander was named Silver Medalist in Fiji’s 9th Body Building Games last year.This achievement was locally made known when Star Sports caught up with the young talented body builder yesterday.Francis Idu who is from Kwara’ae, Malaita joined the Fiji competition in April last year.He was recommended to join Fiji’s national competition by Mr Fiji, Ben Saqata when he met him as a colleague at the University of the South Pacific, Laucala campus gymnastics in Suva.

Last year, Idu was a first year student studying for a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting and Management at USP.Idu said Solomon Islands doe not establish a federation that will look after the well-being of the sport.Though Solomon Islands is still at this stage, he is happy to see more young people, being motivated and getting into it.“ I believe one day we will finally have our own competitions and will be able to compete regionally and internationally.Idu joined body building since 1998, but attracted to the sport when he was still a child.
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A silent achiever

SOLOMON Islands is yet to recognize some sports for which many Solomon Islanders may have the potential to excel in.Solomon Star caught up with a young man who has achieved one of the highest awards in the sport he loved since his childhood.He is 25-year-old Francis Idu - one of the first Solomon Islanders to win a silver medal in a body building competition held in Fiji.According to Francis, his achievement will be more meaningful if Solomon Islands recognised body building as a sport because there are many locals pumping up their muscles to stay fit but with no competition.Francis who is studying at USP had the opportunity to enter Fiji’s 9th Bodybuilding Games late last year.He grabbed the silver medal in the 75kg category - a reward to a sport he loved since childhood.“I was first attracted to the sport after witnessing some relatives doing physical exercises in local gymnastics at home and as time goes on I was exposed to seeing magazines of international competitors,” he said.“That could not get out of my mind though I was committed to playing football until in 1998 when I actually get into the gym.Idu lost his love for soccer after realising that bodybuilding would be more satisfying because all he had long for is in the sport.“I was even more motivated, because to me body building contributes more to good health, self discipline, for instance controlling my diet and being abstain from alcohol.“Respect too is one of the norms that body building will bring to oneself. It also gives me the strength to do physical work for family,” Idu explained.His early days in the sport begin at home.Because of the fact that he still has no knowledge of the existence of a gym in town, he started off with a home made bench and two weights that are hooked to a piece of iron about a meter in length.“To me when I think back, it is a bit funny, because if I want to become some guys who posed in the Flex magazines, I would need to get myself organised in a proper gym.”However, towards the end of 2000 he was fortunate to met two friends who are also interested in the sport.His two friends Hence Futai and Tino introduced him to their local gym at their home at Naha in Honiara and by 2001 he was exposed to another level in the sport.Francis and his friends workout together until 2004 when he decided to quit because of study commitments.“I realised that study should be the priority, so I decided to stop and concentrate on my study.“But in 2005 I realised that I begin to loose the fitness and the physical appearance that I long to have since my childhood so I started to put it back on my programme, balancing it with my studies just to maintain my fitness,” he said.The balance he gave to his studies and the sport he loved was rewarded when he was awarded a government scholarship to do Bachelor in Accounting and Management at USP.These are challenging courses, however, because of his love for bodybuilding he refused to quit from this sport but incorporated time management.“To me, I want to balance the time I have for my sport and my academic life, these two are equally important to me,” he said.“So I go to the gym three days in a week and the rest of the week I dedicated to my studies.“In managing myself both academically and socially I also pray to our Lord to show me the way to achieving my dreams,” Francis stated.Being a student at the University of the South Pacific, Laucala Campus in Suva has led him to enter Fiji’s National Bodybuilding competitions.To Francis grabbing the award was so unexpected and unbelievable because most of the time he look down on himself thinking that he could not reach such a high mark.“To me, I was still building up physically and spiritually, especially my self esteem, but when I was announced as the silver medallist for my category I could hardly believed it,” Francis recalled.“I have no idea how the judges will look at me, though I was told that I should expect a medal.”However, much of his joy was because he had promoted the name of Solomon Islands.He said his achievement made him realise that Solomon Islanders have the potential to excel in the sport locally, regionally and even internationally.“I know there is a silent minority who have been in this sport longer than me and I know they are better than me as well.“Therefore, it is my hope that a federation for Solomon Islands Bodybuilders be established to enable this silent minority to expose themselves - not only in Solomon Islands but also regionally.”Ask if there are other body builders around town and in the provinces, Francis said there are body builders in the Solomon Islands even before he was born and more and more men are going into the sport.“Even women have showed interest and some are trying to also put themselves into it.”Francis said he is happy and is proud to expose himself as a Solomon Islander winning in Fiji.“I could not deny the fact that when I won the second place in my category, the first thing I could think of is my country and I have a strong feeling, wishing that one day Solomon Islanders will be posing on the stage to represent Solomon Islands.”Francis said when he was here, his group tried to affiliate with NOCSI but he could not understand why Body Building is left silent, though many people were so much involve in it for years now.Francis was nominated for the Fiji competition by Mr Fiji, Ben Saqata, who is also studying at the University of the South Pacific for his Masters in Fisheries.Mr Fiji met Francis as a training colleague at school and nominated Idu with another two, one a PNG student and Fijian USP staff to represent the school in the competitions.The competitions took place between April 13 and 16 last year.Idu said if NOCSI could only established a federation for the sport, body builders will definitely take awards.“I play with Mr Fiji, but I still see that our boys are still competitive, and I know there are competitions for this sport in the South Pacific Games,” the young talented body builder said.Body Building is a regional and internationally recognized sport that only Solomon Islands among few Pacific Island countries still do not recognized in order to established some sort of federation to look after it.To those who do not know what bodybuilding is all about, it is all about the building up of every muscle that is in the human anatomy.It is an individual sport similar to boxing and weight lifting.The way Francis looks at it, this sport is very good for Solomon Islanders because it outweighs the negative side of it.“For example in the Solomon Islands, the media, especially movies have painted a negative image on it and people have a negative perspective towards those who involve in it.“Thinking that those who are muscular than an average person has all the bad characters.“But that is not the truth, the fact is it disciplines, controls and lift the self esteem of a person and it promotes a healthy life, especially through the diet, for instance, it discourages people from the indulgence of more fat and sugar.“Because if a body builder wants to conditioned well for the sport, he or she has to be strict on the diet, that includes abstaining from alcohol if one wants to get into the competitions.”Francis said local food should be the diet of a body builder.He said Solomon Islands and other Melanesian countries have more advantage to excel in the sport because their diet involves less fat and sugar.Francis thanked his two colleagues, Hence and Tino for introducing him to the technicality of the sport and for his coach Fa’ako for assisting him in the gym when he was in Honiara as well as Mr Fiji for recommending and encouraging him to take part in Fiji’s competitions.Today Francis said he is looking forward to the establishment of a federation for bodybuilding in Solomon Islands as well as for him to enter more competitions regionally.
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