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Wednesday, February 28, 2007
SIBConline news
18:56 hrs

The Prerogative of Mercy committee has its two new members sworn in today by the Governor General Sir Nathaniel Waena.

The Government Communications Unit says the new members are Doctor Obed Alemaena of Isabel province and Anglican priest, Father Richard Suiga of Malaita province.

The Committee, whose role is to recommend to the Head of State prisoners’ applications for pardon was inactive since 2005.

Chairman of the Committee, Emanuel Kauhota said the inclusion of the two new members will enable the committee to again carry out its duties.

The committee is comprised of three permanent members and nine ordinary members from the nine provinces in the country.

The Permanent members are selected from professions including a medical doctor, a social worker and someone with a legal background.

Governor General Sir Nathaniel said the national constitution requires the proceedings of the committee and this morning's swearing in will enable the committee to carry out its function.
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MOTI AFFAIR: PM slams probe in Parliament
The National

PRIME Minister Sir Michael Somare has accused members of the PNG Defence Force Board of Inquiry of illegally conducting the probe beyond Feb 4 and convicting him using a trial in the newspapers.
Speaking in Parliament yesterday, and using its privilege, the Prime Minister attacked the board, chaired by Justice Gibbs Salika, and senior counsel John Kawi, of going beyond the bounds of law and “going political”.
As Sir Michael launched his attacked in Parliament, his lawyers went next door to the National Court in Waigani and filed an application to void the entire proceedings of the inquiry and to prevent its final report from being published.
Lawyers representing the Prime Minister attempted to serve papers relating to this proceeding on the board of inquiry, but chairman Justice Gibbs Salika rejected it, telling them the proper process was to serve the papers (originating summons) on the Solicitor General, since the inquiry was an instrument of Government.
In Parliament, the Prime Minister said, in response to questions from deputy Opposition leader Byron Chan: “The board, and particularly the counsel assisting the board, had gone beyond the requirements of what the law stipulated, and I cannot sit and just wait for board members to go to newspapers and make newspapers a trial for me.
“I’ve already been convicted, so when the time expired (Feb 4), I directed the minister to terminate the board so that’s where it stands. They were conducting meetings after Feb 4; that’s illegal as far as the law is concerned.”
Sir Michael said if he had got the advice for an extension he would have given time but the inquiry had gone “very political indeed” and the integrity, ethical and professional conduct of the members of the inquiry came into question.
He confirmed that he had sacked Defence Minister Martin Aini on Monday night.
But he denied receiving a request from Mr Aini to extend the inquiry to March 23.
“I never received a request from the minister to ask me for an extension, and the board was given an allocation of K1 million to carry out the functions in two months.”
He also hit out at criticisms levelled at him by the TUC general secretary John Paska, saying if the TUC leader wanted to run for the New Ireland regional seat, he should do so instead of using newspapers and radio.
“Go and play politics, go and stand as regional member for New Ireland and see if he can win,” Sir Michael said.
Meanwhile, National Court officials confirmed that an urgent application was filed yesterday and Deputy Chief Justice Salamo Injia would hear it today.
The officials said the Prime Minister was seeking orders to declare the entire PNGDF Board of Inquiry null and void and not legally constituted, and was also seeking an injunction to stay the findings of the inquiry from being published.
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SIBConline news
19:01 hrs

The Papua New Guinea Trade Union Congress has called for the resignation of Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare over his handling of the Defence Board of Inquiry into the Julian Moti saga.

PNGTUC general secretary John Paska has also called on the Ombudsman Commission to take over and implement the recommendations of the inquiry.

Mr Paska said the premature disbanding of the Moti inquiry spits contempt on the integrity of the entire judicial process as it completely corrupts the independence and the impartiality of the judicial process.

He said PNG had been announcing to the world the its judiciary was free of political interference but the reports that the Prime Minister was pressuring the Defence Minister to disband the inquiry was very disturbing and borders on subversion of the course of justice.

Mr Paska said the Prime Minister owes it to the people of Papua New Guinea, who must have confidence and trust in leaders and the integrity of the people and the nation was at stake.
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Tuesday, February 27, 2007
SIBConline news
19:11 hrs

The Chief Justice, Sir Albert Palmer, has directed that all cases involving prisoners who are protesting about court delays be urgently reviewed.

The Chief Justice said the workload of the Solomon Islands High Court is at un-precedent levels.

He said while just a few years ago the Court would deal with only a handful of criminal trials each year, now there are over 80 trials for the most serious of offences awaiting hearing.

He said this is the inevitable consequence of the restoration of law and order and the rejuvenation of the criminal justice system since the RAMSI intervention.

However, the chief justice said despite this, no one believes that the delays being experienced are acceptable.

He said every case is now being reviewed to ensure that each is concluded as quickly as possible.

The office of the High Court says that of the 12 prisoners who have protested about delays, six are involved in cases where judgment is due within the next five weeks; four are listed for 16th March 2007 to fix a trial date; and
two are already serving lengthy prison sentences on unrelated convictions.
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Department of Prime Minister and cabinet
By Alfred Maesulia

Governor General of Solomon Islands Sir Nathaniel Waena today received the Letter of Credence from the Turkish Ambassador Extraordinary and Pleniopotentiary to Solomon Islands His Excellency Mr. Nazif Murat Ersavci.

Sir Waena thanked Mr. Ersavci for his country’s long relations with Solomon Islands.

“On this note the Solomon Islands Governor General said: “We have come a long way and this journey speaks volumes about the cordiality of our relations which we share and which we must explore more fully the potential opportunities for exchanges and engagements, between our two peoples.

“Your Excellency, similar to your country’s foreign policy principle of ‘Peace at Home, Peace in the world’, the Solomon Islands’ foreign policy principle is ‘Friend to all and enemy to none’,” His Excellency Sir Nathaniel Waena said.

In response His Excellency Ersavci said his country was strongly looking at giving assistance to sports in Solomon Islands.

The Ambassador also revealed that Turkey would soon establish an Honorary Consulate in Honiara.

He said a trade talks which would be held later this year in Istanbul, Turkey, should be attended by representative from the business sector in Solomon Islands.

Solomon Islands established formal relations with the Republic of Turkey in March 1979.

By Alfred Maesulia at 26 Feb 2007 - 17:04
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Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet
Deli Oso/PM Press Secretary

Prime Minister, Manasseh Sogavare, has questioned the investigative process which led to the withdrawing of charges against an Australian man in relation to an alleged assassination attempt.

Bill Johnson, 61, was charged last month with conspiracy to commit murder and conspiracy to commit a felony against the Prime Minister. The charges were withdrawn last week in the Honiara Magistrates’ Court by the Director of Public Prosecutions, who submitted that statements made by the principal police witnesses were “inconsistent”.

In his speech to mark the end of the three-week parliamentary sittings, Mr. Sogavare said initial statements voluntarily made by police which resulted in charges being laid against Mr Johnson had been dramatically altered after Australian-led RAMSI investigators became involved in the case.

The Prime Minister said there had been a deliberate attempt to discredit the original police statements rather than to properly investigate the serious nature of the charges.

Mr Sogavare told parliament that he was aware of rumours and speculation suggesting the charges had been laid in an attempt to bolster his case for the re-arming of the Close Protection Unit, announced last month. He said he totally rejected that speculation.

“Why would I want to do that? Why would anyone want to do that?” he asked.

In a later statement released over the weekend, Mr. Sogavare said that despite the original statements by police being made of their own volition to the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff, those statements had later been altered and amended to result in the inconsistencies referred to by the DPP.

“These police officers came to us because of their concerns. We didn’t go to them. And we acted accordingly which resulted in the charges being made.

“The alterations to those original statements were a deliberate attempt to discredit the principal police witnesses, rather than to properly investigate the seriousness of the charges.

“Why were those police statements altered on three occasions over as many days and taken out of their original context after RAMSI personnel had taken over the investigation?” Mr. Sogavare asked.

The Prime Minister also used his weekend statement to once again rebuff earlier reports that the Australian government had been implicated in the alleged assassination attempt.

“This was never suggested or intimated at any time. I can only conclude that it was a fanciful misinterpretation made by some sections of the media who became aware of an alleged ‘$50,000 bounty’ which was described as being in Australian dollars,” Mr. Sogavare said.

The Prime Minister said he found it ironic that the Australian Prime Minister had apparently seen fit to publicly deny reports of Australian involvement when no such suggestion had been made in the first place.

By Alfred Maesulia at 26 Feb 2007
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The National Online

KAVIENG MP Martin Aini was yesterday sacked as Minister for Defence, apparently for going public on the “pressure” that was put on him to disband the Moti inquiry.
A source said Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare sent a letter to Aini advising him that he had been decommissioned as Minister for Defence. Sir Michael has now taken over as acting Defence Minister.
An advise sent out by the Prime Minister’s media adviser Betha Somare read: “I wish to advise all media that the Prime Minister has decommissioned Martin Aini as Minister for Defence.”
A source told The National the Prime Minister had lost confidence in Mr Aini following his public statements about the inquiry that was widely publicised.
“There are certain things you discuss in the National Executive Council or with the Prime Minister that you do not go and divulge to the media,” the source said.
Another PM insider said the Prime Minister was upset that the Defence Minister came out in public revealing what was “a breach of trust” in the Prime Minister.
“The Defence Minister should have said it was in the Government’s interest to disband the inquiry,” the insider said.
This insider dismissed talks that the Pangu Pati may walk out or be sacked from the Coalition Government.
He said the National Alliance party has good working relations with Pangu Pati and the dismissal of Mr Aini would not affect this relationship.
The Prime Minister is understood to have met with Pangu Pati leader Sir Rabbie Namaliu to discuss this issue after the NEC meeting yesterday afternoon.
But Mr Aini was apparently unaware of his removal, and insisted that he was still the Minister for Defence, when contacted at about 5:30pm.
“I have heard that from all media personnel who have been ringing me to verify that with me. But all I know is I am still the Minister for Defence and that the PM told me to ‘wind down the inquiry by today’. If there is any truth in that rumour, all I can say is, I have not been officially notified of that.”
Mr Aini later told The National that at the NEC meeting the Prime Minister had only reprimanded him and warned him that “I am giving you a last chance”.
When asked to verify this last night, media adviser Ms Somare said the Prime Minister’s letter to Mr Aini stands and that Mr Aini had been removed.
Mr Aini revealed to the media last Sunday that he was “pressured” into signing the instrument to disband the inquiry.
He said he played no part in drafting the instrument, and insisted that despite the disbanding of the inquiry, he would implement the recommendations of the inquiry.
With his removal, the final report and recommendation would be delivered to the Prime Minister.
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SIBConline news
16:37 hrs

In Papua New Guinea, lawyers have told the Defence Board of Inquiry that Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare gave the verbal order for Julian Moti to be transported out of the country October 10 last year.

In reading out their final submission to the inquiry board, senior counsel John Kawi said Sir Michael should be investigated and charged for breaching international and PNG laws in giving the orders, which led to the aiding and abetting a wanted alleged “child sex molester” and fugitive Julian Moti who also absconded PNG bail laws.

Mr Kawi said Joseph Assaigo’s evidence that the direction to get rid of Moti from PNG came from Sir Michael is true and should be accepted by the Inquiry.

Mr Kawi urged the board of inquiry to pay little attention to the many denials by the Prime Minister on the floor of Parliament last November, his statements in the media and his affidavit last Thursday, all saying he did not sanction the flight.

Mr Kawi said his submission was based on all evidences brought before the inquiry, particularly, the second diplomatic note from the Solomon Islands prime minister requesting the Prime Minister of PNG and its Government to ensure safe passage of their attorney-general designate, Julian Moti.

Mr Kawi said the Solomon Islands government, also in its diplomatic note, requested the PNG Government to direct the Public Prosecutor to immediately withdraw and discontinue the pending court case against Moti.

To facilitate Moti’s safe passage, two senior government officials Robson Tanabose and Chris Hapa were sent to PNG.

It was confirmed to the inquiry that there had been a meeting of these officials within the PM’s office.
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SIBConline news
16:39 hrs

Director of Immigration Jeffery Deve has told SIBC News that 61 year old Bill Johnson has voluntarily left the country yesterday.

Mr Deve says Mr Johnson decided to have Immigration authorities sent him to Australia as opposed to a deportation order.

Mr Deve says his department only facilitated the process of sending him back to Australia.

He says Mr Johnson himself realised that he had been residing illegally in the country, and when put to him that he should be deported, he agreed to have him sent back.

The Immigration director says Mr Johnson failed to renew his permit to reside in the country.

Mr Deve says Mr Johnson had consented to spend a night in the custody of police before being put on a plane to Australia yesterday afternoon.

He says Mr Johnson is also prohibited from re-entering the country.

The Australian was accused in Honiara recently of plotting to assassinate Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare.

Meanwhile, the Honiara lawyer who represented Mr Johnson in the murder plot charges, Patrick Lavery says he was not aware of the action to send his client back to Australia.

Speaking to SIBC News from Gizo, Mr Lavery says he only knew about it at lunch time today.

Mr Lavery says he did not know that Mr Johnson was residing illegally in the country and he was not instructed on the matter because it is a different matter from the charges for which he represented Mr Johnson.

SIBC also understands that officers who investigated the alleged assassination plot by Mr Johnson on the Prime Minister, had not instructed the office of the director of Public Prosecution that he was residing illegally.

He was arrested last month on charges of conspiracy to murder Mr Sogavare and plotting to commit a felony.

However, the charges were dropped by the Director of Public Prosecutions last week, because of what were described as "inconsistencies" in two police witness statements.

Bill Johnson is married to a Solomon Islander with four children.

He has lived in the country since 1989.
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SIBConline news
18:45 hrs

Three Opposition and one Independent members of Parliament from Malaita have condemned death threats made against them.

Opposition leader and MP for Central Kwara'ae, Fred Fono, Independent leader and MP for North Malaita, Enele Kwanairara; East Are Are MP, Edward Huniehu and Small Malaita MP William Haomae have all received death threats from unidentified people believed to be living in Honiara.

A statement from the MPs says the people who have issued the death threats have also sworn at them and their families.

They says the behaviour is not in line with Christian principles, traditional and cultural norms.

The MPs say if national leaders are involved in the threats they should consider their integrity and lest they forget, the respect people have for them.

They believe people who were against the planned no confidence motion by the Opposition had made the death threats and swearing.

The four MPs say threats on national leaders are disrespectful, unwarranted and uncalled for because they should be allowed to discuss national issues freely both inside and outside Parliament.
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RAMSI Special Coordinator surprised by “Black Box” claims
Submitted Mon, 26/02/2007 - 5:57pm
Monday 26 February 2007

RAMSI Special Coordinator, Tim George today expressed surprise at the Prime Minister’s decision to once again raise allegations that mysterious black boxes were lifted out of the sea in front of the RAMSI headquarters.

Mr George said he was puzzled that the Prime Minister should repeat this claim to the national parliament last Friday as he had already personally provided the Prime Minister with formal written advice on the allegations in January of this year.

In his letter of 18 January Mr George re-assured the Prime Minister that there was nothing sinister in the activities referred to which had been part of a joint sea and air rescue exercise between the SIG authorities and RAMSI.
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Monday, February 26, 2007
MOTI AFFAIR: Inquiry counsel agrees PM behind Moti flight
The National Online News

PRIME Minister Sir Michael Somare gave the verbal order for Julian Moti to be transported out of PNG on Oct 10 last year, lawyers told the Defence Board of Inquiry last Friday.
In reading out their final submission to the inquiry board, senior counsel John Kawi said Sir Michael should be investigated and charged for breaching international and PNG laws in giving the orders, which led to the aiding and abetting a wanted alleged “child sex molester” and fugitive Julian Moti who also absconded PNG bail laws.
Mr Kawi said: “Joseph Assaigo’s evidence that the direction to get rid of Moti from PNG came from the Sir Michael, in our submission, is true and should be accepted by the Inquiry.”
Mr Kawi urged the board of inquiry to pay little attention to the many denials by the Prime Minister on the floor of Parliament last November, his statements in the media and his affidavit last Thursday, all saying he did not sanction the flight.
Mr Kawi said his submission was based on all evidences brought before the inquiry, particularly, the second diplomatic note that came from the Solomon Islands prime minister requesting the Prime Minister of PNG and its Government to ensure safe passage of their attorney-general designate, Julian Moti.
Mr Kawi said the Solomon Islands government, also in its diplomatic note, requested the PNG Government to direct the Public Prosecutor to immediately withdraw and discontinue the pending court case against Moti.
To facilitate Moti’s safe passage, two senior Government officials were sent to PNG, named Robson Tanabose and Chris Hapa (lawyer).
It was confirmed to the inquiry that there had been a meeting of these officials within the PM’s office.
“Mr Assaigo’s initial evidence that he saw these Solomon Islanders on the Morning of Oct 9, 2006 must therefore have some merit and therefore, is true and consistent with the requests contained in the diplomatic notes,” Mr Kawi submitted.
He also recommended that there be a bigger commission of inquiry into the entire Defence Force Department to look into its administration and its accounting systems where evidence shows gross misuse of funds.
The inquiry counsel has recommended for all the parties involved in the “Motigate” affair to be further investigated and charged with serious breaches of both international CAA and PNG laws. They should also be charged for perjury, conspiring to defeat justice and conspiracy to affect an unlawful purpose, and for contempt of court.
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Samisoni Pareti
Plans by Nauru to form a regional airline suffered two setbacks last month with one of its proposed shareholder declining to offer its 100% commitment. In addition, its desire to introduce a truly island hopping route by linking six destinations in one flight had been thwarted by Fijian authorities who are still keen to protect its pretty successful operator, Air Pacific.

“We haven’t formed a position on whether to support the formation of Our Airline and we are not going to give it our 100% commitment,” Nairie Alamu, permanent secretary for Civil Aviation of Solomon Islands, told Islands Business last month.

Instead, Alamu said the Manasseh Sogavare administration had rallied behind its international carrier, Solomon Airlines.

“Of course, we would continue to support Solomon Airlines because it is our national airline,” said Alamu.
She also questioned the role of the Secretariat of the Pacific Islands Forum in initiating meetings on plans by the Nauruan Government to offer what used to be Air Nauru, a sub-regional carrier and now flying a new Boeing 737 under the Our Airline banner.

Purchased for it by Taiwan after the sole Air Nauru 737 aircraft was seized by its American creditors last year, Nauru is proposing that the six allies of Taiwan in the Pacific each take equal shares in the airline.

“Obviously there is some pride associated in having your own national airline,” Dr Kieren Keke, Nauru’s transport minister, had told Islands Business in December.

“We in Nauru had made the conscientious decision to move away from that. After independence, it was okay to have your own airline. But now that you have developed sufficient maturity, you begin to realise that real independence is economic independence.

“Having your own airline that is losing millions of dollars is not a good symbol of real independence.”

Keke referred to an Asian Development Bank report on aviation in the Pacific which said in part that it was unviable for the Solomon Islands Government to keep using public money to prop up Solomon Airlines as it was losing millions of dollars annually.

But Alamu made it very clear that Honiara was not going to abandon its national carrier to Nauru’s proposed Our Airline. She and her government were also acutely mindful that Nauru’s idea of a sub-regional airliner would need the Brisbane/Honiara route if it is to become viable. After Solomon Islands, loading in the other routes of Nauru and Marshall Islands are deemed too small to at least make Our Airline break even and steer it away from the debilitating losses that plagued its forerunner.

Keke and his government in Yaren are also discovering very quickly the obstacles that stand in the way of an earlier attempt to make Air Pacific a truly regional operator. Lack of commitment like that being displayed by Honiara and the protection of national interests as shown by Suva are limiting Our Airline from fully spreading its wings.

In agreeing to sign an air services agreement with Nauru last month, Fiji declined to offer more than one intermediate point of travel. This means that Our Airline can factor in only one stopover when flying between Yaren and Nadi. So its intention to make a Brisbane/Honiara/Nauru/Tarawa/Majuro/Nadi service has been thwarted.

“No, the agreement doesn’t allow Nauru to make a stopover in Kiribati,” explained Joeli Koroikata, acting director of civil aviation in Fiji.

“The ASA (air services agreement) we signed allowed for only one intermediate point and they have designated Majuro not Tarawa.”

Koroikata said an existing ASA between Fiji and Kiribati prevented the Fiji Government from agreeing to a Tarawa stopover for Our Airlines.

“Air Pacific is already servicing the Nadi/Tarawa route, in fact it’s doing a two-weekly service there. That route will become unviable the moment we introduce another operator.

“As the designated national carrier for Fiji, we are duty-bound to protect the interests of Air Pacific.”

In a very brief electronic mail, Geoff Bowmaker, chief executive of Our Airlines, confirmed Koroikata’s explanation. “Yes, we can fly Nauru- Majuro-Nadi or Nauru- Nadi direct if we want,” Bowmaker’s email says.

“We have not decided on a start date as yet, so it’s probably a bit early for a story on this.”

Monitoring these developments has been the Suva-based secretariat of the Pacific Islands Forum which initiated a meeting of potential Our Airline owners in the Marshall Islands last December.

Patricia Sachs, the development/cooperation adviser at the secretariat, said the organisation’s involvement was in line with the wishes of Pacific leaders who are members of the Small Islands States (SIS) grouping within the Forum.

“We’ve been tasked by our leaders,” said Sachs.

“It was raised at the SIS meeting, a grouping of smaller islands states, during the last Forum (October 2006) meeting.

“The whole issue of transport was raised by them of which this was a part, and the other side of it was shipping. But it was more shipping in terms of being able to carry goods which we are also working on in terms of a feeder service study being done.

“A lot of this has come out of the Pacific Plan. You will realise that in the Port Moresby Forum (2005), we were tasked with establishing a special unit for small islands states, which we did last year.

“But our role in air services is really to facilitate, get the cost/benefit study done and so on.”
Sachs clarified the Majuro meeting last December did not endorse the Our Airline model as proposed by Nauru.

Instead, representatives of the Federated States of Micronesia, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Solomon Islands and Tuvalu decided to form a taskforce to oversee a cost/benefit study of a sub-regional airline, she said

“We had agreed that we would further explore this whole concept of a sub-regional airline.

“Whether it will be under the Our Airline banner or not, was the question that would come up later on down the track.

“So we had agreed that we would establish a taskforce and part of the taskforce’s responsibilities would be to look at what sort of animal this would be, what a sub-regional airline would look like.

“And in order to do that, we agreed that we would use the Our Airline proposal as a basis for doing a cost/benefit analysis.

“So rather than starting from scratch, we’ve already been given one model which is the Our Airline concept, or the proposal from Our Airline.

“We would look at that and also explore other options. Once the cost/benefit analysis has been done, then the taskforce would meet again and discuss, analyse what comes out of this analysis.

“Part of the terms of reference for the cost/benefit analysis is looking at the economics of setting up an airline, looking at some of the modalities that could be used, whether we do a private/public sector partnership sort of arrangement, whether we do public/public arrangement or whether we do a government arrangement.

“It all depends on what this study will come up with. So in essence we came away from Majuro with an agreement to further explore the concept but not necessarily adopt the Our Airline proposal. As you would appreciate, there would have been some reservations, and that’s normal. It’s all part of the negotiations.

“So what we are proposing is that in the next meeting, once we have done the cost/benefit and we are probably looking at the next meeting around May/June, we have to consider the options and then propose to our leaders which will be the most viable option,” Sachs said.
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MOTI AFFAIR: Pressured Defence Minister disbands Moti inquiry probe
Islandsbusiness newss,

Mr Aini told reporters yesterday he was called out of the chamber of Parliament at around 10am and made to sign the instrument in front of Sir Michael and his lawyer Sumasi Singin.

The National/ Pacnews
Mon, 26 Feb 2007

PORT MORESBY, PNG ---- Papua New Guinea (PNG) Defence Minister Martin Aini was “pressured” to disband the Defence Board of Inquiry last Friday (23 Feb).

The National reports that on the same day, the inquiry’s lawyers recommended in their final submission that Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare should be charged for breaching PNG and international laws in ordering the removal of fugitive Julian Moti from PNG last October.

Mr Aini told reporters yesterday he was called out of the chamber of Parliament at around 10am and made to sign the instrument in front of Sir Michael and his lawyer Sumasi Singin.

He said he signed the instrument in the corridor in front of the Speaker’s Office, which he described as “a funny place’ to sign the instrument. When asked by reporters if he was forced to sign the instrument, he said: “Maybe not forced, but pressured.”

He said: “I had the prime minister standing there next to me, requesting me to sign the instrument. I had no other option,” he said, when asked if the presence of the prime minister was viewed as pressure for him to sign.

Sources told The National Mr Aini was almost sacked last Thursday night when cabinet waited for him to turn up at a midnight meeting to discuss the issue. He received a call the next day from the prime minister’s office telling him an instrument was being prepared for him to sign.

Mr Aini told reporters he was not involved in the formulation of the instrument, but was only asked to sign it. He said he was concerned about the timing of the move, and read through the instrument before signing it, satisfied that it bore the date Monday, Feb 28, which should read Wednesday, when the inquiry would formally end.

He said as far as he was concerned, the instrument he signed allowed him to complete the process of the inquiry, and he would implement the recommendations of the inquiry.

“Whatever the recommendations, I should be given time to implement them, to complete the whole process.”

Mr Aini said he did not want to sign an instrument which had the words “disband” because he did not want the inquiry disbanded and because he wanted to implement their findings.

He said the instrument he signed allowed the inquiry to complete its report and submit it to him. The signed instrument was not given to the minister or the board of inquiry.
Mr Aini said it was still with Mr Singin. He also admitted that there was another instrument (document) prepared earlier, which he had heard about but had not sighted.

Sources told The National that an earlier instrument was prepared seeking the minister to disband the membership of the inquiry but it is understood that the minister had refused to sign.

The move to get the minister to sign the instrument followed a failed attempt last week by lawyers representing the prime minister to get the inquiry to disband itself.

Meanwhile, when the inquiry board chairman Justice Gibbs Salika when contacted yesterday, said he, as chairman of the inquiry board, had yet to be served the legal instrument. He said until then, the inquiry was operating as normal, to complete its findings.
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SIBConline news
12:29 hrs

Parliamentary Opposition leader, Fred Fono, has urged the government to set up a mechanism to administer the use Rural Constituency Development Fund in the country.

He says there must be a clear guideline that makes provisions for things such as health and education services and infrastructure.

Mr Fono says if such a mechanism is in place, at least people in the country will see tangible benefits from the millions of dollars allocated for rural areas.

He says the government had spent millions of dollars to the rural areas through the Rural Constituency Development Fund in the past.

"My finding, Mr Speaker Sir, over the 18 years since the RCDF (Rural Constituency Development Fund) was implemented since 1989, up until the end of last year. Each Constituency should have received, five-point-2 million dollars since the RCDF was introduced 18 years ago."

The Opposition leader suggests that government set up a mechanism some funds can be administered through the Treasury so that people would bother their members of Parliament about it.
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SIBConline news
12:31 hrs

The High Court trial of the 2004 shooting attacks against RAMSI resumes today.

The three men charged are: Barnabas Basiagalo, Phillip Kwaimani, John Ross and James Tatau.

They have been accused of shooting a RAMSI vehicle in Honiara in October of 2004 and are facing charges of attempted murder.

In the shooting, a RAMSI police officer from Nauru received minor wounds after he and his female Tongan colleague were shot during a vehicle patrol.

James Tatau and a fourth person, John Henry Ome are also facing a murder charge for the shooting of RAMSI officer, Australian Adam Dunning.

Mr Dunning was shot in December of 2004 while on vehicle patrol in Honiara.
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Monday, February 26, 2007

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Robert Wise and Kini Viliame of the Ba team at Nadi Airport yesterday.
BA soccer officials have heaped praises on the performance of their players after the tough 1-1 draw against AS Temanava of Tahiti on Saturday night in Papeete

The champion Fiji district had to endure a tough encounter before coming away with a 1-1 draw, a result which has seen the side being the leader in Group B of the O League after having earlier beating Marist FC 2-0.

President Rishi Kumar said the host which had six New Caledonia internationals along with a couple of French players played an exceptional brand of football.

"They were skillful and fast and play physical soccer and the passion and competition there is very strong," Kumar said.

"I am proud of the way my players matched them and came away with the draw."

He said the side didn't have the services of Kiniviliame Naika who was ruled out through injury and striker Osea Vakatalesau had to be replaced early after suffering from a knock on the ankle.

"AS Temanava have professional players who used a lot of professional fouls but our players stood up to them," he said.

Skipper Roneel Kumar was on target for the side in the 28th minute and Ba looked on course for its second consecutive victory.

AS Temanava goalkeeper Franck Revel spilled a Ba freekick and Kumar bundled the ball into the back of the net.

AS Temanava rallied creating several chances but were denied by good goalkeeping from Ba goal keeper Laisenia Tuba in a fascinating and dramatic encounter that provided end to end entertainment in front of a parochial home crowd of just over 1500.

Oceania Football reported that Kumar's goal appeared to give Ba ample breathing space in a fast and furious first half as AS Temanava struggling to hold onto a playoff spot in their domestic championship turned in a spirited display despite being unable to penetrate Ba's defence.

With the match flowing from end to end at an unremitting pace and in stifling conditions both teams engaged in a series of raw boned tackles that saw New Zealand referee Peter O'Leary issue a flurry of yellow and red cards that set up a dramatic finish to the evening.

AS Temanava were rewarded for their dogged second half performance with a penalty with just 12 minutes remaining which Jean Francois Kabeu duly converted.

However, the joy was short-lived when substitute Rudolphe Toromona flew into a reckless challenge and was red carded in the 87th minute.

With the home side reduced to 10 men and only having just leveled the match Toromona's red card set up a tense finish as Ba committed players forward seeking to win the game in its dying moments.

However, Ba were soon seeing a red card of their own when Shalen Lal was ordered off after committing his second bookable offence after 94 minutes.

Ba now has control of O-League Group B with four points out of a possible six in both their away fixtures. AS Temanava sit in second spot with one point while Marist FC are third and yet to register a point.

Ba will host Marist FC and AS Temanava at home next month.

Auckland City tops Group A with seven points, having scored eight goals and conceded two. Waitakere United is in second place with four points from two games, scoring eight goals, conceding three with two games to play. AS Mont Dore are bottom of the table having lost all three matches.

The winner of the two pools will play-off in the final.

AS Temanava: Franck Revel, Georges Watton, Daly Watha, Maheanuu Arapari, Weliver Neti Clark (Rudolphe Toromona), Jean Francois Kabeu, Roberto Poiroi (Tevaihau Tehuritaua), Rene Saloa (Heirani Tvereo), Pierre Kugogne, Ael Luc Kugogne, Ionatana Aldo Vahine.

Ba:LaiseniaTuba, Shalen Lal, Roneel Kumar, Jone Vesikula, Keni Doidoi (Ronald Lawrence), Josaia Bukalidi, Robert Wise, Finau Peni, Osea Vakatalesau (Tuimasi Manuca), Malakai Tiwa, Malakai Kenehewe.
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MOTI AFFAIR: Moti claims enemies are out to get him
Michael McKenna, Honiara
February 26, 2007

FUGITIVE Australian lawyer Julian Moti is adamant that he is the victim. The suspended Solomon Islands attorney-general, wanted in Australia on child sex charges, believes he is a casualty of a conspiracy of extortionists, ASIO and legal adversaries he once destroyed in court.
A virtual prisoner in a dark and bare motel room in the Solomons capital of Honiara, Moti has been busy preparing a typically controversial defence since his escape from Papua New Guinea to the Solomons in October created a diplomatic crisis in the Pacific.

Australian Federal Police had him arrested in the PNG capital of Port Moresby, in transit to Honiara to be sworn in as attorney-general, after resurrecting allegations that he had raped a 13-year-old girl in Vanuatu in 1997.

Moti jumped bail, fled to the Solomons aboard a PNG military plane, and has since been protected by his close friend, Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare, who has angered Australia and many of his countrymen by refusing to extradite the fugitive.

The Fijian-born and Sydney-educated lawyer is alleged by the AFP to have bribed a Vanuatu magistrate, who threw out the original child sex charges in 1999.

In an exclusive interview with The Australian, Moti admits his Port Vila law firm later offered the magistrate a job and paid for him to study in Sydney - but "without my knowledge".

A confidential out-of-court settlement with the girl's father in 2000 was not an admission of guilt but the only way "I could get on with my life" after he was allegedly blackmailed when a business deal went bad.

"I am not a child molester - I was exonerated by the courts," he said. "This is a private extortion which has become a public extortion with a wider political purpose," Moti said.

"The AFP are coaching the witnesses, filling in holes, fixing the contradictions with inventions and outrageous allegations.

"How am I to defend myself? Don't police have an obligation to an expeditious prosecution? I have 15 to 20 witnesses, one has already died, but can you remember what you did almost 10 years ago?"

In the next few weeks, Solomons ministers will meet officials in Canberra to negotiate Moti's possible surrender. But the Australian authorities have already rejected his unwavering demands for bail and his passport, confiscated in PNG, so he can return to serve as attorney-general while he awaits a trial.

The AFP has confirmed that the complainant, now 22, and her family have been flown to Brisbane on two occasions, in November and December, to give additional statements to those taken in Port Vila in June last year. The girl and her mother, who made the original statements in 1997, have been joined by a brother and a housemaid who worked in Moti's palatial oceanfront home.

In the later statements, the brother, who was 16 at the time of the alleged offences, backs his sister in accusing Moti of forcing the pair to live with him for six months under a threat that he would destroy the family business, have their Tahitian-born father deported and the children sent to an orphanage. It was alleged the children's parents were aware of the relationship but did nothing to stop it.

"They visited, but never lived with me," Moti says.

"How could they, when I was living in an open house on millionaire's row? There were plenty of expat neighbours."

It will be alleged Moti plied the claimant's brother with alcohol. The brother will allege the sounds coming out of the main bedroom in the Moti home were like a "porno movie" - a claim Moti says is "preposterous".

It is on the public record that many of the statements taken by Vanuatu police contain contradictory statements. Details and dates are different. At one stage, the girl withdrew her allegations. At other times, she claimed she was in love with the diminutive and softly spoken lawyer.

In the provisional extradition warrant to PNG, under the Child Sex Tourism Act that targets Australian pedophiles overseas, it is alleged Moti had sex with the girl, sometimes twice a day, and sodomised her for punishment.

It also alleged that Moti, a practising Catholic, got the girl pregnant and paid for her to go to Noumea for an abortion. He admits to having paid for the trip, but denies being the father. "The mother came to me for help, she was desperate and told me who the father was," he says.

Moti, 41, says the new AFP charges are politically motivated because he is a dissident, whose sometimes-invisible hand has been felt in many of the region's domestic and diplomatic troubles.

There is an ASIO file, he has been informed, which is marked "constitutional coup expert" and details his continuing influence, active even last week, in power plays across the Pacific.

Moti says the new investigation was launched when he was first proposed as Solomons attorney-general in late 2004. The AFP dismisses the claim, saying it was waiting for the finalisation of long-running appeals and cost disputes around the Moti case. But there is no doubt the AFP pursuit picked up pace after Sogavare announced he was giving Moti the attorney-general's job in August last year. Warrants for the arrest of Moti, who was teaching law in India, followed within weeks of his appointment, and he was arrested in late September.

Months earlier, Moti - an adjunct professor at Bond University on the Gold Coast until last year - advised Sogavare on a proposed inquiry into the April riots in the Pacific nation.

It was seen by Canberra as an attempted whitewash to clear two Government MPs - confidants of Sogavare - who were charged as ringleaders in the violence that destroyed Honiara's Chinatown district and injured 28 police, some Australian.

But while Solomons ministers will soon meet Australian officials over his possible surrender, Moti appears to be working from his motel room to ensure it never happens. He was behind the scuttling, on a legal technicality, of a proposed no-confidence motion against Sogavare last week.

A former client, Sogavare has been increasingly under attack over his support for Moti.

Sogavare's refusal to extradite Moti is a major stumbling block to improving relations with Canberra. Since taking office in the wake of the riots, Sogavare has adopted an aggressive stance towards Australia, which leads the regional assistance mission deployed to rebuild the country after the 2003 ethnic violence.

If the manoeuvring and hints of "other avenues" to avoid being sent to Australia fail, Moti's trial in Brisbane is set to be explosive and ugly.

Moti says it "saddens me" that his lawyers will have to launch a "vigorous" offensive against the family of the alleged rape victim. There will be allegations the father used his daughters' beauty to extort men.

Moti first came into contact with his accuser's family when the girl's father showed up at his law firm after he had lost his job and was facing deportation. Moti says he felt "sorry for him", helped him with his visa, lent him money, gave the family food and agreed to act as a nominee in a venture with the father.

Moti says he agreed to help the father with his new business, but in late 1997 refused to act as a guarantor to possible overseas buyers. "He got mad, saying I had promised to help him, but not to that extent," he says.

After that, Moti claims, the man made threats through the Australian's partner in his firm, Dudley Aru, now attorney-general of Vanuatu. "He said if I didn't do certain things, he would blackmail me and there was nothing I could do about it."

The father allegedly wanted $US35,000 and Moti's share in the business in exchange for the girl's silence.

Moti refused. And in December 1997, according to court documents, the girl made allegations to the Vanuatu ombudsman, whose existence Moti had recently challenged in court.

Moti was arrested in March 1998. He faced a magistrates court and was committed to trial, but the decision was overturned on appeal and sent back to a second magistrate.

In late 1998, Moti launched an unsuccessful private prosecution against the father in which it was revealed he offered to procure the visa if the charges were dropped. But in 1999, the case went before another magistrate, who Australian police allege was bribed, and he was cleared.

But the magistrate, Bruce Kalotrip, told The Australian he was not bribed and that there was no evidence to commit for trial.
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SIBConline news
18:12 hrs

Government on Friday unanimously defeated an opposition motion seeking Parliament to establish a Special Select Committee to inquire into the expulsion of former Police Commissioner, Australian Shane Castles.

Small Malaita MP, William Haomae tabled the motion.

The Government Communication Unit says the committee would report directly to parliament, the findings of their investigations.

The committee would also be empowered to summon people to give evidence, ask ministers to explain their actions and present their final report by the end of April.

But deputy Prime Minister, Toswell Kaua said Mr Castles has already resigned from the Australian Federal Police last week and it was waste of precious parliamentary time to debate his sacking.

Minister of Provincial Government, Japhet Waipora said debating the Castles affair did not benefit Solomon Islanders.

Government backbencher and MP for East Honiara, Charles Dausabea said Mr Castles leadership failed miserably to handle the April riots.

The motion was defeated when put to vote.
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SIBConline news
18:14 hrs

Speaker to the national Parliament has reminded Parliamentarians of their duty to govern Solomon Islands.

In a speech to wind up debate on the motion of sine die last Friday, Speaker Sir Peter Kenilorea had urged members of Parliament to make sure the democratic rights of Solomon Islanders are protected.

Sir Peter said democracy is always a risky exercise, saying it is a never ending piece of business.

He said democracy reflects human imperfection on how things can go wrong even with good leaders in charge.

Sir Peter said power goes with the office and can at times be a competing influence.

He said it is only natural to expect problems in governance which is administered over human beings.

But Sir Peter said as leaders, MPs need to control the government and to control themselves.

Sir Peter told Parliamentarians that they are obliged to represent the wishes and aspirations of the people they represent.
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SIBConline news
18:17 hrs

Chairman of the Parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee, Temotu Pele MP Martin Maga has urged the government to allow the Australian High Commissioner designate to present his letters of Commission to the Prime Minister.

Mr Maga was speaking in Parliament on the motion of sine die last Friday.

He said the country's representative in Canberra Victor Ngele had already presented his letters of commission to Canberra.

Mr Maga said he saw no reason as to why government continues to delay reciprocating the goodwill Canberra has shown.

Mr Maga called on the government to respect article Four of the 1961 Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations which Solomon Islands had signed.

He said this would contribute a lot to the normalisation of Solomon Islands diplomatic relations with Australia.

"The conduct of diplomatic relations as is the practice since the Vienna convention came into force is based on reciprocation. I see no reason as to why the government has to delay the presentation of the letters of commission by the Australian High Commissioner designate to Solomon Islands to the Prime Minister. I am demanding my esteem Prime Minister of Solomon islands, the man I have always accorded great respect and honour to please accept his excellency Mr Hooton to present his letters of commission to your good-self, before you leave for Australia to meet your counterpart."
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Saturday, February 24, 2007
POLITICS: Documents expose rivals' secret plan to rip PM down
PFnet News
By George Herming

Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare says rival lawmakers are using dirty tactics to rip off power from his government.

Mr Sogavare made the assertion as he calls on the opposition bench to cooperate with the government to implement policies that care more about the welfare of Solomon Islands citizens.

He said two unnamed prominent Opposition leaders requested jailed former Malaita Eagle Force (MEF) members to make false statements alleging his involvement in the 2000 coup.

The documents which ended up before the eyes of the Prime Minister claimed he wore a mask and ordered militants to raid the Rove police armory.

“I have actually seen affidavits signed under oath alleging the member for east Choiseul wearing a mask and directed the raid at Rove armory and putting the then Prime Minister under house arrest,” Mr Sogavare said.

He said the Opposition is also putting words in people’s mouths to say the Prime Minister is involved in organizing the April riots.

He said it is purely a ploy to tarnish the image of the Prime Minister when his government works harder to improve the life of Solomon Islanders.

“How can people dare to deliberately lie when claiming they are Christians,” he said. “They should stop going to church because they are no better than heathens.

“This is simply to tarnish the image of the Prime Minister as a criminal,” he said.

The Opposition lost its campaign to topple Mr Sogavare by a failed no-confidence vote today (Friday).

Mr Sogavare advised the rival group to avoid being remote-controlled by alien governments.

“It is very interesting to see people bowing down to the dictates of foreign governments.

“I want to remind those who are bent on pursuing this agenda to grow up and show maturity in leadership,” he said.

The Prime Minister warned that lack of cooperation among national lawmakers places more risk to the countries development efforts.

“If we exercise our leadership role with the desire to cut each other down then we are no better than those who brought the country to its knees during the ethnic crisis.

© Government Communications Unit
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SIBConline news
18:53 hrs

The Minister for the Department of Justice and Legal Affairs, Samuel Manetoali has resigned from the government.

The Member of Parliament for Gao/Bugotu, Mr Manetoali he says he submitted his resignation to the Governor General, Sir Nathaniel Waena, on Wednesday this week.

The MP says he received an acceptance letter from Sir Nathaniel yesterday afternoon.

"I campaigned under the banner of the Solomon Islands Rural Advancement Party, which Job Duddley Tausinga, is the leader. Job signed last year. During a constituency tour, the people said, your party leader had resigned from the government, what about you. I told them I would consider the matter. After all this time I talked with my Party leader, and made up my mind to resign to join my party leader."

Mr Manetoali says the other reason for his resignation is that he wants to go back a work with his people, especially when big companies have shown interest in investing in his constituency.

Several overseas companies have expressed interest in mining nickel deposits in Isabel, including areas in his constituency.
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Friday, February 23, 2007
MOTI AFFAIR: Discard heresay- PM tells inquiry
The National Online

THE Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare has urged the Defence Board of Inquiry to discard “hearsay” from witnesses about him giving orders for Julian Moti to be flown out secretly last Oct 10.
He described the statement and affidavit by sidelined OSCA director-general Joseph Assaigo as “hearsay of further hearsay evidence”.
Sir Michael said this in his written statement submitted to the Inquiry yesterday, to substitute him appearing personally.
The Prime Minister reiterated in his statement that he had not given the order to anyone to have Moti flown out, and also tendered his statement made to Parliament on the issue last year.
“I have followed its coverage in recent times and have noted reports that Mr Assaigo said that he was told or instructed by my chief of staff, Mr Louma, that he (Mr Louma) got instructions from me to direct Mr Assaigo to have Julian Moti flown out of PNG. I am also advised by my lawyers that Mr Assaigo gave similar evidence at the hearing of this Board.
“In response to this suggestion raised by Mr Assaigo, I have never instructed anyone or any Government officer or my staff, including Mr Louma to arrange to have Julian Moti flown out of PNG using Government resources and facilities.”
He added that the evidence given by Chief Secretary Joshua Kalinoe, ambassador Barney Rongap, and Mr Louma, showed that they never received instructions from him to have Moti flown out of PNG to the Solomon Islands in a clandestine manner.
“I categorically deny the allegations made by Mr Assaigo.”
The Prime Minister’s affidavit was submitted following his lawyer’s application on Wednesday, attempting to disband the PNGDF Board of Inquiry into the Moti saga on the basis of jurisdiction which was thrown out yesterday.
This application was rejected by the inquiry.
In his ruling Justice Salika said the same issue on jurisdiction had been raised and ruled on the basis that the regulations were not consistent with the higher legislation, the Defence Act.
Justice Salika ruled that the matter on the summons for the PM remained and that the PM must comply with the summons to appear and provide any material evidence.
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SIBConline news
12:37 hrs

Australia's Defence Minister, Brendan Nelson says the Prime Minister of Solomon Islands Manasseh Sogavare wants to kill-off the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands RAMSI.

But Radio Australia reports Dr Nelson as saying Mr Sogavare was the only person in Solomon Islands who want to get rid of RAMSI.

He said Prime Minister Sogavare, in wanting to end RAMSI, and have it removed from his country, is doing a great injustice to the people of Solomon Islands itself.

He said it's important that the wishes and desires of the people of Solomon Islands themselves be respected by its Prime Minister.

Dr Nelson said Australia and New Zealand among other Pacific countries, are putting a lot of effort into keeping peace in the Pacific.

The Solomon Islands foreign minister, Patteson Oti, recently called for the Pacific Islands Forum to begin looking at an exit strategy for RAMSI.
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REGIONAL NEWS: Fiji nationals remanded in custody
Fijitimes news
Friday, February 23, 2007

Four Fiji nationals charged with trying to raise an illegal army and carrying out illegal training drills on the PNG autonomous region of Bougainville have appeared in a Buka court and have been remanded in custody.

The men will reappear in Buka District Court on March 13, according to Gorothy Kenneth, Chief of Staff of the PNG Post Courier.

However, it has emerged that a Fijian priest had played a vital role in getting the men safely from Tonu, after their lives were considered to be in danger from angry locals.

Two Fiji diplomats, second secretary, Daniel Johnson and officer Kaveri Tiko were reportedly in Buka assessing the situation.

The four men, Jolame Gukirewa, Manasa Dumuloto, Kalivati Dau and Aliki Moroca, had been part of a group of Fijians lured to Tonu in Southern Bougainville by pyramid scheme conman, Noah Musingku.

Another Fiji national, Maloni Namoli remains in Tonu and is reportedly concerned for his safety.

The four in custody are likely to be also charged by PNG Foreign Affairs with offences related to breaches of the immigration laws of the autonomous region, said Ms Kenneth.

Fiji High Commissioner to PNG Ratu Isoa Tikoca could not be reached for a comment.

PNG High Commissioner to Fiji, Peter Eafeare said he was unaware of how long the men would remain in custody in Buka and what further charges were expected to be laid against them apart from those to be brought against them by immigration authorities there.

However, Eafeare said special mention should be made to a Fijian priest, named Father Sikau, who worked with the four men for some time arranging their safe evacuation from Tonu.

"I understand the four have appealed to their remaining colleague to come out by telling him that they were being treated humanly and that he should not worry about traveling the same route they had taken to come out,"he said. Mr Eafeare said the PNG National Government along with the Autonomous Bougainville government got the men out after exhausting all available avenues.

"Despite the fact one Fijian remains, the removal of the Fijians from Tonu is a major step forward, it is also encouraging that they traveled by road through Panguna and were not questioned at the Morgan Road Block, the last remaining road block in Bougainville. Hopefully the fifth Fijian can be convinced to leave Tonu and join the others in Buka,"he said. He said Musingku remains at Tonu heavily guarded by 30-armed men and is not aware of his intentions now that the four Fijian national have left the camp.

He said the information from the four would help the national government and the ABG understand the situation in Tonu and help arrest Musingku.
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SIBConline news
17:05 hrs

Honiara Police and the Forensic Officers are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a man in a kitchen room at the Honiara Casino.

The body of the man was discovered in the early hours of Tuesday 20 February 2007.

Police Media Office says the deceased was a dealer at the casino and he was taking a rest in the kitchen room after the nights work.

A security officer found the dead body after day break.

The Media Office says Forensic officers did not find any signs of physical injury on the body.

In another police story, a Honiara man has been charged with receiving stolen property after 1,600 bags of stolen copra were found in his warehouse.

Detectives from Honiara Central executed a search warrant at the Point Cruz address.

Police Media Office says officers were investigating allegations that copra belonging to the RIPEL Company in the Russel Islands was being illegally harvested and sent to Honiara for distribution.

Police seized the copra and the man was charged with two counts of receiving stolen property.
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SIBConline news
17:07 hrs

Speaker of Parliament Sir Peter Kenilorea has turned down the motion of no confidence against Prime Minister Manasseh Sogovare.

Sir Peter says legal advice from the Attorney General Office is that the motion has not met the seven clear days notice as required by parliamentary standing orders.

He has already notified members of Parliament that the motion of no confidence against Prime Minister Sogovare will not be tabled tomorrow.

The notice of the no confidence motion was given by the Member of Parliament for Small Malaita, William Haomae of the Opposition Bench.

Meanwhile, Western province premier Alex Lokopio says a motion of no confidence in the government would have been another test of democracy and a demand on quality leadership.

Mr Lokopio says the planned motion of no confidence, which would not now be tabled tomorrow, would have also been a test on the balance of power in the present government.

He says Western province only has one MP in the Sogavare cabinet and this does not reflect well on government's balance of power.

The Western premier urges the Prime Minister to reconsider the composition of his Cabinet.

Mr Lokopio urges all Western province M-Ps to take a proactive leadership approach to ensure the province is given a fair share in the 2007 budget.
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SIBConline news
17:06 hrs

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has called on the National Parliamentary Opposition Group to get out of its ‘donor dependency’ mentality and help towards the country’s financing of its own budget.

Mr Sogavare made the call in Parliament yesterday when he moved the motion to end the current sitting of parliament.

He said the Opposition was reeling in the thought that without donor- support, the bottom up approach to development policy of the government would remain a wishful thinking.

He warned the Opposition that if Solomon Islands did not start taking up the predominant role in financing its own budget, it would never stop depending on aid.

Prime Minister Sogavare said the 2007 national budget was designed to address development issues that threaten Solomon Islands peace and security.

He said the Opposition Group’s argument that the success of the budget would depend on the normalization of Solomon Islands relations with Australia was totally ‘absurd.’

Mr Sogavare also emphasized the need for proper coordination of donors’ development assistance to ensure they were properly utilized to achieve national development goals.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister has labelled the Opposition as juveniles because of their plan to move a no confidence motion against his Grand Coalition for Change government.

Speaking in Parliament at yesterday's sine die motion Prime Minister Sogovare told the opposition that their focus on the country's deteriorating relationship with Australia is causing them to act like kids.

Mr Sogovare said the Opposition should show maturity in their leadership and their planned no confidence motion is against a government that cares about the people of Solomon Islands.

The Opposition had claimed that the 2007 National Budget's success is dependent on relations with Canberra - a relationship that is currently in a standoff with the present government.

But the Prime Minister says it is absurd to attribute the Budget's non-performance to the stand-off with Australia.

Mr Sogovare also said that the issues the Opposition is complaining about are issues the government has already explained to the people of Solomon Islands.

It is likely the motion will not now be moved tomorrow as planned.
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Thursday, February 22, 2007
SPORTS: Barcelona 1-2 Liverpool
By Chris Bevan

Craig Bellamy and John Arne Riise both scored as Liverpool shocked holders Barcelona at the Nou Camp in the first leg of their Champions League tie.

Deco nodded Barca in front from Gianluca Zambrotta's precise cross.

But Liverpool dug in and they levelled when Barca keeper Victor Valdes let Bellamy's header creep over the line.

Barca poured men forward but the Reds took the lead when Bellamy teed up Riise to fire home and they held on to win despite seeing Deco hit the post.

The pre-match headlines had been all about an alleged training camp fracas between Bellamy and Riise - but both were in Liverpool's starting line-up and did not take long to link up as the Reds made a confident start to the game.

Inside the first four minutes Steven Gerrard released Riise and his driven cross from the left was only just too strong for the Welshman.

But an attacking Barca line-up - with Javier Saviola flanked up front by Ronaldinho and Lionel Messi - did not take long to get into their stride.

Saviola had already been harshly called offside after breaking clear when Deco had a dangerous shot blocked by Jamie Carragher.

So it was no real surprise when the home side took the lead on 14 minutes.

Zambrotta escaped Gerrard on the left and, with Risse napping, his cross found Deco on his own at the far post to score with a bullet header.

It almost got worse for Rafa Benitez's side as Barcelona looked to press home their advantage.

The Reds had no answer to the home side's quick incisive passing that gave them two more chances in quick succession.

First Saviola shot wide after getting past Carragher, then Jose Reina had to make a good low save to deny Deco after he had ghosted on to Messi's through ball.

But Liverpool rode the storm and two minutes before half-time they were handed an unlikely route back into the game.

Much has been made of Barca's recent defensive vulnerability and it reared its head again here, thanks to a disastrous mistake by goalkeeper Victor Valdes.

Bellamy had already escaped the Barcelona defence once to nod Gerrard's free-kick against the side-netting and he was soon at it again.

The Wales striker was all on his own to meet Xabi Alonso's cross and, although Valdes caught the ball, he carried it over the line before pushing it back out.

Dirk Kuyt followed up to make absolutely sure of the equaliser but it was not a surprise to see Bellamy claim the goal after his turbulent week - and he celebrated it with a golf swing.

Frank Rijkaard's side seemed to run out of ideas and, in the absence of any clear gameplan, settled for sending more men forward.

That played into Liverpool's hands and another Valdes error gave them their first chance of the second half when he picked up a back-pass with 20 minutes left.

The keeper saved Alonso's shot with his feet and was glad to see Kuyt head over when the midfielder swiftly sent over an inviting cross.

But Benitez did not have to wait long to see his side go ahead.

Reina saved well from Saviola and, when Liverpool came forward again, Valdes denied Kuyt - but the ball fell for Bellamy who fed Riiise to sweep the ball home.

There was still time for Deco to send a free-kick curling against the post with Reina beaten but Liverpool held on for a famous victory.


Barcelona: Valdes, Belletti, Marquez, Puyol, Zambrotta, Xavi (Giuly 65), Motta (Iniesta 54), Deco, Messi, Saviola (Gudjohnsen 82), Ronaldinho.
Subs Not Used: Jorquera, Van Bronckhorst, Thuram, Oleguer.

Booked: Belletti, Zambrotta.

Goals: Deco 14.

Liverpool: Reina, Arbeloa, Carragher, Agger, Riise, Finnan, Sissoko (Zenden 84), Alonso, Gerrard, Bellamy (Pennant 80),Kuyt (Crouch 90).
Subs Not Used: Dudek, Hyypia, Gonzalez, Mascherano.

Booked: Agger, Kuyt, Sissoko, Bellamy.

Goals: Bellamy 43, Riise 74.

Att: 88,000

Ref: Kyros Vassaras (Greece).
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The National Online

PRIME Minister Sir Michael Somare has moved to disband the PNG Defence Force Board of Inquiry.
Lawyers representing the Prime Minister appeared at the inquiry yesterday and demanded the immediate discontinuation of the proceedings by “disbanding itself” and “surrendering all its records, transcripts files” and everything else to the Minister for Defence.
Sir Michael’s lawyer Kerenga Kua also questioned the appointment of Justice Gibbs Salika as chairman of the inquiry.
Mr Kua contended that “there was no validly appointed chairman to this board and consequently the composition of this entire board and its entire proceedings was a legal nullity”.
This move comes as the inquiry is winding down and preparing to complete and send its final report to the Minister for Defence.
Mr Kua also said the summons served on his client Sir Michael to appear before the inquiry was not necessary on the basis that under Sect 52 (1) (a) of the Defence Act, he did not have or was likely to have material evidence that may be needed by the inquiry.
He said the summons for Sir Michael’s appearance should be withdrawn, and added that only Mr Joseph Assaigo had asserted that Sir Michael had directed the Moti flight.
This was hearsay; assumptions and that he was the only witness against three others who said they did not get any directions from the PM for such a military operation, he said.
On the jurisdiction issue, Mr Kua said the chairman “does not possess the qualifications and criteria set out under the Defence Regulation 3 (1) of the Defence (Boards of Inquiry) Regulations Chapter No. 74 of the Regulations”.
He said under the Defence Regulations 3 (2), the chairman of the inquiry would have to be an “officer of the Defence Force”, and said “since the current chairman was not, unless proven otherwise, he does not quality to be appointed as chairman”.
On Wednesday, suspended director-general of the Office of Security and Coordination assessment Joseph Assaigo claimed before the inquiry that he strongly believed there was a grand collusion or conspiracy between Ambassador Barney Rongap, Chief Secretary Joshua Kalinoe and PM’s chief of staff Leonard Louma to make it look like he was telling lies before the Defence inquiry.
Mr Assaigo said this when senior counsel assisting the inquiry John Kawi put it to him that all the other senior Government officials including the Prime Minister Sir Michael had said in the media and also before the inquiry that they had no knowledge of the clandestine flight until the operation was reported in the media.
Mr Kawi asked Mr Assaigo what he had to say for being branded “a lair”.
Mr Assaigo said he was very consistent with his evidence.
He said he had followed directions relayed to him by the PM’s chief of staff, who had told him the instruction to remove Moti came from the Prime Minister.
Mr Assaigo made it quite clear he had no direct communication with the PM and named the three men as “close to the PM” and not himself.
He told the inquiry that on the basis of his evidence being consistent and taking all the blame; including being branded a ‘lair’, he believed that Mr Rongap, Mr Louma and Mr Kalinoe were part of the conspiracy to brand him a lair.
Mr Kawi put it to Mr Assaigo: “Was Sir Michael part of the conspiracy?” Assaigo said: “No.”
The inquiry will rule on the application to disband the inquiry today.
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SIBConline news
19:06 hrs

Malaita's Premier Richard Namo Irosaea states that his government supports the National Government's controversial decision to re-arm the Close Personnel Protection Unit of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force.

Mr Irosaea says his provincial government trusts that the Sogovare government has based its decision to re-arm the unit on valuable information and that the decision is in the best interest of the country.

He says the security of the country's top political leader is the sole responsibility of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force and that duty extends to protecting the country's sovereignty.

Mr Na'amo also says Malaita National Parliament members should work together with the current government to rebuild the nation and stop wasting the country's time in argument.

He says one year has already passed in argument and this has not benefited Solomon Islands in any way.

The Malaita Premier calls on the Malaita MP's to put the nation's interest to heart so that the country can continue with building the nation under the current government leadership.
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SIBCOnline news
19:08 hrs

Three Malaita MPs in the Parliamentary Opposition and one from the Independent Members of Parliament say they will support the motion of no confidence to be moved in the Prime Minister in Parliament this Friday.

In the statement the four Malaita MPs say they will support the motion according to the Malaita culture for the unity, peace and security of Solomon Islands.

The four are North Malaita MP, Enele Kwanairara; East Are'are MP, Edward Huniehu; Central Kwara'ae MP, Fred Fono and their colleague for Small Malaita, William Haomae who will move the motion.

They have responded to an appeal by 10 other Malaita MPs and the three Honiara MPs who are also from Malaita.

They say their colleague MPs in government are entitled to their opinions on the motion.

The four MPs say they take the view that the present government is carelessly handling state affairs, and the nation is heading into disunity and insecurity.

They say without peace and security, Solomon Islanders may as well forget about development issues.

They assure the people of Malaita that they have and will continue to support important development projects for Malaita.

They also express concern about the behaviour of the three Honiara MPs who represent multi-ethnic constituencies but failed to seek the views of their constituents by talking only about matters regarding Malaita province.
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Wednesday, February 21, 2007
Ex-soldiers surrender in Bougainville
FijiLive News
Wednesday February 21, 2007

Four former Fiji soldiers hired by conman and self-proclaimed king Noah Musingku to train his private army on Bougainville have surrendered to police.

The Age reports the four joined Musingku last year at his jungle base at Tonu, in the island's rebel-held no-go zone.

But they appeared to have given up hope of receiving the $1US million each Musingku had promised them.

One other Fijian remains at large but police said they hoped he too would surrender.

His four colleagues arrived in Bougainville's main town of Buka on Tuesday night accompanied by a Catholic priest and a church elder and were taken into custody, police said.

Musingku runs the discredited U-Vistract fast money scheme and is wanted by Papua New Guinea authorities on fraud and other charges.

Police have named the four Fijians as Jolame Gukirewa, Manasa Dumuloto, Kalivati Dau and Aliki Moro.

An immigration officer from Port Moreby would fly in tomorrow to process charges against the Fijians for breaching immigration laws.

A Fiji High Commission representative from Port Moresby was due in Buka today to provide consular services to the Fijians.

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Tuesday, 20th February 2007

Waitakere United surged to the top of O-League Group A after a 6-1 demolition of AS Mont Dore at Fred Taylor Park, Waitakere this evening. Waitakere took an early lead when Commins Menapi found himself in space and drilled home an unstoppable shot past Christopher Tavergeux after just five minutes. Three minutes later Jeff Campbell delivered an inch perfect corner that was flicked on by Menapi allowing Hoani Edwards to volley the ball beyond an exposed Tavergeaux.

AS Mont Dore experienced their best spell shortly afterwards as Waitakere United sat back on their lead. George Suri threw AS Mont Dore a fine chance to get back into the game when he allowed a Hone Fowler pass to go under his foot setting free Ramon Djamali. Djamali's shot was on target but failed to trouble Michael Utting.

AS Mont Dore were then reduced to ten men after 34 minutes when Gildas Vakoume lashed out at Hoani Edwards after the pair met in a crunching tackle near halfway. AS Mont Dore struggled to cope with the numerical disadvantage with skipper Marius Mapou turning in an impressive performance from an overun midfield.

Mapou's heroics were not enough to stop the hosts and matters got worse for the vistors when energetic midfielder Jeff Campbell picked up a pass from the marauding Daniel Koprivcic and unleashed a powerful measured right foot shot into the top left corner of the net after 57 minutes from 30 metres out. Allan Pearce added a fourth for Waitakere United moments later when he swept a cross of Santos home from close range.

AS Mont Dore grabbed themselves a consolation goal when the impressive Marius Mapou won a loose ball in midfield and slipped a defence splitting pass past a backpedalling Waitakere United defence for Patrick Diaike who fired a low left foot shot past Michael Utting. The joy was short-lived when Koprivcic caught defender Kouriane Jacques Caba in possession after 64 minutes and raced through on goal unchallenged before stroking home a right foot shot past the marooned Tavergeaux.

Commins Menapi scored Waitakere United's sixth goal after chasing down a Jeff Campbell through-ball on 87 minutes and blasting a shot at Tavergeaux who parried the ball but could only watch helplessly as it looped into the empty net beyond him.

The young Tavergeaux turned in a raw but heroic performance making a string of impressive saves against an unrelenting Waitakere United attack. For Waitakere United Jeff Campbell was the outstanding figure with some precision passing and an outstanding goal.

After two games Waitakere United have 4 points having scored 8 goals and conceding 3. Auckland City are second with four points and have scored 4 and conceded 2. AS Mont Dore are all but eliminated after two defeats from two matches, scoring 1 goal and conceding 8.

The enxt fixture in O-League Group A will see Auckland City host AS Mont Dore at Kiwitea Street on Friday 23rd February, kickoff at 6.00pm.

AS MONT DORE...........1

WAITAKERE UNITED: Michael UTTING; George SURI, Hone FOWLER (Craig WYLIE 70), Sam JASPER, Commins MENAPI, Allan PEARCE (Stuart HOGG 83), Jakub SINKORA, Daniel KOPRIVCIC, Hoani EDWARDS (Pedro SANTOS 46), Rupesh PUNA, Jeff CAMPBELL.


Yellow cards: none.

Red cards: none.

Goals: Commins MENAPI 5th min, 87th min, Hoani EDWARDS 8th min, Daniel KOPRIVCIC 57th min, 64th min, Allan PEARCE 55th min.

AS MONT DORE: Christopher TAVERGEUX, Marius MAPOU, Patrick DIAIKE, Ramon DJAMALI (Stanley KABEU 68), Kouriane Jacque CABA, Georges WADRENGES, Fabrice WEDE, Yves Noel FAYE (Jose EURIBOA 60), Martial Jean Phillipe NEMOADJOU, Charles WAMO, Gildas VAKOUME.


Yellow cards: Yves Noel FAYE 28.

Red cards: Gildas VAKOUME 35.

Goals: Patrick DIAIKE 57th min.

Referee -Rakesh Chand VARMAN (Fiji)
Assistant Referee - Andrew Anand ACHARI (Fiji)
Assistant Referee - Rohitesh DAYAL (Fiji)
Fourth Official - Leone RAKOROI (Fiji)


3 - Paul URLOVIC (Auckland City), Commins MENAPI (Waitakere United)
2 - Daniel KOPRIVCIC (Waitakere United)
1 - Osea VAKATALESAU (Ba FC), Laisenia TUBA (Ba FC), Grant YOUNG (Auckland City),
Danny HAY (Waitakere United), Allan PEARCE (Waitakere United), Hoani EDWARDS
(Waitakere United), Patrick DIAIKE (AS Mont Dore).
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High Court warns against comment on cases
PFnet news

Registrar of the High Court, Mr Nelson Laurere today issued a warning about public comment on cases currently before the Court, saying that unwise comment may amount to contempt of Court.

In particular, the Registrar was referring to an article reported on page 1 of Friday’s Solomon Star (No. 3293) concerning the case of Julian Ronald Moti v. Registrar of the High Court, His Lordship Justice Brown and the Attorney General (CC 437 of 2006), and subsequent letters to the Editor.

“It is very important that anyone making or publishing public statements about the results of court cases ensures that they are accurate and the reporting is fair. The suggestion that the case brought by Mr Moti was successful is not correct. In fact, His Lordship the Chief Justice refused leave to Mr Moti to apply for relief under the provisions of s.18(1) of the Constitution on the grounds that his rights had been contravened in the earlier case brought before the His Lordship Justice Brown in the High Court,” Mr Laurere said.

In that case the High Court found that:
1. Mr Moti’s rights were not contravened by the Hon Justice Brown when he refused to hear the original case because the proceedings were brought in the name of the Queen;
2. Mr Moti’s rights were not contravened by the publication of the decision in that case;
3. There are adequate alternate means of redress available to Mr Moti in place of the relief under the Constitution which was sought; &
4. Mr Moti is to bear his own costs of the proceedings.

In this particular case there is also the prospect of further proceedings before the Court, either by way of an appeal against the Chief Justice’s decision or in the original proceedings.

In these circumstances it would be in the interests of justice for all concerned if any public statements and reporting were confined to factual statements to avoid any further risk of prejudicing a fair trial and the serious consequences which may flow if that were to occur.

“Any public statement which prejudices a fair trial may well be found to be in contempt of Court and the law provides for severe penalties, including imprisonment, for such matters,” the Registrar said.

© The High Court
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MOTI AFFAIR: Moti a political liability in Melanesia
PFnet News
(The National Express) -

The Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea top political leadership is likely to continue facing questions relating to the controversial removal of Australia's fugitive lawyer, Julian Moti.

The latest twist in the Moti saga is an affidavit served on the PNG Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare to appear before the PNG Defence Board of Inquiry this week.

Prime Minister Michael Somare has been summoned to answer claims by the former Director-General of the National Security Advisory Council, Joseph Assaigo that Somare ordered the clandestine operation for a PNG Defence aircraft to fly Moti to Solomon Islands on October 10th last year, when the fugitive Australian lawyer was in police custody in Port Moresby.

Moti's military-assisted escape has angered Canberra, as Australia was seeking to extradite Moti who is an Australian citizen to face child sex charges alleged to have been committed a decade ago in Vanuatu.

Prime Minister Somare has consistently denied that he had sanctioned Moti's escape flight.

Mr. Assaigo's allegation is contained in a statement he filed in court last week challenging Chief Secretary Joshua Kalinoe's decision that he was guilty of insubordination and disobeying lawful orders in organising Moti's escape to Solomon Islands.

Mr. Assaigo is also challenging a PNG Cabinet decision to dismiss him from his security chief's job.

In his statement, Mr. Assaigo said he was told by Sir Michael's chief of staff Leonard Louma had advised that Sir Michael directed Mr. Kalinoe to get rid of Mr. Moti.

Mr. Louma later told him that Sir Michael was disappointed the order to remove Mr. Moti had not been carried out, Mr. Assaigo said.

He said he later met Mr. Kalinoe and discussed logistical options to remove Mr. Moti from PNG. Mr. Louma then rang him to say Sir Michael had issued directions to have Mr. Moti removed, Mr. Assaigo said.

He met Mr. Louma and was directed to use either the police helicopter or the PNG Defence Force air unit to fly Mr. Moti out.

Mr. Assaigo said because of the risk involved, he wanted to speak with Mr. Kalinoe first. But Mr. Louma became "agitated and angry", assuring him that should anything happen he had Sir Michael's protection.

He said he communicated the direction to the acting commander of the PNG Defence Force, Tom Ur, and the order was carried out.

"This is what happened in the repatriation of Moti," Mr. Assaigo said in the statement. "The direction was given by the Prime Minister in his capacity as the Chairman of the National Security Council, through his chief of staff, who communicated the same to me."

Mr. Assaigo has testified to a PNG Defence Force board of inquiry into Mr. Moti's escape flight, along with Mr. Kalinoe and Mr. Louma who both denied giving any orders to him to have Mr. Moti flown out.

The inquiry has been barred from visiting the Solomons by the Solomon Islands government.

Solomons Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare wants Mr. Moti as his attorney-general but the country's Public Service Commission suspended him from the appointment because of the serious Australian charges against him.

Mr. Moti remains in Honiara, staying in a hotel at the Government's expense while he seeks to over-turn his suspension.

© The National Express
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SIBConline news
19:41 hrs

Provincial and national leaders of Guadalcanal have unanimously supported and requested that the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands remains in the country until it has completed its mandates.

Its mandates are stipulated under the Facilitation Act of 2003.

During a Province Coordinating and Consultative Committee last Friday the eight members of Parliament for Guadalcanal and the 11 members of the Provincial Government Executive agreed and signed a resolution on various matters.

This include the Guadalcanal leaders opposing the re-arming of the Solomon Islands Police.

The leaders also agreed that the review of the Facilitation Act 2003 should make provision for any Provincial Government in Solomon Islands to negotiate with RAMSI to remain within its area of jurisdiction.

They signed the resolution in recognition of the concerns expressed by the people of Guadalcanal Province on those issues.

The Guadalcanal leaders also noted the response by Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare, to the request by the Guadalcanal Provincial Executive in relation to the issues of RAMSI and re-arming of the Solomon Islands police.

They agreed that there is a need to engage with the Government on such issues of national importance and prominence rather than attempting to create distances.
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SIBConline news
19:37 hrs

Seven Parliamentarians from Makira Ulawa and Temotu provinces have pledged their support for Prime Minister, Manasseh Sogavare against the planned no confidence motion by the parliamentary opposition.

M-P for small Malaita, William Haomae plans to move the no confidence motion in Sogavare led government this Friday.

The seven MPs who pledged support for the Prime Minister are: Japhet Waipora, West Makira; Bernard Giro, Central Makira; David Sitai, east Makira; James Tora, Ulawa/Ugi; Patteson Oti, Temotu Nende; Clay Soalaoi, Temotu Vatu and Martin Maga, Temotu Pele.

The signing of the support pledge for the Prime Minister by the seven MPs could be seen as solidarity with the Government.

It follows earlier claims by the Opposition leader, Fred Fono that he was confident he has the support from a number of Government Ministers and backbenchers to oust the Sogavare Government through the no confidence motion.

In a similar show of political strength, 13 MPs from Malaita Province including three Honiara members have also announced their support for the Government to defeat the motion.
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Tuesday, February 20, 2007
MOTI AFFAIR: Assaigo blames Louma
The National Online

FORMER national security man Joseph Assaigo yesterday shifted the blame away from the Prime Minister and pinned them on the Prime Minister’s chief of staff Leonard Louma.
He said in a statement yesterday that Mr Louma gave the directions to fly Moti out, and made it look like the directions came from the Prime Minister.
“I reiterate that the direction to repatriate Mr Moti out of PNG came from the chief of staff of the Prime Minister, Mr Leonard Louma. Mr Louma advised me that the direction was from Prime Minister. There was at no time a direct conversation between the Prime Minister and I over the issue,” Mr Assaigo said.
“I was led to believe that the direction came from the Prime Minister because I was advised so by his chief of staff. Since the matter was a sensitive issue and I was led to believe that the Prime Minister was the authority who gave the direction, I had to take steps to implement the same.
“I would not have carried out the task of implementing the direction had I believed that it did not come from the highest authority. My conscience is clear in this matter and when I was charged over the matter, I explained everything to the Chief Secretary.
“If the direction did not come from the Prime Minister, then Mr Louma must clarify the air as to where it emanated from,” he said.
He said he did not have any personal interest in the matter, and rejected such inferences made by the Prime Minister.
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IslandsBusiness News
TVNZ/ Pacnews
Tue, 20 Feb 2007

HONIARA, SOLOMON ISLANDS ---- A shadowy “spy unit” in the offices of Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare is suspected of running a smear campaign against Australians and the regional assistance mission there, TV NZ reports.

A 61-year-old Australian Vietnam War veteran may have been a victim of the campaign after he was arrested for allegedly plotting to assassinate Sogavare last month.

Sogavare's government remains tight-lipped about the “security intelligence unit”, made up of former police officers, but funding for it appeared in this month's Budget.

The existence of the unit - understood to have five members including former police chief superintendent Oliver "Twist" Osi - has emerged at a time of highly strained bilateral relations.

Mr Sogavare has spent the past six months accusing Canberra of interfering in his country's politics and behaving like a bully in the Pacific.

He has also agitated for a reduced role for Australia in the Australian-led Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands (RAMSI), accusing Canberra of using it as a political tool.

Sources in the Solomons capital, Honiara, told AAP the spy unit could be behind a campaign to blacken the names of RAMSI and Australia, and to improve the image of Sogavare's government.

In an open letter to Solomon Islanders, published in local newspapers earlier this month, Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer referred to "a deliberate push" by the Solomons government to undermine RAMSI and tarnish its reputation.

Downer referred to “an insulting attempt to smear RAMSI" with the allegation that prostitution was being allowed on the RAMSI base near Honiara.

“No evidence was ever produced to justify this shameful allegation,” he said.

Mr Downer also referred to another “outrageous allegation” made in the Honiara Magistrates Court that Australia was behind an alleged plot to assassinate Sogavare.

“Not only is that not true, it is a grave insult to the people and government of Australia,” he said in the letter.
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Premier admits Malaita’s land pressure
Solomonstar Online news
20 February, 2007 - 10:06am. Headlines

MALAITA has a growing problem on land use and its sustainability in the years to come therefore organic farming must be emphasised.
Malaita Premier Richard Na’amo was speaking yesterday at the official opening of a new classroom complex and the enrolment of the new students who will be studying at the Fiu-based Permaculture Centre this year.
Mr Na’amo said organic farming is a very important method of farming to allow farmers use land and its resources wisely.
He said what the Asia Pacific Sustainable Development (APSD) centre provided was not only a learning institute but a resource centre for Malaita farmers who are interested in organic farming.
“This centre has provided the much needed training for farmers who can go back and apply the skills in their communities to farm in a more sustainable manner.
“This centre has something to do with the sustainability of the land so that the land can be used over and over again.
“But in Malaita we have a problem of land sustainability.
“The more human beings we have the more pressure we exert on the use of land in terms of cultivating crops and building houses.
“We have a big problem ahead of land degradation if we are not using our land properly given the increasing population of the province.
“Therefore this centre has the role to teach people how to use the land in a more sustainable manner,” he said.
The premier added that Malaita is an agricultural province where many people used the land to cultivate their food and income.
“As such for the future development of the province such training must continue.
“My government will work together with the centre to ensure that most of the farmers are being educated about organic farming,” Mr Naámo, who has an agriculture background, said.
He urged farmers to take advantage of the information and the services that the Solomon Organic Centre provided and put them into practise.
Last year the Permaculture Centre opened the Solomon Organic Centre in Auki where farmers can visit the centre to find out information on organic farming.
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SIBConline news
12:55 hrs

Malaita MPs in the government have agreed to oppose the "No confidence Motion" to be moved in the Prime Minister by Opposition MP William Haomae.

A statement from the 13 MPs from Malaita in the government including the three MPs from Honiara seats says they made the position clear in the spirit of Malaita culture.

The statement says the MPs will support the Sogavare led government and vote "No" in the coming vote on the "no-confidence motion: this Friday.

The statement says instead of advancing efforts that would frustrate programs that the Sogavare government has for Malaita, the four Malaita MPs in the Opposition should work closely with them.
The four Malaita MPs in the Opposition are: MP for Central Kwara'ae, Fred Fono; Leader of the Independent Group, and MP for North Malaita, Enele Kwanaiara; MP for East Are'Are, Edward Huni'ehi and MP for Small Malaita, William Haomae.
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REGIONAL NEWS: Forum EPG wants Bainimarama to resign
Tuesday February 20, 2007

The Pacific Islands Forum Eminent Persons Group which visited Fiji last month wants the Interim Prime Minister, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, to resign and be replaced by a civilian.

The EPG says the military should be asked to take immediate steps to withdraw from its involvement in the interim government, with a view to restoring civilian rule as soon as possible.

Their 21-page report which was leaked says Commodore Bainimarama should order the return to barracks of all soldiers who have not done so after the handover of rule to a civilian administration on January 5.

Radio New Zealand reports the EPG has called on the interim administration to commit without delay to a roadmap with measurable milestones to restore democratic rule.

The group led by Vanuatu’s Deputy Prime Minister Sato Kilman said in their view this should take between 18 months and two years.

The eminent persons say they believe the interim administration should de-link the election timetable from its clean-up campaign, except in those areas linked to the electoral process.

They have urged the interim administration to immediately cease all human rights abuses and to restrict its activities to four areas.

These are to uphold the 1997 Constitution, respect and uphold Fiji's domestic and international obligations, the military to cease all interference with the judiciary, and ensure that all citizens are free to seek legal redress in courts in relation to events on or after December 5.

The report says if the interim administration adheres to its recommendations, the Pacific Forum will consider a package of assistance to Fiji.

The Interim administration has received a copy of the EPG report and is now studying it
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