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Friday, September 21, 2007

SIBConline News

Government and private offices in Auki township have come under repeated stealing.

Malaita province's labour office is the latest victim in the Auki theft problem.Senior Labour Officer in Auki, Simon Suku told SIBC News that on Wednesday night, thieves broke into his office and removed his computer.

Mr Suku said some people also stole computer equipment recently from his office worth more than twelve-thousand dollars.He said as of last year, the Auki labour office has lost about sixteen thousand dollars worth of computer equipment.

Mr Suku said apart from the Auki labour office, he is aware that the forestry office has had its two way radio stolen.He said the Auluta office has also lost a computer, and other government offices have experienced similar stealing problem.

Mr Suku said the increasing trend of stealing in Auki is becoming a very serious concern and major set back for government offices in the provincial town.

Mr Suku appeals to police to speed up their investigations, and call for the return of the stolen properties.
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Inquiry hears MPs support rioters

Solomonstar News

FOUR Members of Parliament encouraged the crowd to go on the rampage during the April 18 riots last year, the Commission of Inquiry heard yesterday.

The MPs, Charles Dausabea, Nelson Ne’e, Gordon Darcy Lilo and Patteson Oti, also supplied food and drinks to the rioters, the inquiry was told.
Medley Kwalemanu, who provided security for the MPs at the Iron Bottom Sound Hotel last April, made the claim when testifying before the inquiry.He said after Snyder Rini was declared as Prime Minister, the four MPs and those in their camp returned to the Iron Bottom Sound Hotel.
“There, they spoke to the crowd that gathered outside the hotel to go on the rampage and do whatever they wanted to do,” Mr Kwalemanu told the inquiry.
“They also told the crowd to go on protest and demand the resignation of Mr Rini.“They even went to the extent of buying food and drinks for those already protesting outside parliament.
“We bought 16 cartons of biscuits, 15 cartons of mineral water and distributed $700 to those protesting at the parliament,” Mr Kwalemanu alleged.He also claimed that he and others were even instructed to help with the loading and distribution of the goods to the protesters.
“So how do you see the action of these MPs?” one of the commissioners asked.“It is unlawful and an act of corruption,” Mr Kwalemanu replied.
He told the inquiry that the support and encouragement received from the MPs stirred up the protester to go on the rampage.
“These four MPs are the ones who stirred up the violence on April 18,” Mr Kwalemanu alleged.He also told the inquiry that the MPs promised him, and others who were asked to provide security for the Iron Bottom camp, $20,000 each if they win the prime minister’s election.
“So far, that promised has not been fulfilled,” he said.Mr Kwalemanu also told the inquiry that he was one of the campaign managers for Central Honiara MP Mr Ne’e during the last election.
He said during their campaigns, Mr Ne’e always talked about getting rid of Chinese from the country.“During his campaigns, he told the public that he does not want Asians, especially Chinese, in the country.
“He would say that if he wins, he would do everything he can to chase out the Chinese, and replaced them with Indians,” Mr Kwalemanu told the inquiry.
He said Mr Ne’e also publicly expressed his dislike of RAMSI during his campaign, saying he wanted RAMSI out of the country.The inquiry, conducted into the April 18 riots, continues.
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SIBConline News

Two men have been arrested and charged by Auki Police in relation to an alleged damage to the Kilufi Hospital vehicle last Friday.

The arrests followed an investigation into a report by Malaita health authorities after their vehicle was stoned during an emergency run. This resulted in the Kilu'ufi hospital suspending services from its out patient indefinitely from Monday this week.

The Police media office says quick response by Auki Police with support from the community elders resulted in the arrest of two men. The two men in their late twenties from Farau and Faibubulia villages in Central Kwara’ae were remanded in custody and were to appear in court today.

Meanwhile, Malaita health authorities appreciated the quick action by police in apprehending and laying charges against the suspects.The Hospital out patient was re-opened and has resumed services from this morning.
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RAMSI voices concern over basis of proposed review of FIA Act

RAMSI Media Release

RAMSI Special Coordinator, Tim George, has raised four key concerns surrounding a proposed review of the Facilitation of International Assistance Act which provides the legal framework for RAMSI’s presence in Solomon Islands.

Speaking at a press conference in Honiara today, Mr George said he had hoped to raise these concerns directly with the Prime Minister but had not been able to get an appointment to see Mr Sogavare.

He had also hoped to have the opportunity this week to raise the matters behind closed doors during the now postponed Enhanced Consultative Mechanism meeting between the Solomon Islands Government, the Pacific Islands Forum and RAMSI.

Mr George said he welcomed the recent parliamentary debate on RAMSI and the interest taken by the Members of Parliament in the mission’s work.

“We in RAMSI are very happy to talk and work through issues to do with RAMSI at any stage with Membersof Parliament, or anyone else,” Mr George said

However RAMSI had four key concerns.

Firstly RAMSI is concerned that the proposed FIA Act review as outlined by the Attorney General, Mr Moti, in Parliament was not really based on matters of legal substance.

“The Attorney General’s Memorandum of Advice is a very flawed and muddled document which in a number of cases strays into areas of policy,” Mr George said.

The Memorandum contained a number of misconceptions about RAMSI, about the FIA Act, and also about the nature of the partnership with the Solomon Islands Government, Mr George said.

“It also raises a number of matters that are not relevant to the Act and identifies a number of policy issues that have already been worked through very well and received close scrutiny during the Forum review process.

“The memorandum reveals a negative mindset towards RAMSI,” he said.

“What does concern me, is the fact, and the prime minister made this clear, that the forthcoming review of the FIA Act will be based on this memorandum.”

Secondly Mr George said that in recent months there had been a serious lack of transparency surrounding the government’s intentions with the FIA Act which ran counter to the spirit of the Solomon Islands Government-RAMSI partnership.

“In July we were told that the Attorney General was planning to challenge the FIA Act in the Court of Appeal and that he would brief us; that has never happened. We still do not know the status of this initiative.

“Then without any prior notice or consultation with RAMSI, the Attorney General’s dubious memorandum was presented to parliament as the basis for a review of the act.

“Last week we learnt through the media that the Government was intending to hold a workshop for MPs on the proposed review of the act even before the Forum RAMSI Review processes were complete,” Mr George said.

The Forum processes provide a very constructive way forward for RAMSI and Solomon Islands and indeed covers the range of issues that have been raised by members of Parliament, Mr George said.

“We had been very encouraged by the Government’s commitment to the Forum process. It is therefore deeply disappointing that this week’s ECM (Enhanced Consultative Mechanism) meeting could not go ahead as planned,” he said.

Thirdly, Mr George said he was concerned the proposed review of the FIA Act runs the risk of cutting across the Pacific Islands Forum Taskforce Review process. The just completed Forum Review was a process initiated at the request of the Solomon Islands Government, following closely the terms of reference proposed by the Solomon Islands Government he said.

“The issues that the Solomon Islands Government wished to raise such as an exit strategy, the question of immunities, sovereignty and RAMSI’s accountability have been dealt with quite comprehensively and in full consultation with the Solomon Islands Government in the review,” he said.

It is a report that maps out a very good way forward for the RAMSI Solomon Islands Government partnership Mr George said.

“It include some very positive proposals for improved oversight by the Forum of RAMSI and also some very good proposals to strengthen the partnership between RAMSI and the Solomon Islands Government.

“This would seem the obvious starting point for any examination of RAMSI by MPs or others,” he said.

RAMSI contributing countries also had a strong and very legitimate interest in any moves to change the FIA Act, they should not just be informed of any such plans but engaged in a genuine and through process of consultation he said.

Fourthly, Mr George said he was concerned that there were also mixed messages coming from the Government about RAMSI and its role.

“On one hand we do have a very good working relationship with senior government officials in the areas such as law and justice, economic governance and machinery of government that RAMSI programs are involved in.

“We have also been working very well with the Government’s Special Envoy, Michael Maina and the Forum’s representative to the Solomon Islands, Lesi Korovavala,” he said.

The Prime Minister and other Ministers and Members of Parliament have also made some very positive acknowledgement of RAMSI’s efforts during last month’s parliamentary session.

“At the same time the Prime Minister has accused RAMSI of being a ‘tool’ of Australian efforts to re-colonise Solomon Islands,” Mr George said. “This is simply not true.”

More recently the Prime Minister has stated that RAMSI has ‘grossly undermined’ the laws and systems of Solomon Islands.

“I take strong exception to that comment. RAMSI was asked to help Solomon Islands regain the ability to once again enforce its own laws and systems and that is exactly what we have done.”
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Thursday, September 20, 2007
Pacific Islanders Insulted by Camouflage Comment: Lomaloma

RAMSI Media Release
Thursday 20 September 2007

Pacific Islanders serving in RAMSI had been deeply distressed by Prime Minister’s recent comments that they were simply ‘camouflage’, RAMSI’s Assistant Special Coordinator, Mataiasi Lomaloma said today.

The most senior Pacific Island representative to the Regional Assistance Mission, Mr Lomaloma said that the hundreds of Pacific Islanders who had served in the mission were proud to be part of RAMSI and could not understand why the Prime Minister would want to dismiss their contributions as ‘camouflage’ for Australian foreign policy initiatives.

“While RAMSI is led and mostly funded by Australia, it is also one of the most successful initiatives ever undertaken by the Pacific Islands Forum and this just would not be possible without the contributions of all the member countries,” Mr Lomaloma said.

“We are honoured and we are proud to come and serve in RAMSI,” Mr Lomaloma, a senior Fijian public servant, said.
Pacific Island nations are sovereign states just like Solomon Islands with leaders capable of making their own foreign policy decisions he said.

“We do not just go along with Australia as the prime minister appears to be suggesting.”

“All our nations are signatories to the Bikatawa Agreement, all of our governments made their own independent decision to enter RAMSI. Some of us joined in the beginning other Pacific Island nations have come on aboard at a later date,” Mr Lomaloma said.

Speaking in last month’s adjournment debate, Mr Sogavare accused Australia of having a ‘recolonisation’ agenda in Solomon Islands and went on to say that: I don’t see any genuineness in the intervention in Solomon Islands and the neat thing is, they drag the other Pacific Island countries (in) to camouflage this agenda.”
Mr Lomloma said for the men and women of RAMSI who had left behind their island homes and family to serve in the mission deserved better than this.

“A number of women serving here in the Solomon Islands actually have very young babies you know, some as young as two years old. These ladies have come forward to serve their nation and to come to the Solomon Islands to genuinely try to assist the Solomon Islands.

“To suggest to these people, these nation’s who reached out to a neighbour in their time of need, that we are somehow dancing to a foreign government’s tune is very demeaning, very insulting; I think we deserved a better comment than what the Hon Prime Minister has said.” Mr Lomaloma said.
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Silentworld Sends Triathletes to Australia

Solomontimes Online News

Solomon Islands top ten triathletes will travel to Australia in November to compete in one of the biggest triathlon events in Australia.

Silentworld is sponsoring all costs to get ten triathletes to Australia, including new equipment to match the standard of the international athletes they will be racing against.
An excited Triathlon Solomon Islands Vice-President, Maxon Ala, thanked Silentworld on behalf of all the athletes. He said that international competition was the best way to improve the performance of Solomon Islands' newest sport.
"At the Samoa Games we found that all the other countries sent their triathletes overseas to train and compete. This helps them to do well when it comes to big events like the South Pacific Games", Ala said.
The team of ten was selected based on their race results, attending training and how much work they had put into developing the sport in Solomon Islands.
Silentworld General Manager, Meyric Slimming, said that Silentworld was delighted to give young Solomon Islanders the chance to compete with the best and bring back new ideas to develop the sport in Solomon Islands.
"Silentworld has been impressed by the management and development of triathlon. We are especially pleased to support young men and women who are training almost every day. They are proving that sport and hard work can have a positive impact on their lives and their community. We want to encourage that and support the continued growth and development of triathlon in Solomon Islands", he said.
Triathlon Solomon Islands President, Ross Andrewartha, said that it was a difficult job to select the final ten athletes.
"Triathlon is a sport that demands a lot of hard work and there are currently a lot of new promising athletes, and also many that have been training from the beginning in 2003."
"What we hope to see from going to Australia is that meeting and racing with triathletes from around the world will help people grow in confidence and learn how to improve themselves and the sport."
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By Chris Leua
Govt Media Services

The first consultative meeting between the Guadalcanal and Malaita leaders ahead of the major provincial reconciliation between the two provinces will be deferred for October.

The consultative talks initially scheduled for 20-26 September at Buala, Isabel Province did not proceed as proposed as the agendas for the meeting have not yet been finalised.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of National Unity and Reconciliation and Peace Mrs Joy Kere said the talks would be the first meeting by the leaders of the two provinces at which they will reaffirm their desire and their commitment to the eventual reconciliation ceremony.

“It will be a groundbreaking ceremony, and also the meeting will allow both parties to draw up the timeframe and the planning of the actual reconciliation ceremony”, she said.

The Ministry only facilitates the consultation meetings, however it depends on the representatives of the two provinces to finalise and submit their agenda to the Ministry so that responsible officers can set about organising the meeting, she said.

She said the delay in finalising the the agendas means the proposed meeting will be deferred to a date in October that will be decided upon in due course.

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Govt Media Services

The Minister for Finance and Treasury, Hon Gordon Darcy Lilo has accepted an Australian Government debt relief offer in respect of the Solomon Islands Government outstanding debts to the Export Finance and Insurance Corporation (EFIC) of Australia.

The debt was in regard to an EFIC loan to the Solomon Islands Government in the late 1980s for the purchase of two purseiners - the Solomon Premier and Solomon Chieftain.
Minister Lilo, in accepting the Australian Government debt relief offer, said, “The offer appears very generous”.

Minister Lilo further stated “Considering the circumstances surrounding the initial drafting of the loans agreements which in my view were not done in good faith as highlighted in the Auditor General’s Report on the loan and the March 1998 High Level Talks between the Governments of Australia and Solomon Islands, I would have expected the offer for the debt forgiveness at 100%”.

Minister Lilo said “The Australian Government’s debt relief package is indeed a clear demonstration of its continuing genuine commitment and support to the Solomon Islands and its full commitment to the agreed Minute between the Creditors and the Solomon Islands Government in October 2005 and on a commitment made by the Australian Government in December 2005.

Minister Lilo said it is also a demonstration of the Australian Government’s confidence on the Solomon Islands Government economic reform program and achievements thus far.
Minister Lilo further encouraged the Australian Government to take more active steps to encourage other international creditors to adopt this model in settling their debts with the Solomon Islands Government”.

The Australian Government debt relief offer package comprises 70% debt forgiveness on outstanding loan payments and a waiver on the 2005 and 2006 interest payments on the debt.

The debt relief offer was premised on the Minute on Restructuring of the External Debt of Solomon Islands.
This debt relief is a further reduction on the Solomon Islands national debts, estimated at over SBD15 to SBD30 million.

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Solomons Riots 'Orchestrated And Planned,' Report Finds:

Pacific Magazine
September 19, 2007

A Solomon Islands Commission that investigated the April 2006 riots in Honiara, which resulted in widespread damage and fear among Honiara’s population of Chinese descent, has released its second interim report. Pacific Magazine is running in full the Commission’s Executive Summary:


Second interim report 7th September 2007
Executive Summary
The Commission reports in the interim that:
1. There is evidence that the 18th April 2006 Civil Unrest in Honiara was not spontaneous as was originally claimed but rather the event has the hallmark of having been orchestrated and planned in a broader sense of that word. There is now some evidence connecting the identity of a number of leading politicians, political groups and organisations who had in one way or another contributed to the execution of the planning for a regime change, should the previous government or elements of it return to power. The Commission’s investigation is not at this stage sufficiently convinced it is in a position in which it is proper to name those individuals, political groups and organisations that were responsible for the planning.

2. There is now a clearer picture of the unprepared status of policing on the 18th of April 2006. While the Solomon Island Police Force (SIPF) had the primary legal responsibility for the maintenance of law and order, including the security in Honiara, it was not armed, and the ultimate security of Honiara de facto was under the control of the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands (RAMSI) Participating Police Force (PPF) Combined Tactical Force (CTF).

3. There was clearly a failure in security.

4. There is conclusive evidence that the SIPF had no riot control capability on the 18th April 2006.

5. The PPF had an Operations Response Team (ORT) of about 13 persons trained in riot control.

6. There is some untested evidence to the effect that RAMSI military elements in the nature of the Combined Tactical Force (CTF) were not in Honiara on the morning of the 18th April 2006.

7. The Government of the Solomon Islands may well be exposed to claims for damages and compensation, although the precise extent of that exposure is still to be determined. The Attorney-General is writing a legal opinion that should be available very shortly. The Commission understands a further legal opinion is being sought from an Australian Queens’ Counsel.

8. The Commission is of the opinion, as it is so far advised, that the United Kingdom Riot (Damages) Act 1886 may well be considered an Act of general application, and be part of the law of the Solomon Islands. The state of the law is uncertain, and that is a best guess, until the Commission receives authoritative legal opinion.

9. The reconstruction of Chinatown and areas close to the market may cost an estimated Sixty-nine million, seven hundred and thirty nine thousand, seven hundred Solomon Island Dollars (SBD $69,739,700) and the cost of rebuilding the Pacific Casino Hotel complex maybe an estimated Sixty million Solomon Island Dollars (SBD $60,000,000). There are also some other buildings elsewhere (Auki) that could drive the final bill up another, say, Ten million Solomon Island dollars (SBD $10,000,000).

10. The Solomon Island Government could be exposed to damages in excess of an estimated One hundred and fifty million Solomon Island dollars (SBD$150,000,000), or more.
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SIBConline News

Member of parliament for West New Georgia Vonavona Peter Boyers says government’s decision to boycott this week’s consultations on RAMSI is detrimental to future regional co-operation among Pacific Forum members.

The meeting which was to have been chaired by Papua New Guinea's Peter Eafeare was postponed yesterday for an indefinite period.

But Mr Boyers says the government miscalculated the whole consultative process and didn’t give PNG the chance to amicably find a middle ground for all parties and wasted everybody’s efforts coming here.

He says it seems Solomon Islands government cannot trust PNG as chair, to find a win-win situation for the forum, Solomon Islands Government and RAMSI. He says this shows Solomon Islands fails to respect PNG’s chairmanship on a regional enterprise such as RAMSI where any review must be regional.

Mr Boyers says the real situation in the country is that everyone trusts RAMSI more than the government.He says perceptions about RAMSI differ a lot between what ordinary people think and what government thinks, claiming the government is bent on tarnishing all good things coming out from RAMSI.

The Opposition M-P claims this is happening, because the Prime Minister listens too much to the Attorney General Julian Moti who wants RAMSI out, all at the expense of Solomon Islanders.

He says the Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare’s comments that his concern for sovereignty was in no way undermining RAMSI was laughable. Mr Boyers claims the Prime Minister had no respect for the country’s sovereignty when he requested the PNG Government to whisk Moti out on a P-N-G-D-F Aircraft in October last year.
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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

SIBConline News

Chairman of the third Enhanced Consultation between Solomon Islands, RAMSI and the Pacific Islands Forum, Peter Eafeare has expressed his disappointment with the last minute cancellation of a scheduled meeting in Honiara yesterday.

Mr Eafeare said the meeting had been on the books since early August after it was initially postponed from the 30 August due to the unavailability of some members of the Forum Team. It was rescheduled for September 17.

Mr Eafeare said that the enhanced consultation meets on a quarterly basis and the last was held in June this year.He said the agreement had been given on the 8th of September by the Solomon Islands Government to host the meeting on the 17 of September.

He said all sides had missed a valuable opportunity to discuss matters of great importance to the future of the Solomon Islands' people.

The Forum Team comprised Mr Eafeare, Vaiga Tone, Tonga’s foreign affairs secretary and Edwin Pittman, permanent secretary foreign affairs for Cook Islands.

Solomon Islands postponed Monday's meeting because of a state funeral for the late Sir David Kausimae. But the Forum Team was advised mid morning yesterday by the Solomon Islands Government that the meeting would be further postponed to an unspecified date due to the inadequate preparation of the Solomon Islands Government.

Secretary General of the Pacific Islands Forum, Greg Urwin was also disappointed with the indefinite postponement of the meeting.The Forum Team was advised that topics to be discussed at the 3rd Enhanced Consultative Meeting included issues of concern for the Solomon Islands Government in its partnership with RAMSI, the draft Medium Term Strategy and the Facilitation of International Assistance Act.
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SIBConline News

Three Solomon Islands police officers are heading to Australia to help train new members of RAMSI’s Participating Police Force, PPF.

Inspector Juanita Matanga, Constable MacArthur Pania and Constable Oliver Buira left for Australia yesterday on the invitation of the Australian Federal Police to work with Australian police trainers at the International Deployment Group I-D-G.

The I-D-G is the arm of the AFP which prepares Australian and Pacific Island police for deployments to countries all around the world, including the Solomon Islands. PPF Commander Denis McDermott said the importance of properly training police deploying to Solomon Islands in local culture, customs and practice was well recognised.

Mr McDermott said one of the smartest ways to this is to utilise the wealth of knowledge and expertise within the Solomon Islands Police Force.Solomon Islands Police Officers have in the past two years been assisting with the training of I-D-G deployments.

Inspector Matanga currently works in Strategic Planning and Policy, Constable Pania in the Criminal Investigation Division and Constable Buira in National Investigations.

RAMSI Media office says the three officers will be assisting the I-D-G trainers with all activities related to the pre-deployment course but their main focus will be on formal and informal presentations on Solomon Islands culture.

It says these presentations will range from pidgin language training through to explaining such issues as the importance of the wantok system and its impact on policing practices in Solomon Islands.
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SIBConline News

Eight provincial premiers and the Honiara City mayor have agreed in their latest Premiers' conference that the government should increase service grants.

In the Lake Tengano Communique the Premiers said the existing Service Grants are grossly inadequate and the allocation criteria should be clarified and reviewed.

They said the current funding are insufficient to provide basic services to the population and grants need to be increased immediately to a percent agreed by both the national government and provincial governments.

The premiers said the new agreed percentage should be included in next year's national budget.They also requested from the national government that revenues collected through goods sales tax be transferred to the provinces where such sale had taken place.

The premiers have also called for a greater say in the planning process and in the determining development expenditures and that such resources be made available in a moire accessible manner.
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SIBConline News

Director of Women's Development Division, Janet Tuhaika says the high cost of living may be among the root causes to the many issues and problems affecting the lives of ordinary Solomon Islanders.

Mrs Tuhaika was speaking at the official opening of the Women's Week at Town ground this week. She said the high cost of living is affecting the lives of many women and their families, resulting in many people experiencing levels of poverty and hunger.

The Women's Development Director also said this issue is forcing many families to have unhealthy eating life styles which leads to diet-related health problems such as obesity and diabetes.

Mrs Tuhaika called on all women to work together to fight the high costs of living.She also urged responsible government authorities to address the issue, saying it will be a hindrance to the progress of Solomon Islands.
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SIBConline News

The new minister for the Ministry of Rural Development and Indigenous Affairs was sworn in this afternoon by the Governor General Sir Nathaniel Waena.

The minister, Clement Kengava, MP for North West Choiseul, now heads the twenty-second ministry of the Manasseh Sogavare-led Government.Secretary to the Prime Minister Mr Rence Sore said the new Ministry will play a crucial role in coordinating the government’s bottom-up approach on rural development.

He said the Ministry will be the vital link in coordinating the functions of the Constitutional Development Offices, NGO’s and other stakeholders in ensuring the government’s rural development policies are implemented.

Mr Sore also confirmed that the new Permanent Secretary for the new Ministry is Dr Judson Leafasia, former Chief of Staff of the Political Unit of the Office of the Prime Minister.

Mr Kengava was first appointed as the Minister for Health and Medical Services from April to May in 2006 during the short tenure of Prime Minister Snyder Rini.
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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

SIBConline News

Malaita Premier, Richard Na’amo Irosaea has apologized to the nation for the events of year 2000 when frustrated Malaitans took up arms and remove the democratic government of the late Bartholomew Ulufa’alu.

Mr Irosaea made the open apology when addressing the 1st Annual Premiers’ Conference at Lake Tegano in the Rennell Bellona Province on Friday.

Government Communication Unit quotes Mr Irosaea as saying Malaita Province has now asked for forgiveness.He apologized for the events of 2000 and their negative impacts on the country’s struggling economy.

The Premier said it was important that his Province normalize its relationship with other provinces and the national government so they could all work together towards achieving economic success.

He said contrary to the resolution of the 2004 Malaita Leaders Summit to pursue independence for Malaita Province, his present administration stood for a united Solomon Islands.

He said the Malaita Provincial government was pursuing a major reconciliation program to iron out all the ill feelings the nation had against Malaita.
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SIBConline News

Kilu'ufi hospital on Malaita has closed its doors from today for an indefinite period.

Acting Director- Malaita Provincial Health Doctor Rex Maukera says the action follows the disrespectful attitude towards hospital vehicle and staff on duty.

The doctor says last Friday, one of the hospital vehicles was attacked by a drunkard on the way to Auki town, and over the weekend, the hospital Vehicle was again stoned at Farau village, south road while rushing an emergency case to Kiluufi hospital.

He said in the truck were two doctors, a driver, a sick baby and a mother.

Dr Maukera says while police is carrying out investigation into the incidents, the hospital will be closed to make the community aware that such behaviour should not go unchecked. He says communities must assist the Police.
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Thursday, September 13, 2007

SIBConline News

The M-P for East Are Are and Opposition Spokesman for Finance Edward Huniehu blames the government and NOCSI for the poor management of Solomon Islands Contingent to the Samoa 13th South Pacific Games.

He says the appointment of Ulawa Ugi M-P James Tora as Team Manager was a political decision which did not reflect the suitability and experience of a person to take on such a caring job and responsibility.

He calls on the government and NOCSI to stop politicising sports in the country, but must allow professionals to take full control in sports and decision making. The East Are'Are M-P also alleges that tax payers money were wasted in paying for individuals who have no connections to sports to travel, and decisions to allow these people to travel were political and a practice of nepotism.

Mr Huniehu urges the Finance Minister to publish the expenditures incurred to uplift the Solomon Islands Team to and from Samoa.

He alleges that some senior government officials were involved in attempts to divert funds to their own accounts.Parliament had approved 5-Million dollars for the Solomon Islands Team to Samoa.

Mr Huniehu says the reports of the investigations into the Team Manager's alleged actions and the alleged Financial Scandal relating to SPG funds must be released together for the public
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Tuesday, September 11, 2007
Villagers Burn Homes Of Supposed Sorcerers

Tuesday: September 11, 2007

Nine houses were burnt to the ground by angry Solomon Islands tribesmen over an alleged sorcery attack by an opposing tribe, the Solomon Star reported today.

Police described the attack on Bokororo village, in Aola, Guadalcanal, as the first major arson since ethnic conflict and lawlessness 1998-2003.

The attackers claimed one of their tribesmen was struck by a sorcerer (known as vele) from Bokororo, police told the newspaper.

“They were angry and turned on the man, his relatives and their houses,” police said.

Sources said it was fortunate that the owners of the houses fled.
“The entire village was on fire – it looks very frightening,” said a source, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Police have arrested three people. They appeared in the Central Magistrate’s Court in Honiara yesterday.

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Govt Media Services
By Brian Waga

Malaita Province will maintain firm its stand for a united Solomon Islands, Malaita Premier Irosaea stated while speaking on the occasion marking the opening of the Malaita Leaders Peace Summit in Auki last week.

Premier Irosaea said that as reconciliation was the main focus of the 2nd Malaita Leaders Summit it was important that leaders take note of the fact that if Malaitans were to pursue genuine reconciliation with the rest of Solomon Islands then all people must make a stand that true reconciliation can only be achieved when all people in Solomon Island's are proud of being Solomon Islanders and genuinely want Solomon Islands to remain united as one country.

He went on to state that the challenge for all leaders of Malaita Province is to own the reconciliation process and contribute meaningfully towards reuniting Solomon Islands.

"Any reconciliation programme has to be based on the truth and it is important in the reconciliation process that Malaita Province is given the opportunity to reconcile with all other provinces throughout the Solomon's Islands when considering what was stated by leaders of some provinces at the height of the tension", Premier Irosaea said.

Also of importance to Malaita Province with other provinces is in its relations towards employment, internal migration and investment.

"Let us pursue reconciliation with the rest of the community despite our differences and what the country has been through and together contribute to the progress of our country Solomon Islands."

The 2nd Malaita Leaders Summit 2007 has proposed resolutions that are currently being compiled by a team from the Ministry of National Unity Reconciliation and Peace.

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SIBConline News

The Minister for National Unity, Reconciliation and Peace Sam Iduri last week commended leaders and the people of Malaita for pursuing an inter-provincial reconciliation with Guadalcanal province.
The two provinces were directly involved in the recent armed social unrest from 1998 to 2003.Speaking at last week’s Malaita Leaders’ Peace and Reconciliation Summit, Mr Iduri said the positive response from Malaitans showed their commitment to the inter-provincial reconciliation and healing process between people of the two provinces.
Mr Iduri said the Malaita Peace and Reconciliation Committee, the Malaita Provincial Government and Community-based organizations have played an important leadership role in implementing the National Government’s policy on peace-building and reconciliation in Malaita and the nation as a whole.
He said building the reconciliation bridge to sustainable peace requires initiative, commitment, and ownership through sacrifice, time and resources.
The Government Communications Unit says Government is committed to consolidating and advancing the on-going National and Inter-Provincial Reconciliation.
The two-day Malaita peace summit ended last Friday.
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SIBConline News

A six year old boy was killed instantly after he was hit by a double cabin hilux travelling east from the city at about 8 yesterday morning.

The boy was trying to cross the road in the Kukum area.Police Media unit quotes the acting Director of Kukum Traffic, senior sergeant Samuel Babalu as saying, only investigations will reveal the exact cause of the accident.

Mr Babalu says this is the ninth fatal incident in nine months compared to six for the whole of last year.The police media unit says it is extremely important that drivers and parents must take precaution in areas where there is high number of pedestrians such as the Fishing village, central market, near school areas and bus stops.

It says children sometimes misjudge distance and speed of on-coming vehicles.It reminds parents and guardians to always hold their children's hands when crossing the road, and drivers exercise caution when approaching pedestrians standing by the road side.

Kukum traffic Centre confirmed that investigations into the accident is under way.
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Thursday, September 06, 2007

SIBConline News

Australia says it is disappointed with the formal rejection by the Solomon Islands government of its request for the extradition of Julian Moti back to Australia.

The newly appointed Solomon Islands Attorney General, Mr Moti is wanted by Australia to face child sex-related charges, allegedly committed in Vanuatu and New Caledonia.Australian High Commissioner to Solomon Islands, Peter Hooton says his country is deeply concerned by the Solomon Islands Government's assertions that its request is motivated by the desire to punish Moti on account of his race, religion, nationality or political opinions and that Mr Moti would be denied a fair trial in Australia.

"Mr Moti is an Australian and Australia is one of the most racially and spiritually diverse countries in the world and accommodates all shades of political opinion. It is also one of the most tolerant societies in the world, as one would expect of a nation built on immigration.

For the Solomon Islands Government to refer to Australia in this way is to deny us the courtesy and respect we constantly demand of others."

Mr Hooton says although Australia has replied to each of the 666 questions by the Solomon Islands government, it doubts that this response would make a difference because the Solomon Islands Government has long made clear its position on the Moti issue.

The High Commissioner claims that it is highly likely Mr Moti himself was the principal author of the government’s rejection letter.He again stressed that Mr Moti has yet to face trial or been acquitted of the offences for which his extradition is sought.
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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Michael Leong defeated Leon So'onalole of Samoa to set up a mouth-watering semi-final in the mens single with Julien Couly of New Caledonia. A win for Michael would mean that he will carry Solomon Islands hopes for a Gold at the Games.
Meanwhile, the other hope for Solomon Islands for medals in Tennis lies in the Mens doubles where Michael and Junior Kari will face Tahiti in the Quarter-Finals.
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SIBConline News

A former Government Minister has called for a judicial inquiry into the Moti affair, saying it appears someone has deliberately misled Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare on the matter.

Former East Kwaio MP, Alfred Sasako in a statement says the letter by the President of the Solomon Islands Bar Association and former High Court judge, Frank Kabui on this very issue confirms what many suspected all along.

That is that the case against Moti in Vanuatu is pending. He says it also confirms that someone has deliberately misled the Prime Minister on the status of the case.

Mr Sasako says the Bar Association’s letter had established two irrefutable facts about the status of Moti’s alleged child sex offence in Vanuatu in 1997.

He says first, it was clear the Magistrate who heard the case did not have the jurisdiction or powers to do so, and Secondly, the case was “discharged” rather than dismissed.

Mr Sasako says it is now clear the Prime Minister was only told half truths. He says it is important the source of the misinformation is identified and dealt with appropriately.

He supports the stand by the Bar Association that Moti stand down and travel to Australia and Vanuatu to clear his name while the proposed inquiry conducts its investigation.

In related news, the judge hearing an application to annul the entire Moti inquiry in Papua New Guinea yesterday ordered that a copy of the inquiry report be furnished to the court this morning, reports Post Courier.

Lawyers for both the plaintiff and the defendant will be held in contempt of court if they fail to tender the report.

Justice Bernard Sakora made this directive after finding that all parties before him had not made an attempt or had not submitted a copy of the report, which is a vital document for the whole proceedings, to the court.

The plaintiffs in the case are Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare, former Chief Secretary Joshua Kalinoe and PNG Defence Force Chief of Staff Tom Ur and two others.

The defendants are chairman of the Defence Board of Inquiry Justice Gibbs Salika and members of the board. Justice Sakora when handing down the direction described the appearance of the lawyers for the plaintiffs as appearing on false pretence which constituted an abuse of court proceedings because they did not submit in their application the vital document, the inquiry report.
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SIBConline News

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare says he is concerned the Special Coordinator to RAMSI, Tim George has rejected a statement he made in parliament on uncollected weapons.

The Prime Minister has written a letter to Mr George expressing this concern. Mr Sogavare when concluding the recent parliament sitting last Tuesday said the government would require a full explanation from RAMSI regarding the status of the mission’s disarmament programme.

The Prime Minister told parliament that the RAMSI Special Coordinator had on previous occasions told him that RAMSI was not aware of any firearms still in circulation amongst ex-militants or members of the public. He said revelations on the existence of firearms in the community warranted an explanation.

But Mr George last week denied having ever said that all weapons had been recovered from the community. However, the Prime Minister Mr Sogavare said the Special Coordinator and his former deputy, Paul Ash had told him in their meeting in January this year that they were unaware of the existence of any outstanding weapons.

The Prime Minister said he has a responsibility to inform the public on issues that have direct bearing on their safety . He said the sole responsibility of RAMSI with support from Solomon Islands police is to ensure all outstanding weapons were collected.

The Prime Minister also directed Mr George in the letter to provide him with a full report on the disarmament programme carried out since the arrival of RAMSI in 2003.
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James Satya adds another Silver medal to Solomon Islands Medal tally. Satya collects silver in wrestling (Greco) 74 KG, finishing behind a competitor from the FSMs.

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Rodney Gapirongo has to settle for Silver in the men's 3000m steeplechase. The Gold medal winner is from PNG, seen in the photo leading the race and followed closely by Rodney.
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Solomon Islands Boxer Sapeto Turukolo won his first bout in the welterweight division againts and opponent from New caledonia yesterday.
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SIBConline News

The Parliamentary Opposition has described as un-protocol a protest note which government had sent to the Supreme Court of Vanuatu.

Opposition Spokesman on Police and National Security, Small Malaita MP William Haomae made the comments after Police Minister Isacc Tosika had sent a protest note last Sunday over the conduct of the acting Registrar of the Vanuatu Supreme court, John Obed Ailele on the Julian Moti case.

Mr Tosika was protesting the content of a letter written by Mr Ailele to the Papua New Guinea Defence Board of Inquiry into Mr Moti's escape into Solomon Islands on board a defence force plane last year.But Mr Haomae says the protest note should have been sent by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He says the judicial matter has been politicised.Mr Haomae says it is not neighbourly for the Minister to call Mr Ailele, a senior judiciary official from Vanuatu a liar.He says the way the protest note was worded and handled did not speak well for the unity and solidarity of the Melanesian bloc.

Mr Haomae says it is obvious the Minister had not prepared the protest note, and allowed himself to be used by someone as a puppet.
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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

All the pre-match hype centred on whether Samoa would cope in the absence of outspoken captain and midfield lynchpin Chris Cahill against a Solomon Islands outfit growing more formidable with each passing match.

The answer to the Cahill question arrived less than 1 minute into the match when Benjamin Totori finished off a sweet move when the diminutive Waitakere United-destined player left Samoa goalkeeper Pasi Schwalger without a hope from close range.

The goal deflated everyone with Samoan interests as the steep slope became almost vertical following Totori's goal. How Samoa needed Chris Cahill then, as the polished Judd Molea began to spray telling passes about the midfield.

Cahill's loss to Samoa cannot be understated but even without their talismanic leader Samoa managed to create a decent half-chance after 11 minutes when Solomon Islands goalkeeper Fred Hale was called into action to divert a goal bound clearance off his line with Penatito Numua lingering.

Samoa had several good phases of play late in the second-half and there was growing belief in observers at the JS Blatter Football Field that Samoa may claw their back into the match with Desmond Fa'aiuaaso a constant threat.
Sadly, for Samoa Fa'aiuaaso was afforded little in the way of clear cut chances to feed off and it was this paucity of opportunities that ultimately cost the the host nation dearly.

After their best spell of the match, Samoa were caught on the break with Solomon Islands lightening quick counter-attack resulting in Benjamin Totori applying the finishing touch to a move that put the finishing touches on Samoa's slim hopes of a semi-final upset. Substitute Alick Maemae confirmed the result when he scored with one of his first touches of the match condemning Samoa to a 3-0 defeat.

Solomon Islands coach Airton Andrioli declared himself satisfied with the result and performance. "We have achieved what we set out to do so we have to be happy with this situation. Today we played a good game, scored some good goals. We now have a semi-final to look forward too," Andrioli said.

Samoa coach Falevi Umuataua remained positive the South Pacific Games/FIFA World Cup qualifying campaign was a success.

"We missed Chris Cahill today, he is a very important player for us and so is Pasi Schwalger, so this was difficult for us.
But we are happy because for Samoa we were competitive and enjoyed some good moments during this tournament and showed that we have improved a lot since the last campaign.
We need more games to continue this improvement and I hope we can get them," Umutaua said.
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SIBConline News

The Parliamentary Opposition says the coalition government led by Prime Minister Sogavare and his deputy should blame itself for the recent anti-government sentiments.

Opposition Leader Fred Fono made the statement following a call by the deputy Prime Minister Toswell Kaua for Opposition M-Ps to stop attacking government's loyalty to protect the country's sovereignty and interests.

Mr Fono denies claims by Mr Kaua that the Opposition has united with foreign forces to wage an anti-government campaign.He however says it seems the Opposition and those foreign forces described by Mr Kaua, had seen actions by the Prime Minister from the same perspective.

The Opposition Leader says if government is protecting the interests of Solomon Islanders, he wants to know why the Prime Minister and his deputy continue to protect the attorney-general, an Australian wanted by his own country for child sex offences.

He also says if government is prioritising the interests of Solomon Islanders, then he wants to know why government has spent millions of state funds on expensive vehicles for ministers and government backbenchers instead of meeting the desires of rural people to develop their resources and lands.

Mr Fono says the Opposition does not believe the government takes the interests of its own people at heart.
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SIBConline News

Former Prime Minister Sir Allan Kemakeza maintains that the Prime Minister had intended to appoint the Chairman of the Public Service Commission, Edmond Andresen as the next Governor General.

Speaking on the motion of sine die during the last sitting of parliament, Sir Allan had claimed that Government had offered Chairman of the Public Service Commission, appointment as the new Governor General.But the Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare last week categorically denied he had intentions to replace the Governor General Sir Nathaniel Waena with Mr Andresen.

The Prime Minister said Mr Andresen would be the last person the government would think of for the high office.Sir Allan, the former prime minister however says he was sticking by what he said in parliament over the issue.

He says the Prime Minister's reported intentions were not surprising because he has made it a habit to get rid of senior police and judiciary officials he and his advisors did not like, and replace them with people he had handpicked.

Sir Allan says the Prime Minister can deny this claim one hundred times, but that cannot convince him one bit, nor others who know the story.
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Monday, September 03, 2007

2007 South Pacific Games - Taekwondo

Silver Team Events 1st September 2007 Team Solomon

Bronze Male Black Belt 58kg - 62kg Bantam Weight
30th August 2007 Derick Afu

Bronze Feather 62 -67kg 31st August 2007 John Waneasi

Bronze Welter 72-78kg 31st August 2007 Mathew Joe

2007 South Pacific Games - Tennis

Bronze Men's Team Event 30th August 2007 Michael Leong,

Junior Kari,
Johnson Taliki,
Duncan Maetoloa

2007 South Pacific Games - Weightlifting

Silver Women's 58Kg - C&J 27th August 2007 Wendy Hale95Kg

Silver Women's 58Kg - Snatch 27th August 2007 Wendy Hale

Silver Women's 58Kg - Total 27th August 2007 Wendy Hale

Bronze Men's 77Kg - C&J 28th August 2007 Gorosi David
130 Kg

Bronze Men's 77Kg - Snatch 28th August 2007 Gorosi David
103 Kg

Bronze Men's 77Kg - Total 28th August 2007 Gorosi David
233 Kg
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Saturday, 01 September 07, 08:29 PM

Solomon Islands sealed their semi-final berth thanks to an extravangant 60th minute backheel by youngster Godwin Bebeu that left Vanuatu in stunned silence in a pulsating encounter at Toleafoa J.S.Blatter Football Field in Apia this afternoon.

The sheer audacity of Bebeu's goal could not contrast more powerfully with the fact that Bebeu spent most the 2006-07 New Zealand Football Championship (NZFC) season kicking his heels on the bench for Waikato FC, unable to get a match for the NZFC strugglers.

For Vanuatu it was a tame surrender in a match where the option of a semi-final against the runner-up or winner of Group A was very much at stake.

For Solomon Islands this match taught coach Airton Andrioli much about the structural integrity of his back four comprising George Suri, Samson Takayama, David Taro and Gideon Omokirio - in short, they're looking good, far removed from the Solomon Islands defensive unit that shopped goals almost at will throughout an at times unconvincing preparatory campaign at home and in Australia.

For Vanuatu Seule Soromon carried the greatest goal threat and he almost brought the house down with a stinging volley from 25 yards out that forced Fred Hale after 25 minutes. Soromon exited the match on the hour mark and within seconds Solomon Islands took the lead.

Commins Menapi - another New Zealand-based Solomon Islander - got to the byline and hit a cross to the near post where Bebeu looked as if he had over run the ball, any chance of a shot on goal long gone.

That was until the youngster allowed the ball to hit the inside of his left instep which he then flicked past the heel of his right at a pace and trajectory that left goalkeeper Chikau Mansale and defender utterly beaten after just 60 minutes.

Vanuatu were still reeling when Henry Fa'arodo burst through and put the match beyond doubt when he slammed an unstoppable shot past Mansale after 64 minutes.

Solomon Islands final match is against host nation Samoa who must record a sizeable victory against Airton Andrioli's men then hope Tonga can do them a favour and beat Vanuatu.

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