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Friday, August 31, 2007

SIBConline News

Commander of the Participating Police Force PPF, Denis McDermott, has strongly rejected allegations that RAMSI is deploying extra troops and police without consulting relevant Solomon Islands authorities.

The allegations were contained in a letter signed by Police Commissioner Jahir Khan and addressed to the Prime Minister.The allegations were published in the local print media early this week.

Mr McDermott expressed surprise at the allegations, saying they were misleading and not true.The PPF Commander said he was disappointed that the Commissioner had not raised any of these issues with him directly.
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RAMSI Does Not Withhold Information on Guns

RAMSI media release
by Jeremy Miller
on Thu, 30/08/2007 - 6:10pm.

RAMSI Special Coordinator, Tim George, today said claims that RAMSI was withholding information on the presence of weapons in the community were simply not true.
Speaking in response to comments made by the Prime Minister in Parliament on Tuesday, Mr George said that neither he nor his two predecessors as Special Coordinator had ever said that all weapons had been recovered.
“RAMSI has been and always will be completely open about the security situation in Solomon Islands,” Mr George. “We have no reason to withhold such information. In fact it would be counterproductive to do so.”
Solomon Islands and RAMSI have a very good story to tell on disarmament as almost 4000 weapons have been surrendered Mr George said.
“However, no one in RAMSI is interested in luring Solomon Islanders ‘into a false sense of security,’ as the Prime Minister appeared to suggest to Parliament on Tuesday.”
While the incidence of gun-related crimes is now quite rare in Solomon Islands, Mr George said RAMSI was acutely aware of the risks that still remain.
“A tragic reminder of just how real these risks are came in 2004 when shots were fired at two of our Pacific Island contingent members and a short time later, a young Australian police officer, Adam Dunning, was shot dead.”
To this day, these members of the Regional Assistance Mission remain the only victims of serious gun-related crimes to have occurred since RAMSI’s arrival four years ago.
Mr George also expressed surprise at the Prime Minister’s assertion that RAMSI was the primary enforcer of law and order in Solomon Islands.
“The focus of RAMSI’s Participating Police Force (PPF) has changed since RAMSI’s arrival and for several years now the PPF’s efforts have concentrated on working in partnership to strengthen and rebuild the Solomon Islands Police Force. Again, good progress has been made in this area, but the Government and RAMSI still have a lot more work to do to ensure the Solomon Islands remains a peaceful nation,” he said.
Any information that RAMSI receives on the possible presence of firearms in the community is automatically shared with the Solomon Islands Police Force as part of this partnership Mr George said.
“Like all other areas of the mission, RAMSI continues to work in partnership with the Solomon Islands government and people on the issue of disarmament.”
Mr George urged anyone who had information about the possible presence of weapons in the community to come forward and provide that information to the police.
“It is only by working together that we can hope to make Solomon Islands a safer place for everyone.”
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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

SIBConline News

A Honiara resident William Wane supports a call by the Central Honiara M-P, Nelson Ne'e on the development of China Town in Honiara.

Mr Wane says Indigenous Solomon Islanders must now be given the opportunity to develop China Town.He said the Government needs to empower its own economic base by having confidence in it's indigenous population in order to strengthen its economic base.

He said Solomon islands current economic base has been controlled more by Chinese than Solomon Islanders.The Honiara resident said if Solomon Islanders are assisted, they will take on business challenges and at the same time, help eliminate poverty.

He suggests that the national government look again at its development policies, and place indigenous Solomon Islanders in an environment conducive to business opportunity.
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Monday, 27 August 07, 09:52 PM
photo Geoff Dickinson Photography

Solomon Islands triumphed 4-0 over Tonga thanks to two-goal hero Commins Menapi. The veteran striker was in deadly form in front of goal despite the heroics of Tonga goalkeeper Kavakava Manumua who had a strong match.
Another fine performer was Henry Fa’arodo, the dreadlocked wide midfielder at the centre of Solomon Islands devastating attacks. Fa’arodo added the third for Solomon Islands on 51 minutes. Another New Zealand-based midfield man Alick Maemae capped off a satisfying afternoon for his team with a neat shot inside the penalty area on 66 minutes.

Solomon Islands were never threatened at the back but were made to work hard as Kamaliele Papani showed some deft touches in an otherwise busy midfield. Papani, though, was no match for a dynamic midfield run by Alick Maemae and George Lui with the pair at the heart of all Solomon Islands creative moves.

Tonga rarely threated Fred Hale's goal with the back four of Samson Takayama, David Taro, George Suri and Marlon Houkarawa proving a more convincing combination than in Solomon Islands preparation matches.
Tonga, for their part, showed impressive strength, work-rate and endeavour but rarely any creative moves that possessed a rapier thrust though coach Kilifi Uele was happy enough with the player's collective efforts.
Solomon Islands not sit on top of Pool B with a 100% record and their place in the semi-finals looks all but assured with matches against Vanuatu (Saturday 1st September, 1430hrs GMT-13) and Samoa (Monday 3rd September, 1230hrs GMT-13).

Tonga's next match against rivals Samoa (Wednesday 29th August, 2030hrs GMT-13)is now a must-win for both teams if they are to retain any realistic interest in a semi-final berth.
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SPG: Soccer Day 2

Tuesday: August 28, 2007
(Oceania Flash)

The big boys of Oceania football maintained their 100% winning records today with Fiji, New Caledonia, and Solomon Islands all recording victories.

Meanwhile, in the all-Samoa derby, it was the host nation led by Chris Cahill who won through comfortably against a gallant yet ultimately beaten American Samoa by 7-0.

Solomon Islands triumphed 4-0 over Tonga thanks to two-goal hero Commins Menapi. The veteran striker was in deadly form in front of goal despite the heroics of Tonga goalkeeper Kavakava Manumua who had a strong match. Another fine performer was Henry Fa’arodo, the dreadlocked wide midfielder at the centre of Solomon Islands devastating attacks. Fa’arodo added the third for Solomon Islands on 51 minutes. Another New Zealand-based midfield man Alick Maemae capped off a satisfying afternoon for his team with a neat shot inside the penalty area on 66 minutes.

The shock of the day occurred when Tuvalu held New Caledonia to a respectable 1-0 defeat despite losing their first match 16-0 to Fiji on Match Day 1. Tuvalu coach Toakai Puapua declared himself satisfied with the result. “This was important for us to win back some pride and our team is very happy with the performance and result. The goal came from a mistake by our goalkeeper but otherwise we are happy,” Puapua said. New Caledonia coach Didier Chambaron was less than happy with the result and performance but could point to the tragic death of Marius Mapou’s father just two days beforehand – a huge shock to the entire squad.

Fiji sit on top of Pool A after a hard-fought 4-0 win over a highly organized and disciplined Cook Islands. Osea Vakatalesau scored from the penalty spot after 18 minutes. Cook Islands were reduced to ten men when Daniel Shepherd was sent off for a second bookable offence on 39 minutes. Fiji’s Taniela Waqa blasted a ferocious free kick past the Cook Islands wall from 25m giving Cook’s goalkeeper Tony Jamieson no chance. Josaia Bukalidi (62’) and Malakai Kainihewe (83’) rounded off a satisfying evening for Juan Carlos Buzzetti and his team. Cook Islands coach Tim Jerks was disappointed with the result and felt the score line flattered Fiji. “I would’ve accepted 2-0 before the match and felt the team played to instructions, they were disciplined and well-organized, I was very proud of them,” Jerks said.

In the battle between host nation Samoa and arch-rivals American Samoa it was the hosts led by Chris Cahill who reigned supreme in an entertaining match watched by a crowd of just over 2,000. Penitito Tumua opened the scoring after 24 minutes with talented striker Desmond Faaiuaso adding a second on 29 minutes. Skipper Chris Cahill scored Samoa’s third on 43 minutes. Tumua grabbed his second goal on 51 minutes with Damian Fonoti (61’), Chris Cahill (67’) and Junior Michael (76’) completing a satisfying night for the host nation.
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SIBConline News

The National Parliament ended its current meeting today, three weeks since it started August 7th.
A total of six Bills were passed including the Supplementary Appropriation Bill, The Magistrates Court Amendment Bill, The Correctional Services Bill and the Prescription of Ministers Bill.The other Bills include the State-owned Enterprises Bill and the Prescription of Privileges, Immunities and Powers of Members of Parliament.
A planned motion of no confidence in the government was withdrawn over legal implications.A number of other motions were also tabled and discussed, with all government backed and sponsored motions passed, one private members motion defeated while another was withdrawn.
About ten audited reports on various government ministries and departments were given to Parliament as well as annual reports of ministries and some statutory bodies.
The next meeting is expected to be held towards to end of the year, which will be the Budget meeting.
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SIBConline News

Minister for Education, doctor Derick Sikua has blamed the former Allan Kemakeza government for anomalies in the awarding of tertiary scholarships for the year 2002 to 2006.
The anomalies appear in a special audit report on the Ministry of Education Tertiary Scholarships, which was presented to parliament today.Dr Sikua said when he assumed the post of Permanent Secretary to Education in 2003, the national training committee was taken from the Ministry to the Office of Prime Minister.
He said as a result, the awarding of scholarships was a one man decision.He said at that time, scholarships were given to anybody who turned up at the door.Dr Sikua said he took the post of Permanent Secretary on condition that the national training committee was returned to the Education ministry.
He said in the five years, the Ministry experienced budget over-runs and poor performance from students.Dr Sikua said he had predicted that the situation would continue until last year.
He said, he also predicted that starting this year onward, the system would be cleaned up because those questionable students would have either graduated, or fallen on the way side due to poor performance.
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Tuesday, August 28, 2007
PPF disappointed by Khan Allegations

RAMSI Media Release
Submitted by Jeremy Miller
Tuesday 28 August 2007

The Commander of the RAMSI Participating Police Force (PPF), Denis McDermott, has strongly rejected misleading allegations that RAMSI is deploying extra troops and police without consulting with the relevant Solomon Island authorities.

The allegations, contained in a letter signed by the new Solomon Islands Police Commissioner Mohammed Jahir Khan and addressed to the Prime Minister, were published in the local media today. Mr McDermott expressed surprise at the allegations, saying not only were they not true but that he was disappointed that the Commissioner had not raised any of these issues with him directly.

“I have always been very open with the Commissioner and have made it very clear that I am very keen to have a transparent, efficient and positive working relationship from the top to the bottom between the PPF and the Solomon Islands Police Force (SIPF),” Mr McDermott said.

“I am a part of the Solomon Islands Police Executive and I attend senior officer group meeting most Wednesdays and Fridays.”

Mr McDermott said it was simply not true that additional troops had been brought into the country ahead of the expected motion of no-confidence as alleged in the letter signed by the Commissioner.
“The troops that arrived were part of the normal rotation of military personnel that has been occurring since the deployment of the mission in 2003.”

Mr McDermott said the policing plan for Operation Parliament had been developed as a joint PPF-SIPF exercise which had been signed off by Commissioner Khan two days before Parliament commenced.

“On the same day Commissioner Kahn also wrote to me formally requesting the assistance of the PPF and RAMSI’s military contingent,” Mr McDermott said.

“It is therefore very puzzling to me, that the Commissioner should have signed a letter suggesting the opposite,” Mr McDermott said.
He said contrary to the claims in the letter, the Commissioner had as early as June 21 been provided with a detailed written and oral briefing from the then head of the PPF, Commander Will Jamieson.

Commissioner Khan and Commander Jamieson then signed a detailed Service Agreement between the Solomon Islands Police Force and the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands’ Participating Police Force regarding the call out of Participating Police Force and Combined Task Force (military) to assist the Solomon Islands Police Force.

Mr McDermott said that since his arrival he had also prepared a briefing both for the Commissioner and for the Cabinet if they so required.
“Unfortunately Mr Khan has chosen to leave the country for 17 days so the briefing will now have to take place on his return,” Mr McDermott said.

Another assertion in the Commissioner’s letter that 30 AFP officers from Queensland were being dispatched to review ‘riot cases which had failed in court’ was also completely untrue Mr McDermott said.

“There are no officers due to come from Queensland into the mission at this time and we have no plans to review the riot cases.

“What has been agreed in consultation with the commissioner is that some of the police due in from the Victorian Police Force will concentrate on reviewing unresolved cases from the ethnic tensions and other matter such as sexual exploitation of Solomon Island children.

“Again, as on all of the above matters, I have consulted the Commissioner in detail,” Mr McDermott said.
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SIBConline News

The Malaita Provincial government has cautioned the people and government of Solomon Islands to thread carefully on the issue of State Government.

Malaita Premier Richard Na'amo Irosaea said recent problems faced by the country stemmed from discontentment over the weakness of the Central Government system and highlights the need for greater reconciliation among people and provinces.

He said the process of national reconciliation must first and foremost involve all provinces in Solomon Islands.He said that for any meaningful reconciliation within the country to happen, it must be based and founded on truth and honesty.

The Government Communications Unit says the premier further emphasized that as a country, it is important that Solomon Islands study and take into account the cost of the proposed systems of government and assess its capacity to absorb the cost for now and into the future.

He stressed that Malaita Province is not against the State Government System but that any government system to be adopted must ensure that it leads to the improvement of livelihoods of the common majority of the people of Solomon Islands.
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Friday, August 24, 2007

By Jeremy Miller

In 2006, an estimated 200,000 strong St Kilda beach crowd witnessed a new entrant in international triathlon.

“My run leg was very slow. I was coming last because I was so tired, so the people in the crowd shouted out my name, ‘Will-ey, Will-ey, Will-ey!’ So I started to get faster. I was very proud of myself. It was the biggest race of my life.”

Racing in an event like the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games Triathlon is a big moment for any triathlete. For Willy Bosa, a 21 year old Solomon Islander, it held even more significance. Twelve months before being cheered on, he and his two team mates had never even heard of triathlon, and his country was just beginning to emerge from a civil war where guns ruled the street.

Willy is part of a small but growing number of Solomon Islanders taking up triathlon. They are embracing a new sport that offers not just the excitement of international competition, but an opportunity to lift both their confidence and themselves out of a cycle of poverty that permeates this troubled tropical paradise of coconut palm fringed beaches.

The story of the three man team from Solomon Islands competing in the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games captured the hearts of Australians and the rest of the Commonwealth nations. The team were quickly dubbed “Cool Runnings”, likening their difficult journey to reach the Commonwealth Games to a film about a West Indian bobsled team training for the Winter Olympics.

For Willy, Stanley Ofasisili and Marcus Forau, it was the first time they had ever swum in a pool, run with proper running shoes or ridden on fancy hi-tech bikes, and the first time they had competed against professional elite athletes including current or past world champions.

Remembering the first time he entered a swimming pool in Australia Willy says, “it was very hard to swim straight, to follow the black line on the bottom of the pool. We had only ever swum in the ocean”.

Triathlon was introduced to the Solomon Islands in early 2005 by two Australians, Ross Andrewartha working with an AusAID forestry project and Garry McKenzie working as a civilian advisor with the Australian-led Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) which arrived to restore law and order in 2003.

Ross has learnt the local pigin language and has an obvious gift with his new young protégées, making them feel at ease with the new sport, and keeping them motivated to train hard.

“We never intended it to be more than teaching people how to swim in our spare time, but the guys loved it and we both wanted to put something back into the sport”, said Ross.

“Fitness is not a problem and the Solomon Islanders are fantastic in the water. They are great divers because they hunt for fish – and in some cases even crocodiles. It’s more about getting them to go horizontal!” he says with a laugh.

“They’ve just never been taught and only know how to dog paddle. So we have to start with blowing bubbles”, he said. When they first began swimming lessons, they had six people, then it was 24 and now they have a committed squad of nearly 30 people training three mornings per week at Kakabona beach, the world’s deepest swimming pool (minus the black lines).

Stanley Ofasissili, another member of the 2006 Commonwealth Games team was amazed when he first read about triathlon in the newspaper. “I couldn’t believe that after the swimming leg, which I thought was hard, that you had to ride, and then run. That’s hard!” he said.

The common theme for Solomon Islands triathletes and coaches alike is that the sport offers an opportunity to break the cycle of high youth unemployment and social dislocation in Honiara, where young people are locked out of any opportunity to move ahead in the ramshackle capital of Solomon Islands.

The youth population has exploded with 70% of the population aged 29 years or less. During the recent conflict, government and the education system collapsed, and many young adults simply missed out on four years of schooling. In Honiara alone, over half the population is in paid work. The result is too many people with too much testosterone, too much spare time, and little to look forward to. Marijuana and Kwaso (the local illegal ‘moonshine’) fill the long hours of the day and into the night.
Maxon ‘The Crocodile-Man’ Ala (famous for his part time job of catching 2-3 metre long crocodiles as a way to earn a little extra income) was an early convert to the sport in 2005 and is now Vice-President of Triathlon Solomon Islands.

“Before triathlon, I used to sleep late. Now I wake up and have energy. I think in the future all Solomon Islanders must compete in triathlons. That is my vision” he says with a twinkle in his eye.

“So many people here have a criminal background and spend all their time drinking Kwaso and smoking marijuana. We need to bring these people into triathlon.” he said.

Diana Buaga, 23, comes from a family of 13 and is the first female recruit to triathlon. In a country where female participation in sport is just another obstacle Solomon Islanders must overcome, Diana has become a dedicated athlete. Diana is planning to be the first female triathlete to represent the Solomon Islands at Samoa for the 2007 South Pacific Games.

“I like swimming and riding – but not running”, she laughs. “And competing with the boys is really hard!”
While enthusiasm is in large supply, wide-spread poverty means that resources for the sport are not.

One morning during a major race one of the boys fainted. When Patricia, Ross’s partner asked him what was wrong he said he hadn’t eaten for two days because his family didn’t have any food in the house.
“The poverty here is very real”, Ross said.

Few of the team have their own set of goggles let alone the latest in carbon-fibre bike technology, air cushion shoes or even swim suits.
“It’s laughable really, some of them are training with heavy mountain-bikes with front shocks and knobbly tyres that stick to the road like glue. Others have old racers that remind me of the first bike I ever had”, Ross said.

Ross devotes much of his spare time as the President of Triathlon Solomon Islands team searching for funds to better equip the team and send them overseas to compete.

Through various connections he has been able to source donated equipment such as kick boards and goggles. These resulted from a fund-raising effort by Caulfield Grammar School in Melbourne after Penny Barrington from the school read a Melbourne Herald Sun on the Commonwealth Games ‘Cool Runnings’ team. Ross has also recently secured AUD$ 16,000 sponsorship deal from ANZ Solomon Islands to cover the costs of taking a four person team to compete at the 2007 South Pacific Games in Samoa.

“Getting them to international events is always difficult because they would never be able to afford the expenses themselves. That’s why sponsorships like ANZ make all the difference”, Ross said.

“In 2006, by the time we got the team to Melbourne after three months of training on the Gold Coast, we had $93 in the bank”. Luckily, some friends and generous companies like The Hatlar Group (Melbourne-based environmental consultancy) and URS got together and raised the money needed to get them to the opening ceremony.

“Now we want to focus on raising funds to take a team to Noosa Triathlon in November for those that don’t get to make the four spots for the South Pacific Games.

The ITU is taking a keen interest in the Oceania Region and sent Kathy Sheldrake from New Zealand last year to investigate the sport’s development opportunities within the Solomon Islands. As a result, two triathletes will attend a regional coaching course in Fiji in June, as well as participate in the Fiji National Championships.

Brian Hinton and Libby Burrell also ITU delegates are actively involved in assisting at a strategic level and are fully supportive of the efforts to expand the sport across the region.

Stephen Farrell, the Triathlon New Zealand High Performance Director, at the time of writing, is busily organising equipment donations from New Zealand which will mean the squad can move to a new level in preparation for the major 2007 events.
Ross says it has all been worth it.

“Seeing the personal growth in these young Solomon Islanders is incredible. It’s probably the best thing I’ll ever do. Taking these boys from learning to swim at Kakabona beach to walking into the MCG side by side for the opening ceremony is something I’ll never forget.” “Sport is only part of the change in these young Solomon Islanders”, Ross said. “It’s also about the personal growth, increased confidence and self-belief that I’ve seen”.

He cites Willy, a shy 19 year old when he first joined the squad.
“Since coming back from the Commonwealth Games he’s got his first job, a driver’s licence, a mobile phone and he calls me up at 5 AM to find out about training. You can’t put a value on that type of growth – and it’s happened in just two years.

Willy and Maxon, along with five of their team mates have found jobs through their association with triathlon, and have learned that sport is a great way to achieve things in life.

If you’d like to find out more about Triathlon Solomon Islands or would be interested in supporting the team with donations, contact Ross Andrewartha:
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SIBConline News

Plans are now underway to further boost the development of Bina Harbor National Project in West Kwaio on Malaita Province.

A delegation from the Solomon Islands Ports Authority led by the General Manager Ngenomea Kabui, Director Engineering William Barile and Bina Harbour Project Officer Stephen Oru visited the proposed Bina Harbour project site last week.

During the visit they also had the opportunity to meet with local leaders of the three Landowners Association and the Malaita Provincial Government in a meeting held in Auki, Malaita's Provincial Capital.

Government Communication Unit says Government wants the Bina Harbor National Project to recommence and has mandated the Ministry of Commerce and Industries and the Solomon Islands Ports Authority as the executing agencies.
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SIBConline News

A concept paper on a sub regional standby force for four Melanesian countries will be discussed at a security meeting in Lae, Papua New Guinea next week.

The idea, according to Papua New Guinea's high commissioner to Fiji, Mr Peter Eafeare, was first mooted in the 1980's by the then PNG Prime Minister, Sir Julius Chan, when his defence force was asked to quell violence in Vanuatu.

Mr Eafeare told PACNEWS the rapid military force is to respond initially to the security needs of the four Melanesian Spearhead Group MSG countries - Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, .He said details of its composition, location, process of consultation and funding will be thrashed out by senior official of the four countries when they meet in Lae next week.

He said the standby force would respond to four areas. These are in times of national disasters, threats to law and order, transnational crimes and sovereignty issues.

Fiji's new police chief, Commodore Esala Teleni will share Fiji's peacekeeping experiences with the United Nations, Bougainville and the Regional Assistance Mission in Solomon Islands. Likewise, heads of defence forces from PNG and Vanuatu will present papers on their overseas peacekeeping commitments.
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SIBConline News

The High Court today acquitted former South Guadalcanal war-lord Harold Keke of seven counts of murder, in relation to the death of 10 Kwaio men from Malaita, in the Weathercoast of Guadalcanal in 2001.

The High Court however convicted Ronnie Kawa, a former commander of Keke to one count of murder.Keke was initially charged with eight counts of murder, but was reduced to the seven counts he was acquitted of today.

The 10 Kwaio men had went on a mission to hunt down Keke and his followers in jungles of South Guadalcanal.

Both Keke and Kawa are already serving mandatory life sentences for the murder of former South Guadalcanal MP, Father Augustine Geve in 2002.
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Malaita Provincial workers told to vacate houses

Solomonstar News

ABOUT 16 Malaita provincial employees have been given notices to vacate the provincial quarters they are living in by today.
A letter to the employees dated August 16 said employees must vacate houses owned by the province to allow provincial ministers to move in.The letter said this is to enable the ministers perform their duties effectively.
However, most tenants who received the letter described the provincial government’s move as “inhumane”.
“This is a very short notice and if we vacate the houses now we will have nowhere else to go,” a tenant said.The same letter was sent to the provincial police commander to take action against those who failed to vacate the provincial government houses.
However, tenants said employees with villages near Auki would have no problem but those from South, North and Eastern regions would face great difficulty securing a house at such short notice.
Tenants said provincial ministers in past governments usually reside in their villages therefore, this was the first time for them to face such a situation.
Attempts by Solomon Star to talk with the premier or any member of his executive were unsuccessful yesterday due to telecommunication problems.
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Mishaps in scholarship allocations

Solomonstar News

A REPORT now before Parliament underlines very serious mishaps in the allocation of scholarships.

This was done to the extent of awarding students, previously terminated, scholarships.Chairman of Public Accounts Committee Seth Gukuna said he wanted to table the report in Parliament to bring to the attention of leaders the growing abuse of public funds.

He said often reports are produced then left to gather dust in the shelves.“I want MPs to look at the reports and debate them to avoid abuse in the future,” he said.

PAC’s report on the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development Tertiary Scholarship Programme now before Parliament is among four reports that will be tabled next week.Like many other audits, the education report on tertiary scholarship contains serious breakdown in financial management and poor record keeping.It found that poor monitoring of students’ activities resulted in the continuation of awards to those previously terminated from a prior award.It also found that students are overstaying, swapping programmes without prior approval and ineffective prioritisation of scholarships.

Other areas the report exposed are:n ineffective scholarship selection,n approval and monitoring owing to the lack of written guidelines,n poor record keeping practices andn lack of documentation to support decisions made.n poor financial management resulting in overpayments to students and tertiary institutions,n inconsistent awards of allowance paid,n payments for inappropriate expenditure andn inadequate documentation to support.

It also found preferential treatment and subjectivity in awarding some scholarships limited monitoring of poor performance students.PAC demands that the ministry provides them with a copy of the National Skills Training Plan as soon as it is received.It also wants the ministry to work on a National Education Plan that equitably benefits provincial or technical needs of the country.

PAC also wants a bond system for students who have completed their training introduced.
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Foreign Investment Growing In Solomon Islands
Thursday: August 23, 2007
Government Communications Unit)

The Solomon Islands Foreign Investment Division has released its 2007 quarterly report. The report shows that business investment and employment in the Solomon Islands has continued to grow.

A further 30 new foreign companies and individuals invested in the Solomon Islands in the second quarter of 2007, bringing the total number of new foreign investors to a record level of 143 since the new Act commenced in July 2006.
The value of planned investment in the second quarter of 2007 is approximately $600 million, increasing the total of planned investments since the commencement of the new Act to $2.3 billion. The value of planned investments was only $315 million over the same period before the new Act came into force.
This represents an increased investment rate of seven times that of the old Act.The Minister noted that foreign investment is helping to strengthen the Solomon Island economy and reduce its dependence on logging. Planned investment for the forestry sector accounts for 7 per cent of total planned investments.
Planned investments in other sectors has increased, with foreign investment records showing that mining accounts for 42 per cent, communication 21 per cent wholesale and retailing 5 per cent, and other services 10 per cent of total planned investments.
The economic impacts of these substantial investments will create more jobs, and more revenue for the Government to spend on social services. The Minister said that he is satisfied with how the new Act is performing and he added that the Government will continue to pursue other reforms to improve the business environment and remove constraints to doing business in Solomon Islands.
The Minister explained that a SOE Bill has now been passed by Parliament this session and a number of Bills are being prepared for the December 2007 sitting including, a new Companies Act, a new Trust Act, a Special Economic zone bill, Work and Residency regulation and Secured Transaction legislation. This will improve some of the difficulties been experienced in doing business in Solomon Islands which will further attract more foreign and local investment.
The Minister also stated that other pro business reforms are gaining momentum, in particular the proposed abolition of most local business licenses, a rural business skills training programme, expansion of financial services, and on-going tax reforms.
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SIBConline News

Solomon Islands Students who have been recalled from Laucala campus because of poor academic performance last year, must be reinstated immediately.

This is one of the conditions in a petition from the Solomon Islands Government-sponsored students in Laucala Campus, Fiji, to the Minister of Education dated 15th August.

In the petition, the Solomon Islands Students Association SISA added that any courses withdrawn or failed at the end of semester two 2007, must not be counted against the students for termination of scholarship by the National Training Unit.

The student body call for the immediate reinstatement of students who failed last year.They said their failure was not entirely of their negligence of study but caused by the problems associated with the late payment of their allowance by the government.

The student association said there is evidence of correlation between late allowance and poor academic performance.
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Thursday, August 23, 2007

SIBConline News

Parliament member for North Malaita, Enele Kwanairara has confirmed writing a letter to ex-militants in prison, asking them to expose leaders who gave orders, organised resources and planned the raid of the Police armoury in 2000.

He also confirmed having made visits to ex-combatants in prison to organise a reconciliation between them and members of his own family who were intimidated and threatened during the tension period.In a statement, Mr Kwanairara said it was during those visits that the prisoners shared their anger and frustrations on issues of justice and fairness.

He said the prisoners were angry and felt let down by taking punishment whilst the big fish are enjoying freedom. Mr Kwanairara said it was against this context that he wrote a letter to the prisoners and asked them to expose the names of leaders who were involved in the events of 2000.

He said he had to write the letter because Prison authorities had stopped him from making further visits.

The North Malaita MP said the letter was part of efforts for him to free his people from taking the punishment they do not deserve.He questioned why government is disturbed about his letter if they had done nothing wrong.

Mr Kwanairara said he hold grudges against no one, and is not fearful by the issue because he believes truth and justice will prevail.
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SIBConline News

There is nothing wrong with the letter distributed by East Honiara M-P in Parliament, says West New Georgia Vona Vona MP Peter Boyers.
MP Boyers was speaking in response to accusations that the Opposition is using ex-militants as attempts to topple the Sogavare-Government.
East Honiara MP, Charles Dausabea had distributed copies of a letter allegedly written by Leader of the Independent members of Parliament, North Malaita MP, Enele Kwanairara to two prison inmates in January this year.The letter had sought information from the two inmates regarding the events of the 2000 ethnic unrest.
Mr Boyers however told Parliament that the letter only shows that an M-P was seeking knowledge on events surrounding the 2000 coup from ex-militants.He said he doesn't find anything wrong with the letter's intent as this is the question of all Solomon Islanders.
Mr Boyers said it is common knowledge that former militants talk to both the government and the opposition because of discontentment and feelings that they had been used.
The West New Georgia Vona Vona MP also said that the Opposition had advised former militants not to use the Opposition and vice versa. He said while former militants are guilty of rough crimes committed during the ethnic unrest, they have a right to voice their concerns.
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PM’s attack on foreigners ‘shameful’

Solomonstar News
FORMER Prime Minister Sir Allan Kemakeza yesterday described as shameful Prime Minister Sogavare’s accusation of foreign elements.
Sir Allan said Mr Sogavare hated foreigners but yet he has been advised by a foreigner - Julian Moti.Speaking at the Motion of Sine Die yesterday, Sir Allan said he could not understand why Mr Sogavare hates foreigners but was advised by a foreigner.“Look on your right...who is there?”
Sir Allan asked when making reference to Mr Moti who sat next to the PM in Parliament.
“Shame to have a foreigner sitting next to you,” Sir Allan said.Mr Sogavare was bitterly disappointed with what he described as continued interference by foreigners into domestic politics.
At the same time, Sir Allan claimed in Parliament that the Governor General Sir Nathaniel Waena is on his way out.Sir Allan shockingly revealed that he had heard from the “horse’s mouth” that Sir Nathaniel will be removed.
When the Minister of Finance Gordon Darcy Lilo made a point of order and requested Sir Allan to reveal his source, Sir Allan said:
“The one told to replace him.”
He revealed that chairman of the Public Service Commission (PSC) Edmund Andersen was the person who told him. Mr Andersen has been at odds with the Government over the Julian Moti issue.He even wrote to the Opposition at the beginning of the current session that the Public Service Commission does not recognise Mr Moti’s appointment as Attorney General.
Meanwhile, Sir Allan said it was also a shameful thing for any parliamentarian to try and get rid of the Speaker Sir Peter Kenilorea - the father of the nation.“You are the founding father,” Sir Allan said.
The former PM made the statement in relation to Sogavare’s comment on the Speaker during the heat of the debate on the Motion of No Confidence on August 10.
Mr Sogavare told Sir Peter to excuse himself or he would be forced out in a vote. But the Prime Minister yesterday said: “I have appropriately apologised and it’s been laid to rest.”
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Solomonstar News

THE Solomon Islands Bar Association has asked that Attorney-General Julian Moti steps down and returns to Australia to face the allegations against him.

The association - the professional body for lawyers in this country - at its recent annual general meeting unanimously resolved that:
(a)Moti, Q.C. be requested to step down from the post of Attorney-General until the outstanding charge against him is resolved;
(b)Moti, Q.C. return to Australia to defend the charge against him under the Crimes (Child Sex Tourism) Act of Australia.

The association said a letter bearing the resolution had been delivered to the Attorney-General’s Chambers on 13th August. But the association has yet to receive any response from Mr Moti.

Speaking to Solomon Star last night, Mr Moti said the matter is now with his lawyers.Mr Moti said he forwarded the letter to his lawyers in Papua New Guinea and Australia for legal advice and guidance concerning the content of the Bar Association’s letter.

He was awaiting their response, he said.Mr Moti said: “I trust that the Bar Association will take due cognisance of the legal significants of the SIG’s questionnaire to the Australian Government and resist hasty action whilst answers to the legitimate queries are still pending.

“I can assure the Bar Association that their concerns will be allayed in due course without the necessity for my stepping down from my post.”Mr Moti denies the charge Australia wants him extradited to face. He says it was long ago dismissed by a Vanuatu court.

Meanwhile in its annual general meeting, Solomon Islands Bar Association elected a new executive for the next 12 months.The members of the new executive are:

Frank O. Kabui, C.S.I., C.M.G. O.B.E. - President;
Rodney Kingmele - Vice-President;
Louise Kleinig - Secretary;Charles Levo - Treasurer;
Ken Averre - Member;Jean Gordon - Member;
Andrew Radclyffe - Member.
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USP Petition to be Addressed Accordingly: Anga


A petition submitted to the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development in Honiara by government-sponsored students at USP in Suva, Fiji will be addressed "accordingly".

Permanent Secretary Barnabas Anga said the Ministry will respond to the petition accordingly. Students issued the petition following continuous delay by the government to pay book and living allowances.

The petition raised a number of issues in relations to the allowance matter, with the demand that government respond by the end of this month.Meanwhile, students in USP have confirmed receiving their allowance early this week.

One of the students, in an e-mail to Solomon Times, stated that while it is a huge relief for the students many are still awaiting the last portion of last semester's allowance.

"The thing is, our allowance from last semester was not paid in full, and many of us owe friends and landlords money from last year" the student said. "I hope the government can also look into the outstanding allowance".

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LKP Sponsors Men's Basketball Team

Solomontimes News

The Solomon Islands Men's National Basketball Team got a huge boost to their Pacific Games campaign with a sponsorship from LKP Hardware.

The Men's Basketball team coach, Ryan Burns, stated that he is proud to be working in partnership with LKP Hardware. Through the sponsorship arrangement, LKP Hardware has provided the Solomon Islands Men's National Basketball Team with uniforms, T-shirts and bags.

"This is great for our team" said Head Coach Ryan Burns. "It is great to have a strong Solomon Island business supporting a great Solomon Islands basketball team" said Coach Burns.

"We are looking forward to Samoa and thanks to LKP Hardware we now have the final items that we need to be successful at the South Pacific Games" Coach Ryan Burns expressed his deep gratitude for the help stating that the help would go a long way in advancing basketball in the country. Coach Burns also personally thanked everyone at LKP Hardware for their support.

The Men's Basketball Team has been training for the past 8 months in preparation for the games. The fantastic result in their Australian tour has boosted the confidence of the team going into the Pacific Games in Samoa.

The Men's National Basketball team will have to dig deep when they take on hosts Samoa in their first game.

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SIBConline News

East Honiara MP, Charles Dausabea has distributed copies of a letter allegedly written by Leader of the Independent members of Parliament, North Malaita MP, Enele Kwanairara to two prison inmates in January this year.

Parts of the letter were written in the Toaba'ita dialect of North Malaita.Mr Kwanairara is alleged to have written the letter to inmates, named Patty and Jim, asking them to assist him in getting information about the raid of the Police armoury in June 2000.

The letter is alleged to have urged the two inmates to help the M-P with information about the involvement of some leaders in the government in the June 2000 coup.

The letter did not name Mr Dausabea nor the Prime Minister.But the East Honiara MP had told Parliament the letter was seeking information about him and the Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, another letter believed to have been written to Mr Dausabea by the inmate named Jim was also produced to members of Parliament.Jim had asked Mr Dausabea to find a To'obaita man to interpret the earlier letter.Jim had alleged that Mr Kwanairara made three visits to him in prison this year.

He said he told the North Malaita MP that both Mr Dausabea and the Prime Minister were innocent.The letter alleged that in his last visit, Mr Kwanairara had asked Honiara lawyer Lesly Kwaiga help him convince Jim into making fabricated stories about Mr Dausabea and the Prime Minister.

Jim in the letter warned the East Honiara MP not to listen to Mr Kwaiga, saying he is a threat to the government.Mr Dausabea distributed the letters to M-Ps yesterday afternoon following legal advice from the attorney-general.
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SIBConline New

Deputy Commissioner of the Solomon Islands Police Force Walter Kola says he was annoyed that the use of tear gas at parliament house on April 18 last year were fired late and not earlier as he had expected.

Giving evidence to the Commission of Inquiry into the April 18 riots in Honiara 2006, Mr Kola, who was then the Police Commander for Honiara City, said the tear gas was not fired until they had three casualties.

Deputy Commissioner Kola told the inquiry that the situation at that time was dangerous as not only police were targets of stones being thrown but also the parliament building.

He said the crowd used women and children to go in front of the building asking for the new Prime Minister elect to come out and tell them that he was resigning.Mr Kola said the people were shouting - kill RAMSI, shoot the RAMSI officers but not the local officers.

He said the reason for this was that the Participating Police Force were assisting the local police to escort the new Prime Minister elect out of parliament.

Meanwhile he said the Director of the National Intelligence Unit had told them in a briefing before the election of the Prime Minister that threat assessments of the situation was low.He said if the police had prepared well the situation would have been dealt with at that time.
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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Solomonstar News

SOLOMON Islands students studying at the University of the South Pacific in Suva, Fiji have finally received their much-awaited allowance.

Secretary to the Solomon Islands Students Association Matilda Dani told Solomon Star yesterday that the money has arrived on Monday into the association’s account.Mr Dani said the association would be distributing it into the students’ accounts this week.

The students have been without their allowance for the last three weeks following the delay in processing the money.The frustrated students have also gone to the extreme of signing a petition demanding the payment of allowances be made before August 31.

The petition signed by most of the 300 government sponsored students was sent to Minister of Education Dr Derek Sikua.

The students in their petition said: “The practice of paying our allowances late whether intended or otherwise in the last semesters up to semester 2, 2007 has adversely affected our studies.”

“Hence, there is a direct correlation between late allowances and poor academic performance.“This is because the late payment off allowance affects every part of our lives from buying textbooks and stationary to renting accommodation and spending for basic necessities.”

The students said textbooks are normally sold out in the first week of classes and often they have to wait to buy the second batch of orders from the bookshop.“This further prolongs our time to catch up on readings,” the students said in their petition letter.

“Two weeks without textbooks and other study implements is difficult enough to catch up apart from the psychological trauma our students have to endure.”

On the housing rental market two weeks without allowance could mean facing the threat of eviction, the students said.A concern mother and student told Solomon Star from Suva over the weekend that the situation would get worse if there is continuous delay.

Already some students are resorting to eating breadfruit and mangrove pods because of lack of money.“Imagine students who have families, they are really affected,” she said.

However, it is believed that with the allowances now paid students would now be able to smile again and concentrate on their studies.
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SIBConline News

A move by Central Honiara MP Nelson Ne'e to re-alocate the China Town land to indigenous Solomon Islanders has been described as another outrageous attack on the Chinese community.

President of an association of victims of the April 2006 riots, Moon Pin Kwan says in a statement that no land in China Town was undeveloped prior to the 2006 April riots.

Mr Kwan, a former Central Honiara MP, says the empty spaces in China Town would not be there if the riots did not take place.He says China Town was a victim of politics.

Mr Kwan said he is satisfied with the explanation given to Parliament by the Minister for Lands that the local planning scheme for China Town has been approved in December last year but could not be implement as there are matters left to be sorted out.He says China Town landlords have waited so long for clearance to rebuild their land.

Mr Kwan said the Chinese community needs the support of people like Mr Ne'e to rebuild China Town for the good of the country.
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Tuesday, August 21, 2007
Team Solomons farewell today

Solomonstar News
21 August, 2007

THE send off for the South Pacific Games contingent has been moved forward to 3pm today at Lawson Tama.

National Olympic Committee of Solomon Islands (NOCSI) president, Charles Dausabea said the first charter flight to Samoa will now leave 11am tomorrow.

Originally the farewell was supposed to take place tomorrow afternoon.
Governor-General Sir Nathaniel Waena, Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare and Minister of Sport Bernard Giro will farewell the 310-membercontingent.

Competitors and officials involved in the send off come from the 20sports going to Samoa.

Dausabea said the first group will leave tomorrow direct to Samoa onon an Our Airline Boeing 737-300.

The plane will carry another group to Samoa on Thursday.

“The remainder will travel on the scheduled Our Airline flight on Friday morning re-routed Honiara-Tarawa- Apia,” Dausabea said.
WEDNESDAY - The sports and officials confirmed to board the first charter flight
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16:45 hrs

Parliament has passed the Ministers Prescription Amendment Bill 2007.

The Bill sought Parliamentary approval to increase the number of Ministers to 23 instead of the current 20.This bill when enacted will allow the government to have 24 ministers including the Prime minister.

Opposition bench had argued that the bill will enable government cling to power and it will cost about 6-million dollars each year to have additional three ministers and ministries.But the prime minister, and the government bench argued that the bill is necessary because of the changing time and the need to have separate ministries to better serve the people.

The Prime minister said, there will be no additional expenses incurred as allocations in the budget will be shifted to cater for the new ministries to be created.Mr Sogavare had brushed aside concerns that the bill will make sure the government stays in power.

He says there are other 26 MPs in the opposition and backbenchers who can decide on which side of the house they would support.
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SIBConline News

Opposition Leader Fred Fono has denied allegations that the Opposition group is encouraging former militants to press complaints to Police against the Prime Minister and East Honiara MP, Charles Dausabea.

Speaking in parliament this morning, Mr Fono also asked Mr Dausabea to distribute to members of Parliament copies of a letter he claimed as proof that the Opposition is using certain former militants for political gain.

Mr Dausabea yesterday showed that letter to parliament when he raised the issue which he said was of concern to him.The Speaker ruled that the East Honiara make available to MPs, copies of that letter.But Mr Fono said the letter was not made available to MPs, and urged the MP to honour the Speaker's ruling.

Mr Fono denied the allegation, saying it really tarnishes the Opposition group in Parliament."Although we may be categorised as evil, Mr Speaker Sir, let God judge us not man to judge us. And I call on the MP for East Honiara to distribute that letter. yesterday.

Whatever the content of that letter, it is the person who wrote that letter and not the whole Opposition group. Let that be the message for us in Parliament and the nation - that we have no part in whatever that strategy or what ever the content of that letter we have at no time discussed that."
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HONIARA, 18 Aug 2007:

Solomon Islands drew 1-all with Queensland Roar in the third and final match in Brisbane last night.

Waitakere and O' League golden boot winner, Commins Menapi scored when he nodded in a Stanley Waita cross from the right flanks.

Waita stood in for Henry Fa'arodo Jnr. who had to return to his Richmond Club to play his final match for them before he joins the rest of the team again to prepare for the campaign in Samoa.

Head Coach Airton Andrioli described the match as evenly fought and praised his boys for putting up a valiant fight against the Roar.

He says the boys had a couple of chances in the first half which if scored would have finished off the match.

Benjamin Totori who played upfront alongside Menapi had a bad evening as his chances were off target.

Andrioli says Roar equalized in the second half and held on for a draw.
Despite of the draw, the national coach says he was extremely happy with the boys and is confident if they have this same positive attitude with them, they should do well in Samoa.

Meanwhile, the Solomon Bonito team will return on Sunday and join the rest of the contingent on two chartered flights to Samoa on Wednesday.
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SIBConline News

Police in Honiara have arrested a man and a woman believed to be of African origins.

The pair were arrested last Friday night in Honiara for being in possession of stolen traveller’s cheques, credit cards and passports.

Police Media Office says the couple came to the notice of Police on 13th August, when they cashed American traveller’s cheques for large sums of money. A police investigation revealed that the traveller’s cheques had been stolen some years ago.

The media office says a police search of a room occupied by the pair at a hotel in Honiara found that each suspect had eight passports in various names, 25 credit cards in different names and a large amount of cash in various currencies as well as stolen traveller’s cheques.

Police are working with International police in an effort to establish the true identify of the couple. The 30 year old man and the 34 year old woman are facing various charges including four of money laundering and four counts of false pretence.

They have been remanded in custody to appear in the Honiara Magistrates Court on Monday 27 August 2007. Assistant Commissioner Crime Operations Jackson Ofu said this was the first case of money laundering in the Solomon Islands.
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SIBConline News

Parliament this morning passed the Correctional Services Bill 2007.

The Bill was moved by the Minister for Police, National Security, Justice and Legal Affairs Isaac Inoke.It will replace the former Solomon Islands Prison Services Act.

Mr Inoke said the Bill takes the country to a new approach to prison services and have correctional institution standards internationally recognised.He said the Bill also recognises the human rights of inmates.

Meanwhile, Opposition Leader Fred Fono says while he support the Bill, there are certain areas of concern.He said these include weekend visits by inmates to relatives, the non separation of juvenile jails and the restriction on members of the Correction Institutions from joining trade unions.

But the Police, National Security, Justice and Legal Affairs Minister Mr Inoke said these concerns are taken care of under the Bill.
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SIBConline News

East Honiara Member of Parliament Charles Dausabea has accused members of the Opposition for using former militants to fabricate information to the Police against him and the Prime minister.

Mr Dausabea raised the issue in Parliament this morning, showing a letter which he said was written by a member of the Opposition.He claimed that a former militant admitted to him last week, that he was carrying out orders from people in higher places.

Mr Dausabea said he's surprised certain members of Parliament had to resort to unusual techniques to tarnish other members' images just to get rid of the government.He called on members of Parliament to refrain from such actions and let the police carry out investigation on evidences rendered freely.

He says the floor of Parliament is where governments are elected and ousted, not through unwarranted schemes.

Speaker of Parliament Sir Peter Kenilorea has asked Mr Dausabea to distribute copies of the letter to other members of Parliament.
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Monday, August 20, 2007

SIBConline News

Parliament yesterday passed a motion seeking parliamentary approval that it abides by the rules of the British and Northern Ireland House of Common.

Member of Parliament for Temotu Nende Patteson Oti moved a motion that with the absence of privileges, immunities and powers of Parliament and its members, Solomon islands Parliament should adhere to the House of Common regulations.

The motion also asked the Parliament Speaker and Clerk to appoint a committee comprising both government and Opposition members to be part of a committee getting views from people before drawing up the regulations.When presenting the Motion Mr Oti said Parliament members have never had a proper privileges, immunities and powers regulation.

Under the motion, the Speaker of Parliament will choose among members of Parliament a committee which will get views from MPs and the public of what should be included in the regulations concerning MPs privileges, immunities and powers.
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SIBConline News

Solomon Islands Government-sponsored students at USP in Suva, Fiji have petitioned the Minister for Education over government's delay to pay their living and book allowances.

The petition is demanding a response from the Minister by the end of this month on a number of issues raised in relations to the allowance issue.

Walter Nalangu reports:"The petition was signed by close to 300 Solomon Islands students and sent to the minister by e-mail on Saturday.

It was put together based on resolutions reached following their meeting last Wednesday.

Among points raised in the petition, the students are demanding that SIG-sponsored students recalled for poor performance in semester one of 2007 be reinstated for studies immediately.

The students stated in their petition that their failure was related to the government's continuous delay in paying their book and living allowances.

They also demand that the National Training Unit must not count any courses withdrawn or failed by students at the end of semester two this year, towards termination of scholarships.

They stated that there is a direct correlation between allowances and poor academic performances. SIBC News has not been able to get the minister to comment on the students' demands. However, it was understood that government has already made arrangements for payment of the allowances in question.

The National Training Unit last week said the Central Bank was processing the transfer and students were expecting to their allowances by last Thursday.
Walter Nalangu, SIBC News".
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18:05 hrs

A former planning adviser to the Honiara Town and Country Planning Board has expressed disappointment and anger at the way the Minister for Lands and Physical Planning has dismissed the former board.

Alan McNeil claims that the government has appointed a new Honiara Town and Country Planning Board without giving due notice to the previous members of the Board.

He says the appointment and dismissal were a slap in the face to transparent and accountable governance because they were made without consultation with residents of Honiara.

The former Planning advisor says he has absolute confidence that the majority of members of the former Board served the interests of the wider community and not themselves. He says the members represented the true interests of the grassroots of Honiara, by approving only those developments that satisfied good planning principles, and rejecting bad developments.

Mr McNeil says bad developments include commercial use of land that were supposed to be reserved as public land for all Solomon Islanders, such as the Heritage Park Hotel development on the former Government House land, and the shopping centre development at Town Ground.

He said these refusals by the former Board have since been overturned by the Minister of Lands, and the residents of Honiara will eventually lose these public spaces that have been well used for decades for informal cultural and sporting activities.

Mr McNeil says the big losers in this "reshuffle" are not the previous Board members, but the residents of Honiara.
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Friday, August 17, 2007

SIBConline News

A former police detainee says government should rehabilitate people discharged after spending a long time in detention.

David Faramoa, who spent nearly three years in detention says a lot of detainees developed psychological trauma, and need counseling and rehabilitation to enable them get back to normal life.

Mr Faramoa says a lot of former detainees have been left to struggle on their own, without any form of assistance from Government to re-start their normal lives.

While appealing for government assistance, the former detainee says government must not confuse former militants and former detainees.He says former detainees are those arrested and held in detention but were never convicted, as opposed to former militants who were members of an unlawful organisation.
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Thursday, August 16, 2007

SIBConline News

Speaker of Parliament Sir Peter Kenilorea has ruled that the no confidence motion in the Prime Minister, submitted to Parliament by South Malaita MP, William Haomae is inadmissible.

Mr Haomae had submitted notice of the no confidence motion three hours after the first motion by Edward Huniehu was withdrawn last Friday.Speaking in parliament this morning, Sir Peter said he based his decision on standing order 36-three which shows the motion to be out of order because it attempts to raise specific questions which parliament had already taken a decision on.

He said the East Are'Are MP, Edward Huni'ehu's no confidence motion of last week raised questions similar to matters raised in Mr Haomae's motion.

Standing order 27-three-G gives the Speaker provision to return a motion to the member as inadmissible.

"These two motions are essentially one and the same. Notice of the new motion was submitted three hours after the first motion was duly disposed off by this house. Both motions are proposed by the same group of members presumably for the same reasons.

However, this group of members withdrew their first motion on the basis that they propose waiting for the pending court cases to be determined.

No such determination has yet to take place and it is unlikely to happen in the near future. In light of this observation, there is clearly no change in circumstances between the first motion and the one submitted by Haomae.

And, for this reason, I am inclined to rule that the subject matter of both motions is substantively the same, and as such the new motion contravenes the same question rule and is therefore disqualified."
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Fataleka wins Malaita Cup

14 Aug 2007:

Fataleka has won the Malaita Cup making it the first team outside of Auki to have won this competition.

It beat regular finalists, Central Kwara'ae 2-0 in the grandfinal to take the Malaita Cup.

Both teams cruised to the finals after they defeated their opponents in the semifinals to set them up for a mouth watering final this afternoon.

Malaita FA president Derick Taka says Fataleka with inclusion of Honiara-based players in Batram Suri, Nelson Sale and company drew only one of their pool matches to lead their group B

According to Taka, the Fataleka team has vowed it will win the competition and make it the first team outside of Auki to win the Malaita Cup.

Fataleka qualified for the grandfinals after thrashing West Kwaio 7-0 while Central Kwara'ae had the narrowest of win beating rivals Auki/ Langalanga 1-0 in extra time.

Meanwhile, Auki Langalanga won the third place playoff beating West Kwaio (4-0) prior to the grand final match.

Presentation of prizes to the winners was done straight after the grand final.

The prizes are:

1st Fataleka - $3,500 + trophy
2nd Central Kwara'ae - $2,500
3rd Auki/ Langalanga - $1,500
4th West Kwaio - $1,000
Consolation prizes

1. Fairest team - Baegu Asifolo

2. Player of the Tournament - Fred Tahi (West Kwaio)

3. Golden Boot - Ezra Sale ( 6 goals of Fataleka)
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Wednesday, August 15, 2007
Hospital robbed, outpatients closes

SIBConline News

KILU’UFI Hospital closed its outpatient for two days after items worth thousands of dollars were stolen from the hospital’s shade.

Malaita Provincial Health director Dr Rex Maukera told Solomon Star that those stealing from the hospital showed that they did not appreciate the services it is providing.

Thieves broke into the hospital shade on Saturday night and stole two lawn mowers, slasher, wheelbarrow and several litres of fuel.They also took timbers for scratches in the physiotherapy department, Dr Maukera said.

“Despite the little we have people continue to steal them and last weekend’s incident was an example,” Dr Maukera said.

Following that incident the hospital decided to close its outpatient on Sunday until the items are returned. Only emergency services were available during then.

He said the decision to close hospital’s out-patient was to send a message to the public and those involved in the illegal activities that the hospital would no longer tolerate such attitude.

“This hospital belongs to everyone and when someone steals it affects the whole hospital,” the director said.

“It is disappointing to see people stealing from the hospital – a place where people can get help when they are sick.”

The hospital’s outpatient was only reopened Monday afternoon after police with the assistance of the community and hospital staff recovered most of the items on Monday morning.Dr Maukera said only the fuel was not recovered.

However, he warned that such activities must now stop.“People should have a sense of ownership for such property and must respect the property of the hospital,” he said.
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Airline back in air with another jet


SOLOMON Airlines was yesterday back flying international services using a Boeing 737-200 operated by Australian charter airline OzJet.

But the Government-owned airline now faces possible legal action over its failure to pay for the Embraer 170 jet leased from another Australian airline, SkyAirWorld.

SkyAirWorld said it is continuing to charge Solomon Airlines for the E-170 jet now sitting on the ground in Brisbane. SkyAirWorld grounded the 76-seat E-170 on Friday, saying Solomon Airlines failed to make payments for leasing it.This stopped Solomon Airlines operating international flights Brisbane-Honiara-Brisbane and Honiara-Nadi (Fiji)-Honiara.

Solomon Airlines now switching to an OzJet plane has angered SkyAirWorld.It says the Solomon Airlines agreement to lease the E-170, which began in May, is for a minimum of three years.SkyAirWorld chief executive David Charlton told the Solomon Star last night that he was not told about the changes Solomon Airlines made.

“I contacted them every day but they never respond,” he said in reference to Solomon Airlines’ management.Mr Charlton said since the grounding of the E-170 on Friday they have continued to charge Solomon Airlines.

They will continue to do so for the next three years if Solomon Airlines breaches the agreement, he said.He did not rule out legal action, saying SkyAirWorld will look at all possible options.Mr Charlton has declined to say how much Solomon Airlines owes it. But it is believed to be substantial.It has also emerged this was the second time SkyAirWorld had grounded the E-170 because Solomon Airlines had not paid lease fees.

The previous grounding Solomon Airlines blamed on a technical problem.Finance Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo told the Solomon Star yesterday that Solomon Airlines has now entered an arrangement with OzJet to provide a 110-seat Boeing 737-200.

Mr Lilo also confirmed Solomon Airlines is in deep financial trouble.He described its financial status as “bleeding”.

But the minister is confident that with the powerful new board he has appointed the airline can be revived.The new board is headed by Central Bank Governor Rick Hou and includes former governor Tony Hughes and former Solomon Airlines chief executive Gidoen Zoleveke Junior.

Mr Lilo said one of the factors being looked at is the rights Nauru’s Our Airline has to operate Brisbane-Honiara-Brisbane in competition with Solomon Airlines.

Our Airline uses its 130-seat Boeing 737-300 on the route, as part of a service that also goes to Nauru and Tarawa (Kiribati).
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