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Monday, July 16, 2007

SIBConline News
16:50 hrs

A Solomon Islands academic has said government's decision to formally appoint Julian Moti as Attorney General is disappointing.

Doctor Tarsicius Tara, a research fellow at the Honolulu based East-West Centre in Hawaii says despite the expressions of discontent and the cloud that hangs over the character of Mr Moti, government went ahead with the appointment.

Speaking to Radio Australia, Dr Tara says Prime Minister Sogavare has made a strong statement to Australia that Solomon Islands is his country and he will do whatever he wants.

But Dr Tara says it is very important not to focus more on the relationship between Solomon Islands and Australia because the Solomon Islands government can always disregard what Australia says.

He however questions how Mr Moti could refer to those who oppose his appointment as a few disgruntled voices.Doctor Tara says if there was an opinion poll in the country, he believes an overwhelming majority of people would oppose the appointment.

Dr Tara says reading from a number of web-sites operated by local people, a large number of educated Solomon Islanders are against Mr Moti's appointment.He says there are very good reasons why Solomon Islanders should oppose Mr Moti's appointment.

He says the biggest repercussion this appointment has brought to Solomon Islands is distrust in the government.Dr Tara says one of the reasons why the country had the social unrest in the last couple of years, had been people's increasing distrust for government.
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SIBConline News
16:40 hrs

Police in Honiara have arrested three men yesterday for questioning in relation to the death of a man, believed to have been attacked at the Lawson Tama car park on Friday night.

Police are treating the death as suspicious. Police Media Unit says the man was taken to the National Referral Hospital by private citizens, but was pronounced dead shortly after arrival.The man sustained facial injuries, but Police say they are yet to confirm the cause of death.

Police believe the man was a victim of a fight, involving up to eight people in the Lawson Tama car park, sometime on Friday night.Police are asking any members of the public who saw a fight or disturbance in the Lawson Tama car park on Friday night or in the early hours of Saturday morning to come forward with information that may be vital to Police investigations.

Police would not disclose the name of the deceased but say they hope to establish the cause of death by Monday.
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SIBConline News

Prime Minister, Manasseh Sogavare says he has no regrets in sacking the country's Legal Draftsman, Ranjit Hewagama from his job.

Mr Sogavare says the fact that Mr Hewagama had held the job of legal drafts man for 23 years in the country did not alter the fact that government was not pleased with his performance.

The Prime Minister says government had to hire private legal people to draft its proposed Bills because its Legal Draftsman was not performing to expectation.

He says government has no problems with recruiting a local Legal Draftsman.

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

SOlomontimes Online News

Guadalcanal land owners have suspended discussions and negotiations with the Government and representatives of Gold Ridge Mining Limited over the re-opening of mining operations in the area.

The landowners are represented by three associations who were, until recently, holding discussions with the Government and officials of the Gold Ridge Mining. A joint communiqué was signed by the chairmen of the three associations representing tribal landowners in the Gold Ridge.

The three are, Charles Tani, Chairman of the Gold Ridge Community and Landowners Council, Primo Amusae, Chairman of the Kolombisi Tailings Dam Association and Samson Maneka, Chairman of Metapona Downstream Association.The signed communiqué by the three chairmen of the landowners Associations stated that contacts with the Government and Gold Ridge Mining Company of Australia have been suspended for an indefinite period.

They also stated that the action taken by them, on behalf of the landowners, was in protest against government's failure and lack of support in addressing issues of concern regarding the proposed mining operations in the Gold Ridge area.The statement also said that the three associations were disappointed over Government's continuous reluctance to listen to public opposition against the appointment of Julian Moti as the country's Attorney General.

The landowners say their Associations believe the government has focused a lot of its attention and energy on the appointment of Moti and very little attention on national obligations such as the Gold Ridge project.The leaders also claim that the Government is using dictatorship tactics creating confusion and anxiety among the landowners of the Gold Ridge area.
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Solomontimes Online News

A member of the Parliamentary Opposition has confirmed on the National Radio that the Opposition is planning to move a motion of no confidence against the PM.

The intended mover of the motion and MP for East Are' Are, Edward Huni'ehu, stated that he had already served the Office of Speaker to National Parliament the notice of the motion yesterday.Huni'ehu said that this would give them ample time to prepare and move the motion in Parliament by Friday next week.

Mr Huni'ehu says the Opposition believes it will do a much better job in leading the nation.Mr Huni'ehu says the objective of the motion is to fulfill parliamentary procedures duly established by the constitution should an MP think that the government is not performing in the best interest of the nation.

Mr Huni'ehu says that the Opposition believes the present Sogavare government is leading the country backwards on many issues. He says it does not matter whether or not the Opposition has the numbers, what is important is that MPs use their constitutional right to speak and to vote on the motion.

Mr Huni'ehu says they will be arguing the facts in parliament as to why the country needs a change of leadership. He says they believe the behavior of the present government is dictatorial which is not good for the country.

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Friday, July 13, 2007

13 July, 2007

I WOULD like to express Australia’s strong objection to the swearing in of Julian Moti, an Australian citizen facing serious charges in Australia, as Solomon Islands Attorney-General.

Australia has deep concerns at the implications of this move for governance in Solomon Islands, and calls on the Solomon Islands Government to reverse the move.Australia had hoped that common sense would have prevailed in this case.The appointment of Moti flies in the face of strong opposition in Solomon Islands from legal figures and the wider community.

We understand there are serious questions about the constitutionality of the move, given that the Public Service Commission suspended Mr Moti as Attorney General in October 2006.Australia believes this appointment is a large backwards step for governance in Solomon Islands.This is another move in a pattern of intimidation and removal of key constitutional office holders - from offices which are designed to ensure the Government is accountable for its actions.

A respected Solomon Islander was dismissed as Attorney-General late last year, and the Solicitor-General, a deployee with the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI), was forced to leave the country after receiving personal threats.Solomon Islands declared the Police Commissioner an “undesirable immigrant” while he was out of the country, bypassing due process for his removal.

The Solomon Islands Government continues, through its actions, to damage the country’s reputation, both regionally and internationally.Australia calls on the Government to restore Solomon Islands’ respectability in the eyes of the international community.Australia remains strongly committed to RAMSI.

We will be watching very carefully any actions taken by Julian Moti as Attorney-General, including actions which could affect the ability of RAMSI to undertake its work effectively and independently for the benefit of the people of Solomon Islands.The Solomon Islands Government needs to ensure the integrity of remaining constitutional office-holders - for example the Chief Justice and the Director of Public Prosecutions - is maintained.

Australia lodged a full formal extradition request with the Solomon Islands Government, seeking the return to Australia of Mr Moti, on 15 December 2006.We expect the Solomon Islands Government to process our request in accordance with Solomon Islands extradition law, and will continue to seek Mr Moti’s extradition vigorously.We have made various attempts to hold discussions with the Solomon Islands Government on the Moti issue.

I have invited Solomon Islands Foreign Minister Oti to travel to Australia with other ministers for discussions on issues affecting the bilateral relationship.We have not received a response. Australia also agreed to a visit by Acting Solomon Islands Attorney-General Tongarutu to discuss Moti’s extradition.

Solomon Islands cancelled visits by Tongarutu at the last minute on two occasions.The Solomon Islands Government has refused to discuss the issue, and has disregarded Australia’s legitimate request.We appreciate that the people of Solomon Islands are going through a difficult period.

Australia aims to support them achieve their aspirations for a peaceful, well-governed and prosperous nation.It is time the Solomon Islands Government reversed the downward trend in governance in its country, showed respect for Australia as a friendly neighbour, and acted in the best interests of its people.

Alexander Downer
Australia’s Foreign Affairs Minister
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SIBConline News
12:43 hrs

The Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands, RAMSI is unable to support the Police Commissioner's plans to re-arm certain units in the police force.

Acting Special Coordinator Jonathan Austin told a meeting of civil society groups yesterday that RAMSI believes much more work needs to be done to build the capacity of the Police Force before rearmament can safely take place.

Dr Austin said RAMSI’s position on rearmament has not changed since the Prime Minister told Parliament in February this year that he would not go ahead with rearming the police force.

"We think it's not time to re-arm the police force yet. And the reasons for that are there are still issues, the capacity of the police, the training, the facilities they have, the leadership which they have that needs to be worked through. And there still a lot of concern through the country, we continue to hear from people that they just don't feel, that the time is right yet for the police to re-arm."

Dr Austin said RAMSI had sought clarification from the Government on plans for rearmament following recent media reports. The Special Coordinator and Deputy Special Coordinator had met with the Prime Minister early this month to discuss RAMSI’s concern about the proposed re-arming of the police force.
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SIBConline News
18:59 hrs

The Second Appointed day for Malaita Province on August 15th will this year be celebrated in Malu’u, North Malaita.

The Malaita Provincial Government is also is also planning to stage a Mini Trade Show leading up to the 2nd Appointed Day celebrations with an emphasis on Agriculture, Trade and cultural activities.

Government's Communication Officer in Auki, Brian Wanga, quotes Deputy Premier of Malaita Province Edwin Suiba'ea as saying said the idea to hold the celebrations in Malu’u was to restrenghten the link between Malaita Provinces Regional Centers.

Mr Suiba'ea says this is to pave the way for the bottom up approach to development. The Mini Trade Show is planned to be opened on Saturday 11th August and end on Wednesday 15th.

Mr Suiba'ea says the show will give an opportunity for those who will be taking part in the show to inform and educate people about theirs work and products. He says it is Malaita Province government’s intention to rotate the 2nd Appointed day celebrations to regional centres in the future.
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SIBConline News
19:13 hrs

The High Court today has ruled that the Governor General has no discretionary power to refuse or ignore advice from a constitutionally appointed committee which selects an applicant to the post of Ombudsman.

The court also ruled that the Governor General, following advice from the committee should have appointed Joe Poraiwai (pictured above on the far left with black coat) as Ombudsman of Solomon Islands because he was the selected candidate.The court declared Mr Poraiwai, the person lawfully and constitutionally entitled to be appointed to the Office of the Ombudsman by the Governor General on the advice of the committee.

It was a ruling on questions raised by Mr Poraiwai in relation to constitutional powers to appoint the Ombudsman.The Governor General refrained from appointing Mr Poraiwai on the advice of the then acting Attorney General, Nuatali Tongarutu.

Mrs Tongarutu said the process in which the committee appointed the successful applicant was fraught with allegations of unfairness, bias undue process and irregularities - one being a failure by the applicant to match criteria advertised for the post.

But Justice John Brown said the constitution does not qualify eligibility by reference to a specific criteria.He said the committee cannot be restricted by the criteria in the vacancy notice.

Justice John Brown said the advice of the acting Attorney General was unsubstantiated and he doubts whether she was acting properly.
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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Forum Secretariat Press Statement
PRESS STATEMENT 12th July 2007.

The 11th Forum Economic Ministers Meeting in Koror, Republic of Palau has been told that most of the Forum Island Countries’ (FICs) economies have, on the average underperformed over the last decade despite the opportunities they had.

“While a few FICs have progressed, the economic performance of a majority of the members has been unsustainable, even to the extent that for several of them per capita income growth has been negative,” Mr Rick Houenipwela , Governor of the Solomon Islands Central Bank said in his keynote address at the Ministers’ meeting.

Mr Houenipwela said the characteristics of the smallness, isolation from major world markets and vulnerability to natural disasters have been exacerbated by a number of “man-made roadblocks including increasing globalization, limited market access, political instability, deteriorating security sensitive situations, poor governance, poor infrastructure, limited access to land and slow public sector reforms.”

He cited Samoa as having now attained middle income developing country status from being a least developing country because of a number of reasons including “good governance and a stable policy and political environment.” “In order for reforms to succeed, they require commitment and dedication by all stakeholders, a lot of patience, not to mention the pain that has been endured. Samoa is now seeing these efforts as they are now paying dividends in terms of higher growth rates.

“This remarkable performance was inspired by the integrity and professional competence of the political leadership and their technical team,” Mr Houenipwela said. He added: “reforms can be sustained if the political leadership has the respect, trust and confidence of its citizens as well as the international community.

Unfortunately, these are very important qualities which are in very short supply in most of our countries.” Mr Houenipwela told the Forum Economic Ministers it is imperative that there is political will if there is going to be sustainable growth. “The political government is there to provide leadership, and the policy environment that is conducive for private sector development and growth.

“Hon. Ministers, you do not need to be reminded, but all eyes – your own citizens and every one in the region look to you and your respective governments to make a change for the better, to make a positive change in the livelihood of our people. The longer it takes the more suffering, misery, discomfort, and poverty we will see in our region.”

The Forum Economic Ministers Meeting ends today (12th July) .
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Solomontimes Online News
Genesis Kofana

The Attorney General, Julian Moti, told civil society to stop wasting any more dollars on keeping him from doing what he is supposed to do.

Moti made the statement during the swearing-in ceremony at the Government House yesterday. In his statement, directed at those that tried to prevent him from taking office, he told them to leave him alone and stop wasting any more dollars in campaigning against him."

Let me at least earn my keep and live with the dignity to which I am constitutionally entitled."He instead promised to ordinary Solomon Islanders the revelation of those who are ultimately responsible for the decision to suspend him without pay. But Julian Moti's attack on the civil society to keep quiet and not to spend any more dollars on trying to keep him out has received a strong opposition from the civil society members.

The President of the National Council of Women said that the women of this country will not keep quiet.

"We will not keep quiet. We will make more noise and who is he to tell us to stop. We are going to this seminar in which we the civil society had invited the PM to come but again he refused. After this Seminar we may decide what action to take. There is a possibility of a protest march."

The President of the Solomon Islands Public Employees Union Tony Kagovai in response to the statement told Moti that the fight has just began and he warned Moti that his days are numbered considering the election results in PNG.

"For someone who's being accused of child molestation to tell us true citizens of this nation to shut is a shameful thing."

The General Secretary of SICA, Philemon Riti was not impressed with Moti's statement and he told Moti that he has no right to tell them to stop.

"We are the citizen of this nation and we have all the right to do what is right for this nation."

The General Secretary of Development Services Exchange, Tony Wale reacted the same way and reminds Moti that this is our country. "We work for people and not individuals."
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HONIARA, 11 July 2007:

An under-strength KOSSA FC team narrowly lost to Papua New Guinea senior national side, 2-1 this afternoon at Lawson Tama.
The OFC bound- KOSSA put on a sterling performance in front of the local crowd and should have gone ahead had Joe Luwi put away a penalty shot after Samson Wa'ahero was adjudged by match referee Chris Saeni to have been tripped inside the penalty area.
PNG's custodian David Aua read him and dived to his right to deny Luwi and his KOSSA FC team from taking an early lead. KOSSA's young guns in Moffat Deramo, Mahlon Maemania and Franco Ne'e worked tirelessly in the midfield but could not break down a resolute PNG defence.
At the back, Seni Ngava, Eddie Kairi, Bata Furai and Terry Oiaka were able to foil every raid conducted into their territory by one of PNG's upcoming striker Kema Jack his partner and Under 20 rep Niel Hans and Reginald Davani. PNG's off-side trap was effective which saw Lency Saeni, Sammy Wa'ahero and Deramo caught on a number of occasions.
With both sides going for the breather goalless, their coaches must have given them a thorough pep talk before the match resumed for the next 45 minutes. PNG's Brazilian coach Marcus Gusmao had to replace three of his players when match resumed, putting in Reginald's younger brother Alex Davani, Mauri Wasi and Andrew Lepani to add strength and a bit of depth to his side as he searched for goals.
And it was Reginald who found the back of the net twice to see off an earlier challenge from KOSSA.
PNG held KOSSA in its territory for a good period of time and KOSSA's coach, Willie Lai sensing a loss is imminent, introduced Franklin Forau, Tome Faisi, Abraham Eke Jnr and Godwin Bebeu who immediately made impact. Bebeu had a rare one on one chance but his shot was served by PNG's first choice keeper Aua.
On the other side of the paddock, Hans had proved handful for the KOSSA defenders. He had few chances but unable to put them away. Then just before the fulltime buzzer went, Forau nodded in their consolation goal to send KOSSA supporters into wild celebrations.
Meanwhile, the visitors will play against Solomon Islands senior national side on Friday and it is anticipated that it will attract a good crowd.
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SIBConline News
19:18 hrs

The then acting Attorney General, Nuatali Tongarutu and Public Service Permanent Secretary, Ishmael Avui have advised the Governor General to administer the official oaths to Attorney General, Julian Moti.

Governor General Sir Nathaniel Waena confirmed this yesterday when he presented the sequence of events and correspondences between his office, the Attorney General acting and the Public Service Permanent Secretary.Sir Nathaniel Waena said Mrs Tongarutu advised him that Mr Moti's suspension by the Public Service Commission was unlawful.

Sir Nathaniel said the acting Attorney General advised there was no legal impediments to stop the Governor General from administering the official oaths to Mr Moti, and that the only condition was for Moti was to discontinue his High Court case.The Governor General said he then wrote to Mrs Tongarutu on a matter of potential contempt of court over the Afeau case which still awaits a Court of Appeal decision.

But he said the Attorney General acting said there was no legal impediments because the Afeau case only seeks compensatory relief. The Governor General said Mr Avui also advised that Mr Moti's appointment was valid and his suspension by the Public Service Commission was illegal.

"The fundamental legal issue of the unlawful suspension of the attorney general designate has been duly cleared by the Permanent Secretary for Public Service, Ishmael Avui because he legally maintains the appointment of Mr Moti which the Judicial and Legal Service Commission made on 19th September 2006 remains valid.

He also maintained that the unlawful suspension, imposed unjustly by the Public Service Commission is null and void. The learned Attorney General acting is of the considered legal opinion that the Afeau case only seeks compensatory relief from the government. There is therefore no constitutional or legal impediment to prohibit the normal administration of the official oaths."
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SIBConline News
19:15 hrs

Former Director of Public Prosecution, Australian John Cauchi says the Prime Minister showed no respect for the constitution of Solomon Islands in having Julian Moti sworn in as Attorney General.

Writing to local the newspaper Solomon Star today, Mr Cauchi said just three days ago the Prime Minister reaffirmed his commitment to following the laws of the country.He said what the Prime Minister meant was only the laws that suit him.Mr Cauchi said a leader who abuses the constitution of his country is a person who does not know the meaning of the rule of law, but prefers rule by men.

He said the Prime Minister has consistently disregarded the constitution over the last year.He cited the sacking of a number of prominent figures including the former Police Commissioner, the Solicitor General, the former Attorney General and the appointments of both the new Police Commissioner and Mr Moti as decisions that were unconstitutional.

Mr Cauchi said what is not well known is the Prime Minister attempted to have the Office of the Chief Justice searched in the same way as the office of the Legal Draftsman.He said the office of the DPP may be next, and there is a real threat to the independence of judges of Solomon Islands.Mr Cauchi said there is a real problem with a leader who shows no respect for the constitution.

Meanwhile, speaker to the National Parliament Sir Peter Kenilorea has raised questions as to the legality of Mr Moti's appointment in light of the Afeau case which is pending a Court of Appeal decision.In his letter to the editor in today's issue of the Solomon Star newspaper, Sir Peter said this is the beginning of a sad history for a naive, young and unsuspecting peace loving country.

Sir Peter said in the eyes of the country's leaders Moti appears to be indispensable to Solomon Islands, and he appears to be above the Laws of the country unlike everybody else.He raised concerns over Mr Moti's appointment whilst a court case in which he challenged his suspension by the Public Service Commission was still pending before the High Court.

The High Court this afternoon confirmed it has received instructions from Mr Moti's lawyers that the case is now withdrawn.
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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

National Online

THE inclusion of two overseas-based players Alex Davani and Mauri Wasi in the PNG national soccer team will beef up the attacking power for the two friendlies in Honiara,The duo arrived yesterday to join the team for the two friendly games.
Davani plays for Taringa Rovers in Brisbane Soccer League while Wasi plays in New Zealand.PNG coach Marcos Gusmao has named his side which will have their first game against O-League bound KOSSA at the Lawson Tama stadium this afternoon. The next game will be against the national side on Friday.
While respecting KOSSA, as the champion side and will expect a good match, coach Gusmao said his side has a mixture of new and old players and were ready to play.The team led by captain Richard Daniels include former Auckland City striker Reginald Davani, Andrew Lepani, David Muta, Neil Hans to name a few, were hard at training at the Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) National Soccer Academy since their arrival.
Meanwhile, team manager John Kapi Natto has called for the two countries to have regular games.Natto said the last time Papua New Guinea played the Solomon Islands was in 2003 in Port Moresby which the visitors won 5-3.
Natto said their intention to going to Honiara was to find their standard and improve on it after they failed to make the PNG contingent to the Pacific Games in Apia, Samoa, next month.
The Solomon Islands national team will be treating the match as a good warm up for 2007 Pacific Games in Samoa next month and PNG want to make up for the 2003 loss in Port Moresby.Skipper Daniels, who has played against the Solomon Islands seven times since 1998, said he was looking forward to the two matches.
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Govt Media Services
By Chris Leua

Solomon Islands new Attorney General, Julian Moti QC CSI said those who were responsible for the ordeal he had gone through during the past months will be made known in due course.

Mr Moti made the statement during his speech to mark the official oaths administration of his appointment today before the Governor General of Solomon Islands, Sir Nathaniel Waena, more than 10 months after he was initially appointed to take up the post in September 2006.

“When my appeal is finally heard and determined by the Papua New Guinea’s judiciary, we will find out who was ultimately responsible for the mess that was officially created for my official transit through Port Moresby on September 29 2006,” Mr Moti said.

“Justice will prevail there to exonerate me once again from the sins which others committed to postponed what was finally allowed to occur today,” Mr Moti said during the ceremony, which was also attended by the Prime Minister, Hon Manasseh Sogavare and his Ministers of the Crown.

“Justice will finally triumph as well when the responsible Australian prosecutorial authorities confront our Government’s lawyers to discuss what was fact and what was fiction in the case which they want to mount against me,” he said.

“The presumption of innocence is what I am entitled to enjoy under our constitutional bill of rights and you do not need a verdict of ‘not guilty’ to prove I am ‘innocent’ when I am legally advised that there is no legal justification for the institution of any charges against me on the evidentiary material supporting Australia’s request for my extradition,” he said.

Regarding the Vanuatu case, Mr Moti said he has already furnished all the details of the case to those who have been briefed to advice the Solomon Islands Government on his extradition request and leave them to discharge their legal responsibilities without his interference.

“I know enough about my ethical obligations to excuse myself from any involvement in that matter,” he said.
Mr Moti, who now call the Solomon Islands his home, said he have no plans to leave the country.

Mr Moti thanked those who stood with him during his trial and ordeal while assuring ordinary Solomon Islanders that they will be horrified to learn who was ultimately responsible for the decision that led him to his misfortune.

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PM not worried over repercussion

Solomonstar News

PRIME Minister Manasseh Sogavare says he is not worried about the repercussion from Australia after Julian Moti’s swearing-in yesterday as the country’s new Attorney General.

Mr Sogavare told Solomon Star that: “Whatever repercussion – we are not worried about. We are dealing with the Attorney General of Solomon Islands not Australia.”Australian Prime Minister John Howard described yesterday’s events as “very provocative and insensitive”.

“It is a very provocative and insensitive thing for somebody who is wanted on a criminal charge in this country to be sworn in as attorney general,” Mr Howard said.“The first law officer of the crown in the Solomon Islands is apparently going to be somebody who is wanted on a child sex offence.

I think that is quiet extraordinary.”However, Mr Howard said Mr Moti’s appointment would not have a direct effect on the Australian-led Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands (RAMSI).

“We will be in for the long haul when it comes to RAMSI,” he said.“RAMSI is good for the people of the Solomon Islands.”When asked by Solomon Star on what he expects from Australia after his swearing-in, Mr Moti said: “We are living in Northern Terror Territory of Australia.”Meanwhile, Prime Minister Sogavare said Solomon Islands as a sovereign country is the winner in the end not his government.

“It’s the laws of Solomon Islands as a sovereign country that is the winner not my government,” he said.Mr Sogavare said all along he had ensured that the laws of the country are complied with and that’s what exactly happened.
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I pose no threat: Moti

Solomonstar News

JULIAN Moti sworn-in yesterday as the country’s new Attorney General with a simple message to his critiques that “he poses no greater threat to them than themselves”.

At the same time, Governor General Sir Nathaniel Waena admitted that he was mindful of the level of controversy and adverse publicity of opinions, surrounding the constitutional validity of the appointment of Moti.The Governor General administered the oaths to Mr Julian Moti, more than 10 months after he was appointed to take up the post in September 2006.

Sir Nathaniel said the fundamental legal issues of the unlawful suspension of the Attorney General have been duly cleared by the Permanent Secretary for Public Service Ishmael Avui.Sir Nathaniel explained before swearing-in Moti that Avui legally maintains that the appointment of Moti, which the Judicial and Legal Service Commission made on September 19, 2006 remains valid.

Mr Avui also maintains that the unlawful suspension imposed unjustly by the Public Service Commission is null and void.Sir Nathaniel said the learned AG (acting) is of the considered legal opinion that the Afeau Case (former Attorney General) only seeks compensatory relief, from the Government.The Governor General said there is no constitutional or legal impediment, to prohibit, the normal administration of the official oaths, to the duly appointed Moti.

Mr Moti said the Governor General has made a bold start already by resisting the mighty pressures that exert themselves upon his office and doing what is just and right.A relieved Moti said: “It has taken so long and even longer than the time it actually took to say what I’ve just said.”He said:

“A lot more will be said about today than what we say here.”Mr Moti said the presence of the MPs and ministers for his oaths means more to him than it signifies for others.“The fact that you collectively represent more than two-thirds of the constituent vote of Solomon Islanders in Parliament makes you combined silence more audible than all the defending noise made by a few disgruntled voices,” he said.

He thanked the leaders for their support, which gave him the courage to continue on.“What was at stake in our ordeals of yesteryear is finally becoming visible in the distant horizon,” Mr Moti said.“It makes no sense to spend any more dollars on keeping me from doing what I’m supposed to do,” the lawyer said.Mr Moti hopes that he can now have a dignity life after those wrangles.

“Let me at least earn my keep and live with the dignity to which I am constitutionally entitled,” the new AG said.Meanwhile, Mr Moti said he has no plans to runaway from the country.“When my appeal is finally heard and determined by Papua New Guinea’s judiciary, we will find out who was ultimately responsible for the mess that was specially created for my official transit through Port Moresby on September 29, 2006,” Mr Moti said.

He said justice will prevail there to exonerate him once again from the sins which others committed to postponed what was finally allowed to occur yesterday.“Justice will finally triumph as well when the responsible Australian prosecutorial authorities comfort our Government’s lawyers discuss what is fact and what is fiction in the chase which they want to mount against me.

“The presumption of innocence is what I am entitled to enjoy under our constitutional bill of rights and you don’t need a verdict of not guilty to prove I am innocent when I legally advised that there is no legal justification for the institution of any charges against me on the evidentiary material supporting Australia’s request for my extradition,” Mr Moti said.

Mr Moti said he has already furnished all the factual details of the Vanuatu case to those who have been briefed to advise the Government on his extradition request and leave it to them to discharge their legal responsibilities without any interference from him.
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Ministers to get armed guards

Solomonstar News

THREE Government Ministers will be provided with armed guards once the police force rearms its Close Protection Unit.

Commissioner of Police Jahir Khan revealed to Solomon Star this week that besides the Governor General and Prime Minister, three ministers will also have armed officers protecting them.Mr Khan could not reveal the ministers’ names.

The Commissioner confirmed that he has already submitted a $1.8m proposal to the Government to be tabled in Parliament in the Supplementary Appropriation Bill this month.Mr Khan maintains that the arms are to protect the leaders and the officers working in the patrol boat.He said the patrol boat will have light arms not bigger guns as it used to have.

Mr Khan said these will be used by the officers while on patrol in high seas and at the borderlines.He argued that intruders and pirates do not move freely but they go with arms.

Therefore, Mr Khan said it is appropriate that the officers are armed so that when they are confronted they can be able to defend themselves or pursue them.The issue of arms is now hotly debated after Mr Khan’s revelation of rearmament last month.NGOs are opposing the move and called on the Government to withdraw the policy.
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SIBConline News
18:33 hrs

The Malaita Maasina Forum supports the call by the Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare for people of Malaita to open up their land for development.

President of the Forum Hudson Kwalea, says the Forum had been holding meetings with chiefs and people of Malaita to try and help bring about development in the province. He says the challenge by Prime Minister Sogavare for the people to open up their land is appropriate because the people must be encouraged to develop themselves.

"The Prime Minister had put it right by saying Malaitans you have developed this country, you have developed other provinces, now prove it in your own province. I think that is the big challenge that we must we must take. And the land problems and related issues are the problems that we must addressed."

Mr Kwalea says work on customary land recording had started in parts of Malaita, but it had not progressed as expected.

But he says if people of Malaita are serious about development and helping themselves improve their livelihood in the rural areas, there is no alternative but to settle their land differences.
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SIBConline News
18:41 hrs

By-elections for the Aoke Langalanga and East Malaita constituencies Malaita has been proposed for December 2007.

Chief Electoral Officer Musu Kevu said the Electoral Office is drawing up a program for the by-election.The Government Communications Unit quotes Mr Kevu as saying the Electoral Office has made its submissions to the Electoral CommissionMr Kevu says his office has suggested two options, whether the by-election will be held at the end of this year, or early next year.

He says it is now up to the Electoral Commission to decide on the two options.Mr Kevu says the budget for the by-election will be included in the 2007 Parliamentary Appropriation Bill.Meanwhile, he says that registration for the two constituencies is proposed to begin on September.He said the new registration for the constituencies could continue until November before the by-election.

This is because the Electoral Office also needs to revise the list used for the 2006 general electionsAoke Langalanga and East Malaita constituencies have been without Parliamentary representatives after their Members of Parliament, late Bartholomew Ulufa’alu and late Joses Sanga died in May this year.
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Sydney Morning Herald

THE effectiveness of Australia's $1 billion law and order operation in the Solomon Islands was undermined yesterday by the swearing-in of the fugitive lawyer Julian Moti as the country's Attorney-General.

The Prime Minister, John Howard, said: "It is a very provocative and insensitive thing for somebody who is wanted on a criminal charge in this country to be sworn in as the Attorney-General - the first law officer of the Crown."

But Australia would not withdraw from its leadership of the intervention force dispatched in 2003 to combat ethnic violence and corruption. "The ordinary people of the Solomon Islands want Australia there; they appreciate the help and they will be there irrespective of who is in power in that country," Mr Howard said.

Moti, an ethnic Indian originally from Fiji who became an Australian citizen, is the subject of an Australian extradition request over child sex charges. The charges relate to a prosecution which was dropped in Vanuatu in 1997 involving a 13-year-old girl.
He has claimed to be the victim of a witch-hunt because of his criticism of Australian interference in the internal affairs of the Solomons. He noted yesterday that two-thirds of the country's MPs were present for his swearing-in, though there has been bitter criticism from the Opposition and many community organisations. "Thank you for sticking together and by my side when it really mattered to all of us," he said.
He pledged a full audit of legal issues before the Attorney-General's office, exacerbating concerns that he will be subject to political influence in cases involving alleged corruption.

He would not be involved in representations to Australia about its extradition request, but said Solomons legal representatives would "discuss what was fact and what was fiction in the case which they want to mount against me."

The ceremony came after the appointment of another Indo-Fijian, Jahir Kahn, as Police Commissioner to replace the expelled Australian Shane Castles. Diplomatic sources say they believe Moti has been involved in drafting legislation to make the commissioner more subject to political direction.

And the Government has revived a controversial plan to re-arm local police, who were disarmed after the Australian intervention because many had been linked to ethnic violence and criminal activities.

The Solomon Islands Public Service Commission yesterday stood by its suspension last year of Moti's appointment, pending the Australian charges against him being cleared. That suspension was legally challenged by Moti, but the Government of the Prime Minister, Manasseh Sogavare, announced it had the power to override the suspension. Yesterday it was the country's Governor-General, Sir Nathaniel Waena, who swore him in.

Australia's Foreign Affairs Minister, Alexander Downer, called for the appointment to be reversed, citing "a pattern of intimidation and removal" of constitutional office holders from positions designed to ensure the Government was held accountable for its actions.
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Solomontimes News
By Ralf Rao

The Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has ended months of speculation today with the official swearing in of Julian Moti as the country's attorney general.

Moti, dressed in a black suit along with the traditional wig, took the oath before the Governor General Sir Nathaniel Waena. Present at the ceremony were 10 Government Ministers and back benchers.
During the ceremony, Sir Nathaniel told the audience present that after due consideration to all the issues and facts surrounding the arguments, he concluded that it was legal to proceed with formalizing the appointment of Mr.
Moti as the Attorney General of Solomon Islands.Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare stated that his government had maintained all along that whatever people may say regarding the circumstances surrounding the appointment of Mr. Moti, the government has complied with the laws of Solomon Islands.Mr. Sogavare went on to say that what transpired in today's swearing-in of Mr.
Moti is a demonstration of the fact that justice and honesty will always win.Today's ceremony marks the end of nearly a year of political wrangling by the Government and critics who were opposed to what has often been described as a controversial appointment.
The swearing in of Julian Moti as the Attorney General of the Solomon Islands did not go unnoticed.
"It is a very provocative and insensitive thing for somebody who is wanted on a criminal charge in this country to be sworn in as the attorney general," stated Australian Prime Minister John Howard to The Sydney Morning Herald.
Mr. Howard also stated in the Sydney Morning Herald that Mr. Moti's appointment would not have a direct effect on the Australian-led Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands (RAMSI).
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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

SIBConline News
12:38 hrs

A High Court challenge by Julian Moti QC that his suspension by the Public Service Commission was illegal is still before the court.

High Court Registrar Nelson Laurere says Mr Moti's case is pending a Court of Appeal decision on a case by former Attorney General Primo Afeau.Mr Afeau who was terminated last year for reasons including insubordination argued that his removal was improper.

Mr Laurere says the Court of Appeal findings in the Afeau case are likely to be directly relevant to the questions raised in the Moti case.He says the High Court had already granted leave to hear Mr Moti's case, but lawyers to the parties agreed to wait until a Court of Appeal decision on the Afeau case is made.

Mr Moti was appointed Attorney General in September last year to replace Mr Afeau, but was suspended in October in light of an Australian judicial arrest warrant, alleging he committed child sex offenses under the Australian Crimes act 1914 and the Child Sex Tourism amendment act 1994.

The Public Service Commission confirms it has not lifted the suspension because of the pending court case.Meanwhile, Mr Moti is scheduled to be sworn in as Attorney General this afternoon at Government House.
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Tikotikoca to head community policing

Solomon Star News

A FIJIAN has been identified and will soon be engaged to review the community policing project.
Romano Tikotikoca - who was acting police commissioner of Fiji and replaced by the military recently, will soon be offered the job - initially for a year.Commissioner of Police Jahir Khan said Mr Tikotikoca is a specialist in community policing and his appointment will be a boost to policing in the country.
“We haven’t seen anybody else having that much of knowledge in penetrating into the community so I’m engaging Romano,” Mr Khan told the Solomon Star yesterday.Mr Tikotikoca is expected in the country this week for an unofficial visit and he will hold discussions with the police during then.
Mr Khan said Mr Tokotikoca’s position will be a project post and he will not be a sworn-in police officer.The project will be funded by the Government.The Commissioner said Mr Tikotikoca would also provide guidance to the police on the ground on how to conduct themselves while doing community policing.
Mr Tikotikoca had been working with RAMSI and Gold Ridge before leaving to Fiji to take-up the acting commissioner of police’s post, which he held recently.
Meanwhile, Mr Khan said he’s also trying to bring in the former director of Fiji police band Epi Nakacakanici.He said Mr Nakacakanici has a huge experience in music and it will greatly help the police force
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Solomonstar News

A LOCAL businessman identified as alleged financier of $50,000 used to try to bribe a Government minister is likely to be arrested this week.

An informed source revealed yesterday that the businessman was to be arrested last week. But it was deferred because of the independence celebrations in Auki.The source said a senior figure within the Opposition camp is also expected to be arrested and charged over the alleged bribery attempt.

At the same time, the Solomon Star has also been told that an Opposition MP is going around with a bag of money.The MP is now under Police surveillance, said this source, who holds a senior position and spoke on condition of not being identified.

Early last month, Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare displayed $50,000 he said was used to try to bribe one of his ministers to change sides. He alleged it was part of an attempt to topple his government.Yesterday, in an exclusive interview, Commissioner of Police Jahir Khan revealed $60,000 was actually used in this alleged bribery attempt.

Mr Khan said the other $10,000 ended up with a middle-man, with only $50,000 given to the minister.The Commissioner - who is not the source for our other information - confirmed Police expect to make the arrests soon.

“Anything we investigate ultimately people will be charged and nobody is going to be left out,” said the Commissioner.“I must warn people here that report that will come before me and I will make sure that we investigate professionally and tidy up all the evidence, with the view of prosecution.”

Mr Khan said prominent figures featuring in this investigation will be charged no matter what position they might hold.
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Not us: Maeliau

Solomonstar News

A CHURCH leader has denied any links to a group that plans to crown a religious “king” on Malaita.

Rev Michael Maeliau of the South Seas Evangelical Church (SSEC), the man many claimed to be at the forefront of the plan said they have nothing to do with that.

“That’s not us. It’s a different group altogether and we have nothing to do with that,” Mr Maeliau told Solomon Star in Auki.Reports in Malaita last week suggested the group will crown the King – striking fears that offended Malaitans may revolt against any attempts.

But Mr Maeliau said his group came to Auki at the invitation of the premier Richard Na’amo Irosaea to celebrate the national day with prayer.He said the premier of Malaita requested that the churches celebrate because there were no progammes on the day so the churches take advantage of that it.

“We want to thank the Lord for the 29th year of independence,” Mr Maeliau said.He said in biblical and Jewish tradition, 30th year is the year of maturity.“We want to pray at the 29th year of independence and it is our desire that God will help us – as a nation to resolve our problems so that we can have a new start,” the former parliamentarian said.

Mr Maeliau led about 200 members of the SSEC at Aroma Centre to the prayer service on Saturday in Auki.Meanwhile, Mr Maeliau said it was also an occasion to celebrate 777 (triple seven).He said this kind of date only happens in a thousand years.“Christians around the world regard this as a special day which stands for perfection and Christians regard it as special,” Mr Maeliau said.
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Govt Media Services
By Chris Leua

Malaita Provincial Premier Richard Na’amo has welcomed the sentiments expressed by the Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare, in which he encourages Malaitans to work together in building their province.

Mr Na’amo was responding to the challenge made by the Prime Minister during his Independence Day Speech at the Aligegeo Stadium on Friday.
Mr Na’amo said the call by Mr Sogavare for all Malaitans to seriously work together in putting the interest of the province at the forefront of their agenda must to be taken seriously by all Malaitans.

Speaking during a buffet dinner he hosted at the Rarasu Restaurant on Friday evening, Mr Na’amo said he has great respect for the Prime Minister, and that he supported Mr Sogavare’s challenge for greater unity among Malaitans.
“I truly supported the call by the Prime Minister for greater unity among Malaitans,” he said.

“It is very important that as Malaitans, we must cooperate to ensure that we are able to face the many challenges that lay before us.”
“As the Prime Minister has said, we have demonstrated our ability to cooperate in many fields. Let us now channel that energy into developing our province, our resources and the welfare of our people,” the Premier told guests during the function.
During his speech to mark the 29th Independence Anniversary, the Prime Minister acknowledged the tremendous contribution of the people of Malaita to the development of Solomon Islands in all sectors and fields of development.

“You see them from the most humble of duties to the highest level of leadership in commerce, religion, politics, government administration, statutory organizations, state owned enterprises and community leadership.”
“This is an achievement worthy of admiration and something that all Malaitans should be proud of,” Mr Sogavare said.

“On behalf of the people of this country, I would like to take this opportunity to formally thank the people of this great province for your contribution in building our country,” Mr Sogavare told a gathering of more than 30 thousand people.
The Prime Minister also took the moment to announce some of the major projects that will be undertaken at the province.

The following major projects are lined for Malaita. The Bina harbour deep sea port and related development project; the Auluta basin Palm Oil development; the Leili Island Tourism project; the Waisisi Palm Oil Development project; the proposed Suafa Bay Marine and Fish Port Development; the Malaita Cattle Rehabilitation Project, the government’s Rural Development focusing on the delivery of rural public goods, infrastructure, and innovation in agriculture.

“A number of these projects are hampered by land disputes and tribal differences. I would like to call on all responsible landowning tribes to please put the interest of Malaita first and quickly sought out your differences to allow these projects to kick off for the good of the province.”

“In fact the government shared the view that the key to defusing the tension that is still hanging around us from the events of 2000 is to prioritize the program of creating more jobs and investment opportunities on Malaita. For this strategy to work it needs the unreserved cooperation of every Malaitans, nothing less than that”, he said,

"I am a staunch believer in the ability of Malaitans to achieve. You have demonstrated that ability in other provinces.
All you need to do is to exert the same level of commitment as you do now in other provinces but this time on Malaita”, Mr Sogavare said.

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Solomontimes News Online
10 July 2007
By Genesis Kofana

The Prime Minister's Office has confirmed that arrangements are being made to have Julian Moti sworn in as Attorney General despite the suspension imposed by the Public Service Commission.

The PM's press secretary, Deli Oso was quoted in Radio New Zealand international stating that Moti's swearing in was supposed to be held yesterday but had to be cancelled in the last minute because of the visit by New Zealand's Foreign Affairs Minister.

The press secretary told the media that the swearing in will now be held at the Government House at 2 o'clock this afternoon.Sources have revealed that Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare wrote a strongly worded letter to the Permanent Secretary of the Public Service Department, Ishmael Avui instructing him to immediately lift the suspension order imposed by the Public Service Commission on Moti's appointment.

It is understood that Mr. Avui had contacted the Chairman of the Public Service Commission on advice from the PM. The Chairman of the Public Service Commission advised Avui that by writing the letter to lift the suspension, he would be acting in sub-ordination as the power to lift the suspension rests with the Public Service Commission.

The Chairman then told the Permanent secretary that the Commission did not delegate the power to lift the suspension to him either.

The Solomon Times has not been able to determine whether Mr. Avui has written the letter to lift Moti's suspension. Sources close to the Public Service Commission stated that if the Government House went ahead to administer the swearing in of Moti, it would be totally unconstitutional.

There is also a court case pending in the High Court from the Government challenging the suspension imposed on Moti by the Public Service and the High Court has not heard the case yet.

According to the High Court, the court would not hear the case until after the court of appeal hands down its decision on the Primo Afeau's case challenging the Government's decision to terminate him as Attorney General.

The High Court has explained that the issues involved in both cases are very similar and it is necessary to wait until the Court of Appeal hands down its decision on Afeau's case.
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SIBConline News
18:58 hrs

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has called on all Solomon Islanders to value and protect Solomon Islands sovereignty at all cost.

Mr Sogavare made the call in a national address at the 29th national independence anniversary celebration in the Malaita Provincial capital, Auki last Friday. He said the protection of the nation’s sovereignty was a national responsibility and anything short of that would be considered treasonous.

The Prime Minister said Solomon Islands ‘political independence and sovereignty’ were being seriously undermined by Solomon Islanders own carelessness about their nationhood.

Mr Sogavare said Solomon Islands need to develop a sense of national pride because there are people who are willing to sacrifice the country's independence and sovereignty, choosing rather to support foreign agendas in Solomon Islands.

He said he believed Solomon Islands would only move forward if Solomon Islanders put aside their ethnic, political, social and professional barriers and work together.

Mr Sogavare said there must also be a common understanding amongst the various arms of the government on matters of national interest to ensure consistency in the appliance of national laws to situations.
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18:46 hrs

Malaita Province is humbled by the responsibility and confidence shown in his provincial government and the people of Malaita by the National government in hosting the National Trade Show and country's 29th Independence celebrations.

In his official independence remarks, Premier Richard Na'amo Irosaea said his government is thrilled with the overall outcome of both national events. Premier Na'amo said the national government, organising committees and stakeholders of both events are highly commended for organising such successful celebrations.

He said the people of Malaita province especially community leaders and people who participated in both events were the driving force behind the success of this year' National Trade Show and Independence.Mr Irosaea reminded fellow citizens not to forget the lessons learnt during the past 29 years of our nationhood.

He said the pain of the social unrest and the natural disasters experienced during the country's short history must now equip us to future challenges that face Solomon Islands.

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Monday, July 09, 2007

SIBConline News
12:22 hrs

The Grand Coalition for Change Government plans to hold a national reconciliation ceremony involving all the provinces during next year's Independence anniversary celebrations.

Announcing the plan during last week's independence anniversary speech, Prime Minister Mannaseh Sogavare said the process of establishing the Truth and Reconciliation Commission is progressing well.

Mr Sogavare assured the nation that the government is fully committed to address the peace process.He said the bona fide demand of the people of Guadalcanal, and the resolutions of the Guadalcanal and Western Province Leaders Summit are being taken up seriously.

Mr Sogavare said with reconciliation progressing well on Guadalcanal, his government is committing additional budgetary support to the Ministry of Peace to address reconciliation also on Malaita.

The Prime Minister said his government is committed to serve the people of Solomon Islands and nothing will shift its commitment from the peace process.
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SIBConline News
12:19 hrs

A ten year old boy has gone missing in Auki Malaita on Independence Day.

The boy's uncle, Wilson Adiomea says his nephew left his grandparent's village at Maoro for Auki to meet up with his parents on Independence Day, Saturday the seventh.

The parents were coming from Fulifoe to Auki to meet up with their son but he didn't turn up. He has been missing since then.

The boy's name is Wrigley Toi, he is part Kwara'ae and To'obaita, and is from Fulifoe Village in North Malaita. He had come to Maoro village with his sister to stay with their grandparents during the National Trade and Cultural Show in Auki.

Mr Adiomea says the family has informed local police in Auki about the incident and police had advised them to make a media statement on the matter.

He appeals to the general public in both Auki and Honiara to report any information on the whereabouts of his 10 year old nephew.
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SIBConline News
17:45 hrs

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has assured the country that his Grand Coalition for Change government is committed to uphold the laws of Solomon Islands.
He was speaking at the country's 29th independence anniversary celebrations at the Malaita provincial capital, Auki last Friday. Mr Sogavare said although some decisions and actions of his government could be seen as controversial, they were done within the country's laws.
He said government's responsibility is to protect the sovereignty and independence of the country even when it needed to compromise to accommodate a foreign intervention.On the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands, the Prime Minister said there were times when his government disagreed with the mission on important national issues.
But he said RAMSI deserves the country's unreserved commendation for bringing peace and stability which allows government to implement its policies."I must admit at times we are at odds on important national issues .
The government takes that as a sign of healthy relationship premised on the principal of partnership. May I assure the people that government will allow nothing that will undermined the safety and security of its people in its dealings with RAMSI."
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SIBConline News

17:42 hrs

A former MP has endorsed the call by Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare that landowners on Malaita need to open up their land for major development projects.

In a statement, Alfred Sasako urged Malaitans to see themselves as Solomon Islanders in the 21st century.

Mr Sasako said Malaita’s strong attachment to land could be contributing to a lack of development on Malaita.He said it is time Malaitans reassess and redefine their association to the land.

Mr Sasako quoted a leading American civil rights campaigner, Michael Meyers who told Australian Aborigines a week ago that unless land is something that makes us meaningful human beings, it has no value.He said this is what Prime Minister Sogavare is saying to Malaitan landowners that land holds little value unless it is turned into something that will make them meaningful human beings, free to interact with the rest of society.

He urged Malaitans to get out of the miserable conditions and cargo cult mentality that held them hostage for many years and get into the 21st century.
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SIBConline News
19:24 hrs

Solomon Islands face an uncertain future in the wake of recent political unrest and April’s Tsunami.
Anglican Bishop of Malaita, Dr Terry Brown told the Australian Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Queensland last month.Dr Brown said churches and a small but growing civil society can help the country mature into a stable self-sufficient democracy, but first it had to overcome a number of formidable obstacles.
He said the “biggest challenge” facing the country is the prevention of ethnic violence. The risk of clashes between immigrant Malaitans and residents of Guadalcanal are great and criminal activity by gangs is on the rise.
Meanwhile, Dr Brown said “environmental destruction of the Solomons is going ahead at full pace, especially in the logging and fishing sectors.He said the current rate of logging is unsustainable as “up and down Malaita, the loggers go in and, working in 24-hour shifts, can remove all the timber in an area in a week.
Dr Brown said the government seldom collects fees or issues permits for the work and the operations are shrouded in mystery and it is not clear that the Ministry of Natural Resources even knows what is happening.
He said similarly exploitation of the ocean continues” with poaching and over-fishing across the island chain having depleted fishing stocks.
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SIBConline News
18:41 hrs

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has used the occasion of the Independence Anniversary to formally thank the people of Malaita province for their contribution of building the country.

He said the economy leading to independence was predominantly derived from copra and timber established on alienated land throughout the country.Mr Sogavare said it was the untiring and unselfish efforts of a Malaitan labour force than enabled the country to sustain an export industry to support the country in its formative years.

He said Malaita labour force continues to play an important role in all sectors of the economy."You see them from the most humble of duties to the highest level of leadership, in Commerce, SOE', religion, politics, statutory enterprises and community leadership.

This is a an achievement worthy of admiration and something that all Malaitans should be proud of. In fact Solomon Islands as a country has yet to accord the recognition appropriately due to the people of Malaita for their effort and contribution in preparing the country economically for independence."
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SIBConline News
18:42 hrs

Malaita landowners have been urged to open up their lands for national development projects that are earmarked for the province.

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare says a number of major development projects are planned for Malaita, but they are hampered by land disputes.

Mr Sogavare calls on all responsible landowning tribes to put the interest of Malaita first and quickly sort out their difference to allow the projects to kick off.

He says government believes that the key to defuse the tension that is hanging over the country from the events of the ethnic tension is to create more job and investment opportunities on Malaita.

The Prime Minister says the government needs the unreserved cooperation of Malaitans.
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SIBConline News

A senior Malaita leader Leonard Maenuu has suggested that light industries would be appropriate for Malaita Province.

He says these are developments that the people will do in their villages, rather than bigger developments that draw people to one centre.Mr Maenuu says an example of such development is the Langalanga people building ships in their communities.

He says normally ships are built in shipyards.Mr Maenuu says this kind of development spreads out the bad effects of pollution and people themselves do it, instead of working for others.

"The need for Malaita would appear to be power supply, supply of electricity enough to enable people to do furniture making at their homes, or as shipbuilding in Langalanga there is power supply available. So if the province and the national government consider this, people can do many medium size industries, and there would be no need for multi-national corporations."

Mr Maenuu says the effects of multi-national corporations often cause harm to the communities.
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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Oceaniasports.com News

The Bilikiki Boys from Solomon Islands are once again OFC Beach Soccer Champions after beating Vanuatu 5-3 after a pulsating encounter on the winter-blasted North Shore in Auckland today.

In a dramatic afternoon`s action at Narrow Beck beach Solomon Islands held their nerve as Vanuatu mounted a stirring comeback after falling 2-0 behind within minutes of the kickoff.Vanuatu's hopes were alive and kicking when they pulled back the deficit to 4-3 until chief goal predator James Naka struck a decisive fifth goal for Solomon Islands that quashed any hopes of a comeback and sent fans of the Bilikiki Boys into a state of delerium.

Solomon Islands victory means a second successive OFC Beach Soccer Championship title and a return visit to the glamorous Copacabana for the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup - Rio de Janeiro 2007.In the earlier game, New Zealand in their first ever Oceania event defeated Tahiti 5-3 to take third place.

"This tournament has been an overwhelming success," said OFC General Secretary Tai Nicholas, "We wanted to introduce this format of football to the New Zealand football public and we have heard nothing but positive feed back. We (OFC) are delighted with the outcome and potential of this form of football to make an impact in New Zealand."

Tournament sponsors such as Cue Sports Foundation, Lotto, Ole Ole.com, North Shore City Council, Vuksich and Borich expressed an interest to be involved in future editions of this tournament.OFC Beach Soccer Championship - New Zealand 2008 will be shifted to February next year in the North Shore as part of an agreement to be signed between North Shore City Council and OFC to have the event in the city until 2010.

"We are drawing a line in the sand, if you like, about establishing a permanent base for beach soccer in the oceania region. I'm sure the tournament will continue to grow and the North Shore City Council's attitude towards helping us that aim has been nothing less than outstanding," Nicholas said.
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Friday, July 06, 2007
SIBConline News
18:05 hrs

Governor General Sir Nathaniel Waena and Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare will be attending the country's 29th anniversary of independence in Auki, Malaita tomorrow.

Both leaders will leave Honiara for Auki by plane early tomorrow morning.The official celebrations will take place tomorrow July 6th. Celebrations have been moved forward a day earlier from July 7th, the date when Solomon Islands attained nationhood from Great Britain.

This year's independence anniversary celebrations have become the first official ceremonies held outside Honiara since the country gained independence in 1978.SIBC understands that thousands of people from Malaita are now in Auki to take part in various activities tomorrow to celebrate the occasion.

Prime Minister Sogavare will be the official guest in tomorrow's celebrations.

Malaita Premier Richard Na'amo Irosaea and Prime Minister Sogavare will jointly host tomorrow's official function to mark the occasion.The official Government delegation also includes a number of Cabinet Ministers and other senior officials.Both the Governor General and the Prime Minister are expected back in Honiara tomorrow afternoon.
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SIBConline News
18:00 hrs

Security and police operations in the celebrations in Auki, Malaita is reportedly smooth and trouble free.

Provincial Police Commander Malaita, Johnly Kanabae'a has confirmed that his office has not attended to any major law and order related problems since the official opening of the National Trade Show last weekend.

Superintendent Kanabae'a says like in any other huge gatherings, there are minor offences committed, which the police continue to deal with on a daily basis.He says Police have arrested a few people with minor offences such as sale of kwaso and theft.Apart from that there are no major problems, adding that he is pleased with the current police operation and the level of security.Superintendent Kanabae'a says Auki police has been boosted by officers from Honiara and RAMSI personnel who are helping out in the Auki operation.

He assures the general public in Auki of tight security until the National Trade Show and Independence celebrations are over.The Provincial Police Commander appeal to every body celebrating this year's National Independence at Auki and other parts of Solomon Islands to cooperate and enjoy this year's National events with the true spirit of national unity,and peaceful coexistence.
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    • 17. FUGUI, Dudley
    • 18. GALASAU, Noel
    • 19. GERENIU, Collin
    • 20. GULIOA, George
    • 21. IKA, Silas Phillip
    • 22. HUNUEHU, Helen
    • 23. IDU, Francis
    • 24. KAO, George
    • 25. KETEI, Allan
    • 26. KINIOU, Aaron
    • 27. KWALU, Jerry
    • 28. KWATOO, Tony
    • 29. LUITOLO, Steven
    • 30. MAEKWARE,Tom
    • 31. MANATE'E, Wesley
    • 32. MANUSALO, Nelly
    • 33. MISIBINI, ALick
    • 34. MISIBINI, William
    • 35. MISITE'E, John
    • 36. OTTO, Steven Jude
    • 37. RAU, Ishmael
    • 38. SALEMANU, Martin
    • 39. SIARANI, ANDY
    • 40. SUABULU, Gray
    • 41. TEGEROBO, Moses
    • 42. TOITO'ONA, Joan
    • 43. TORILOFA, Frank
    • 44. UGULU, Primo
    • 45. VAJAH, Jimmy

    • 1. MAE, Paul
    • 2. BUTAFA, Emanuel

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