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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

18:03 hrs

Head of the anti-corruption watchdog, Transparency Solomon Islands Joses Tuhanuku says the Prime Minister cannot take him to court over a statement he made under oath to the Commission of Inquiry into the 2006 Honiara riots.

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare is considering suing Mr Tuhanuku for defamation, by making false allegations of corruption against him.A Government statement says Mr Tuhanuku had claimed Mr Sogavare had succumbed to corruption in first supporting the Snyder Rini camp after last year's election of Prime Minister and later backing an Opposition motion of no confidence.

But Mr Tuhanuku says he made those comments to the Commission of Inquiry, and the law protects him from anybody using that information against him in court.He says it is not possible for the Prime Minister to take anyone who talks to the Commission of inquiry to court, based on what they say to the Commission.

Mr Tuhanuku accuses the Prime Minister of interfering with the work of the Commission.He says it seems the Prime Minister intends to intimidate people from talking to the Commission of Inquiry.

Mr Tuhanuku however encourages people who have evidence on the events of April 2006 to give their story to the Commission.He says the Commission of Inquiry conducts public hearings which the local media is free to publish.

Mr Tuhanuku says the Prime Minister should help the Commission to find out the truth behind April 2006, instead of making potential witnesses from coming forward.Meanwhile, Mr Tuhanuku urges Police Commissioner Jahir Khan to listen to criticisms and comments from people in Solomon Islands and to work with RAMSI if he is serious about improving policing in the country.

Mr Khan is considering laying charges against Mr Tuhanuku over claims about rising corruption in the police force.But Mr Tuhanuku says the Police Commissioner misunderstood what he said.He says it seems the current situation of political instability may encourage corrupt officers not to do their work properly.

He also says it seems Mr Khan is not willing to work with RAMSI, an attitude which could affect the work of police officers.Mr Tuhanuku says RAMSI has helped the police force to improve its image and re-gain public trust and confidence and it should remain that way.

He says the commissioner should not be defensive and angry that people criticise him. He says the Commissioner is not going to achieve anything by taking him to court.

Mr Tuhanuku says instead, Mr Khan should prove to the people of Solomon Islands that he came to help police to look after law and order.
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Fight for Rights of Local Musicians


A push in the right direction for local musicians is taking its toll.

A local private lawyer, Mr. Francis Walenisia, from Global Lawyers, said moves are in place to step up on a Copy Right Act to protect local music.He said the Act, which has been in existence since 1987, will be enforced to protect local musicians.

"Local musicians have all the right to permit their songs and music, and the practice of selling pirate copies of albums in shops should be stopped," Mr. Walenisia said.He said as part of a public awareness program for musicians, a Copy Right Concert was staged over the weekend in Honiara.

The two-day concert brought together local musicians from around the capital, attracting thousands of fans to the National Arts Gallery grounds.Musicians were informed of an initiative to set up a Collective Management Society organisation in the country to help them in their music career.

The non-profit making organisation will be an avenue for local musicians to protect their songs, help in marketing and other needs that would directly benefit their career."An establishment of such an organisation will be the first, which will help boost the local music industry," Mr. Walenisia explained.

"The organisation will address issues contributing towards lack of development in the local music industry."The proposed organisation will help in the musicians' revenues, marketing and rights of artists on their albums.

"Airing songs of our local musicians on our FM stations is not right," Mr. Walenisia said.

"The right procedure to go by is for stations to seek the permission of the specific composer, who has all the right over their own hard work."

Musicians who are called on to help towards the establishment of the organisation will work at designing a strategy that will have people of Solomon Islands buying more of the local musicians' albums than buying foreign music.

Meanwhile, a well-known name in the local music scene, Mr. Placid Walekwate, told the Solomon Times that set up of the Collective Management Society will involve few awareness programs and workshops for local musicians.He said that the Collective Management Society is fully supported by the World Intellectual Property Organization and the Australian Performing Rights Association.

"The organisation is not only for musicians but also for people with interests in the arts and crafts field," Mr. Walekwate said.He said that public awareness will also be conducted on how the organisation will work before the actual set up of the Collective Management Society, which will involve stakeholders.

The Copy Right Concert held at the Art Gallery is the first step of their awareness program, Mr. Walekwate said.
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Senior Police Officer Attacks Civilian


An attack on a civilian by a senior police officer stirred public reaction in Honiara.

Betel nut vendor at Rove Market in Honiara, Ben Tattai, told the Solomon Times that the incident happened last Friday as celebrations to commemorate the first ever Police Open Day event took place.

Mr. Tattai revealed that the senior police officer approached him and grabbed hold of stocks on his stall."The officer came up to my stall and grabbed hold of stocks that I had set up on the counter and it wasn't until later that I realized he was drunk," Mr. Tattai told the Solomon Times.The vendor claimed that the officer, when asked to pay for the damage, instructed him to call in at his house "and so I did".

According to Mr. Tattai, the officer shook his hands upon arrival at his house "then did a fake turn around and I was caught in a shock when a punch landed on my face".Mr. Tattai said some young boys who were around the officer's premises, also drunk, took the chance to "kick me like a football, catching me off guard".

"I don't know what sparked the reaction, and the reason for such behaviour coming from a senior police officer," the market vendor said.Mr. Tattai said that it is because of such action coming from a few officers that has tarnished the reputation of the local police force.

He said that the matter has been reported to responsible authorities.Meanwhile, the Police Media Unit confirmed that the matter has been reported to them."We are aware of an incident at Rove Market, allegedly involving a senior police officer.

The matter has been referred to the Professional Standard & Internal Investigation (PSII) Unit for further enquiries, and it would be inappropriate for police to comment while this matter is under investigation," the Unit said.
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TSI Executive Officer Responds to Charges


The Executive Officer of the Transparency Solomon Islands (TSI) said decisions to press charges on views raised in the media is a right not to be disputed.
In an interview, Joses Tuhanuku said that both the Prime Minister and the Commissioner of Police have the right to take the issue to court.Both the Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare and the Commissioner of Police, Mohammed Jahir Khan, reacted to views given by Mr. Tuhanuku against them on two separate issues in the media.Mr. Sogavare was alleged to have succumbed to corruption in his decision to support the Snyder Rini camp when he was elected Prime Minister, later supporting the Opposition's Motion of No Confidence.On a separate issue, Mr. Tuhanuku had alleged that the government's opposition to RAMSI is encouraging corrupt officers to return to their old ways, which includes letting people off charges.However, both allegations have been strongly refuted by Mr. Sogavare and Mr. Khan, and, in response, consider pressing charges against Mr. Tuhanuku of defamation of character and making false allegations.On statements made against the local police force, Mr. Tuhanuku said views put across were based on what he sees currently happening in the Solomon Islands Police Force (SIPF)."I see that the old ways of the police officers seem to be coming back, and the Commissioner of Police has the right to take the matter to court to deal with it and I will defend myself," he added.He said that what is happening within the force "is exactly what happened in the country before RAMSI came to the Solomon Islands".The Executive TSI Officer said that SIPF has improved until the new Commissioner of Police had taken the post."The anti-RAMSI attitude displayed by the Solomon Islands Government has, in turn, affected the work output of the police force," he said. "Being dependent on the government, the SIPF is sure to be influenced down the track.""I believe the people of this country do not want this type of system, so something has to be done about it," said Mr. Tuhanuku.He said that with help and support given to the SIPF, improvement and development will surely take place in the country.Mr. Tuhanuku complimented SIPF as "one of the top Police Force in the Pacific" since working with RAMSI after the coup.He said that following the arrival of RAMSI, a lot of improvement has taken place in the Solomons with the "right things" happening within the SIPF in cooperation with the mission.Mr. Tuhanuku added that more reformation has since taken place within the SIPF and better training given to local officers, equipping them to do better for the country."The Commissioner of Police should be more focused on building the police force and proving to public that the trust can once again be placed on the SIPF to take the country back to being the Happy Isles," the Executive Officer of TSI, Mr. Tuhanuku, said.
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Police Come Clean for Honiara


If ever there was a time that the community could feel proud of their police and their city, it was today.
More than 300 Solomon Islands Police Officers and about 200 Participating Police Force Officers joined the community and took to the streets to clean up accumulated rubbish.

Police armed with rubber gloves, plastic bags, bush knives and brooms turned out to thoroughly clean the roads between White River and the Lungga River. The police received massive support from RAMSI and the PPF both in manpower and logistics. A major planning operation has been underway by SIPF and PPF since the clean up day was announced some months ago.

Plans included staffing, allocation of areas to various police groups, rubbish collection and disposal right down to water delivery to groups. Commissioner of Police Mohammed Jahir Khan said the huge turn out by police is an indication that they have developed a strong sense of pride in the community and the city they protect.

"It was excellent to see the number of police that joined the clean up today. I congratulate the officers for their efforts, particularly since most of them have been working long hours to ensure the success of the open days.

The large amount of community and school groups that took part are also congratulated for a magnificent effort."This is a fine example of police and community working together to achieve a common goal. I urge all residents of Honiara to keep the city clean now that the hard work is done.

It would be a terrible shame to see rubbish build up again after all this hard work" Commissioner Khan said.The amount of rubbish taken away has not been estimated but it will certainly be in the tonnes.
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Monday, October 22, 2007

Herald Sun, Australia

28 dolphins shipped from the Solomon Islands to a Dubair resort in Dubai had arrived safely after a 30-hour flight, a shipment organiser said.

The export went ahead despite protests from environmental groups and threats of an international boycott of Solomons tuna products.

Marine Exports Limited managing director Chris Porter said the dolphins arrived safely at the Palm Atlantis resort.

The dolphins will live in a large lagoon called Dolphin Bay at the palm tree-shaped artificial island resort (pictured on the right).
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SIBConline News

The Electoral Commission is conducting a voters registration program to update the voters register for the Aoke-Langalanaga and East Malaita Constituencies on Malaita.

The voters registration will be held starting tomorrow and completed 20th November.The Director of Electoral Commission, Musu Kevu, says an initial list of voters will be published by the 4th of December this year.

He says a nine-days period will be given during which any omission or rejection to the initial list is made.Mr Kevu says a list of all claims and objections will be provided to the revising officer by 21st December.

He says a final settlement of voters list will be made available on the 12th January 2008.Eighteen Assistant Registration Officers last week attended a two-days briefing on the registration program in the Malaita provincial capital, Auki.

It is expected that bye-elections will be held in the Aoke-Langalanga and East Malaita Constituencies early next year.

Bye-elections will be held in the two constituencies following the death of the members of Parliament for those areas early this year.
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SIBConline News

The Opposition has called on the government to allow resource owners to apply for duty remission of the exports of round logs from their customary land.

Opposition spokesman for Finance and Treasury and MP for East Are Are, Edward Huni'ehu calls on the Minister for Finance to waive a Cabinet decision which disallowed the resource owners that right.

In a letter to the Finance Minister Mr Huni'ehu says that a number of licence holders and land owners have seen him about the difficulties they are experiencing in applying for duty remission which were given to them by previous governments.

They claim that this is not fair to them as the government, the investors, and sometimes licence holders are benefiting more from their resources whilst they receive very little.Mr Huni'ehu says since logging operations started in the country in 1960's land owners have always been poorly treated with royalty payments.

He says the existing sales revenue sharing is 60 percent for the investor and 40 for the government of which resource owners get 15 percent. But Mr Huni'ehu says in most cases where licence holders are involved the resource owner ended up with less than 10 percent of the sales revenue.

He says the Finance Minister should lift the suspension order or reduce the export levy on round logs to 15 percent. Mr Huni'ehu says this will mean that the land owners will receive 25 percent from their resources when exported.
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Friday, October 19, 2007
FORUM: Fishing Nations Urged To Protect Tuna Stocks

October 18, 2007
(Pacific Islands Forum)

The following speech on fisheries was today delivered by the Hon. Patteson Oti, Minister for Foreign Affairs, External Trade and Immigration, Solomon Islands to the Post Forum Dialogue in Nuku’alofa, Tonga.

The tuna fisheries of the Pacific are an essential economic, social and cultural resource for all Forum member countries – and for many, the only significant renewable economic resource.

The value of catch taken by vessels based and licensed in Pacific Island countries is growing and now totals around US$400 million per year, and more of the catch is being landed and processed in the region, creating jobs and opportunities for adding further value to catches. It is evident that, with good governance and effective management, Pacific Island countries could fulfill their fisheries development aspirations and derive a greater share of the economic benefits that flow from the resources.

Pacific tuna fisheries are now valued in excess of US$2 billion per year, but the majority of the catch is taken by foreign fishing vessels flagged to distant water fishing nations including Japan, China, Taiwan/ROC, Korea, the United States and the European Community.

Two of the key target tuna species of the region, bigeye and yellowfin, are now on the verge of becoming overfished. The current level of fishing effort on bigeye and yellowfin is considered to be unsustainable and the Western Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) Scientific Committee is calling for fishing effort on both stocks to be reduced. In short, there is a genuine risk that these fisheries will go the same way as bigeye and yellowfin stocks in other oceans of the world where they have been fished down unsustainably and significant economic opportunities have been foregone.

There is undoubtedly scope for further development of domestic tuna fisheries in the western and central Pacific. Of the total of approximately 1,200 vessels on the FFA Vessel Register, only 194 are flagged to FFA members and of the total catch of tuna in the fishery of over 2 million tonnes only 466,400 tonnes are taken by national fleets of FFA members. In order to address the potential of the tuna fisheries region, there is clearly an opportunity for national fleets of FFA members to expand, acknowledging that this needs to be done in a manner that does not have an adverse effect on the status of the four key tuna stocks, noting current concerns with bigeye and yellowfin.

There are a number of major regional initiatives being undertaken to address management and conservation of fisheries in the region on which you have received briefing, such as: The Sustainable Development Framework for Pacific Fisheries, The FFA Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management (EAFM) Framework, and the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission.

We would urge PFD partners that have a fisheries presence in the region to continue to work together in developing management measures that would address the concerns with respect to yellowfin and the bigeye stocks.

Unlike fisheries for highly migratory natural resources such as tuna, most Pacific Island coastal fisheries do not require international cooperation in their management. Pacific Island coastal fisheries resources are confined to shallower waters entirely within the sovereign jurisdiction of individual island States. However, coastal fisheries also have transboundary implications, particularly export of threatened coastal species and the biosecurity requirements of inward trade, including live aquatic animals for aquaculture.

Most importantly, coastal fisheries are a crucial building block of food security in this region. They provide the majority of the protein eaten by most Pacific Islanders. In fact, because of the scarcity of agricultural land in Micronesia and Polynesia it is coastal fisheries that have made it possible for people to not only survive on these islands, but thrive at a level of nutrition that is the envy of other developing regions.

In many Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs), fish makes up 70–90% of total animal protein intake, and most of this food fish comes from subsistence, rather than commercial fishing. Even taking most of Melanesia into account, fish consumption in PICTs exceeds the minimum required for good nutrition (an average of 35 kg of fish per person per year). And coastal fisheries provide not just food security, but also provide a direct source of income to rural communities.

But maintaining this source of food requires a growing degree of attention in the face of population expansion, increasing human impacts on coastal ecosystems, and the transition from subsistence to more specialized lifestyles. Several coastal invertebrate export fisheries are chronically overfished, and coastal fin-fisheries are coming under increasing pressure as fish prices increase and transport links between rural and urban areas and with the rest of the world, improve.

Pacific Islands are working on two regional fronts to maintain existing coastal fisheries and rehabilitate overfished resources – trying to improve management capacity (making particular use of traditional and community systems and capitalizing on the congruences between modern ecosystem-based concepts and customary traditions of custodianship), and in applying science to better understand, particularly to quantify and monitor, these multispecies coastal and reef fisheries.

SPC members will be defining regional activities needed to support the application of an ecosystem approach to, and the scientific assessment and monitoring of, national Coastal Fisheries at a workshop at the end of October. And adding these building blocks to existing initiatives, the Regional Coastal Fisheries Management Strategy will be reviewed by SPC members in January.

It is not just a matter of consolidating what we’ve got, but planning for the future of fish, in a region whose population is predicted to double in size by 2030. The way forward, assuming existing fishery resources can be consolidated at levels of long-term sustainability, is likely to lie in developing appropriate aquaculture, in promoting affordable small-scale rural tuna fishing, and in finding ways of making more money out of commercial tuna fisheries. There will be a theme discussion on this subject by PICTs at the SPC Conference in November, and a joint SPC/FFA task force will follow up on the directions set by this discussion early in 2008.

Development partners are invited to participate in these proposed and ongoing activities and support the region’s efforts in the management and sustainable development of this critical resource in the region.

Thank you.

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FORUM: Tonga PM Says Fiji Agreement Shows How Solomons Should Have Been Handled

By Samantha Magick in Nuku'alofa
Friday: October 19, 2007

Tonga’s Prime Minister and Pacific Islands Forum Chair, Dr Feleti Sevele says the agreement reached over elections in Fiji shows the opportunity lost by Solomon Islands by not attending this week’s leaders’ meeting.

While the Forum got an undertaking from Fiji interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama that elections would be held in the first quarter of 2009, discussions on RAMSI were less conclusive because both Solomon’s Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Patteson Oti boycotted the most crucial sessions.

The Solomon Islands government has rejected a Forum review of the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI), and in particular, Australia’s role in the mission.

Dr Sevele says it’s a pity Oti didn’t come. “To me, his presence would have helped even if he didn’t hold the authority to make decisions on this. But there would have been a two way discussion and I think the decision of Fiji because of Bainimarama’s presence there shows the need to engage, the need to dialogue.”

He says it was important that Commodore Bainimarama was at the meeting. “I mean how else can we as a Forum move forward without talking to him? And that is why we felt strongly about it. And it shows also the strength of the Forum to come to grips with the hard decisions. I am confident and I think we should allow Fiji that chance. Let’s not be cynical about it. Let’s give them a break this time. Let’s say ‘Ok, you’ve been given the chance.’”

Prior to the Forum, New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark, one of the region’s most vocal opponents of the coup, said it would be better if the Commander didn’t attend the Forum, as he would likely be snubbed. As it turns out, Commodore Bainimarama was embraced by many, in particular ordinary Tongans. He spent Wednesday night in the company of Prime Minister Sevele going from village to village on Vava’u, drinking kava and being welcomed in the warmest way, with song, speeches, music and prayer.

While Dr Sevele is very pleased by the outcome on Fiji, he has urged the international community to give Commodore Bainimarama and his government some space to fulfill its commitments.

“I am confident that it (the agreement) will hold but there has to be understanding from the international community, and the press in particular, leave the guy alone sometimes. Don’t bombard him every day, ‘you’re not going to stick to it, you’re not going to do that.’ It’s the same action that the Forum took, sit down, talk with him, and that’s the first time that the Forum as a whole sat down with him and discussed the issues.”
The last of the bilateral meetings and a special session with the European Union is winding up today before delegations head home.
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Forum Calls for Support on Climate Change

Solomontimes Online News

The President of the Republic of Nauru, His Excellency Mr. Ludwig Scotty, delivered a statement at the Forum on climate change, emphasizing on the urgency for support and action.

As released by the Forum Secretariat, speaking on behalf of the Pacific Forum, the President began by referring to the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon's suggestion that "Climate change, and how we address it, will define us, our era and ultimately the global legacy we leave for future generations", saying that this was particularly relevant for the Small Island States of the Pacific and listing the following points:
- The 4th Assessment Report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change states that it is unequivocal that global warming is an existing and worsening threat.
- Therefore business as usual is not an option for any of us.
- The time for action is now, we simply can't economically, environmentally or socially afford to wait until it is too late,
- Action on climate change represents one of "the great moral imperatives of our era".
Not all regions are affected equally by climate change and the impacts it brings.
Wealthy and highly industrialized nations which are mainly responsible for current global warming possess the know-how and resources to adapt while the most severe consequences are felt in poorer and more vulnerable countries.
The President then highlighted the progress and steps the region is making in its efforts to tackle climate change:- In 2005 Forum Leaders endorsed the Pacific Islands Framework for Action on Climate Change (PIFACC) as an effective regional platform for deepening and broadening regional cooperation on addressing climate change.
This is currently being translated into an Action Plan and the Pacific Climate Change Roundtable is being reinvigorated to guide its implementation and address gaps.Other regional frameworks have also been endorsed by the region such as the Disaster Risk Reduction and Disaster Management Framework for Action.
- There are a number of major initiatives being undertaken by the region in partnership with international partners including the Global Environment Facility (GEF).
The initiatives cover Greenhouse Gas Abatement, renewable energy, adaptation projects, and conserving the use of existing critical resources such as water, foods and our cultures.The Forum leaders have also highlighted a number of priorities, mainly, the need to improve information assessing local and national vulnerability to climate change; including socio-economic vulnerability and traditional knowledge; to help better design and implement country specific adaptation strategies and to build resilience; as well as to mainstream climate change into national development planning and budgetary processes.
However, the major constraint of finance is always an issue and the leaders asked for assistance from both the region and international community in establishing sustainable financing options. One such major global fund is the Adaptation Fund set up under the Kyoto Protocol.
The World Bank has estimated that between US$10 - 40 billion will be required by developing countries for adaptation and it is clear that the Adaptation Fund alone will not be sufficient. The President then called on the forum for support in the Adaptation Fund and for the replenishment of the Special Climate Change Fund under GEF.
The GEF is developing a new regional programmatic approach to assisting the region in its efforts towards sustainable development and environmental protection, the GEF Pacific Alliance for Sustainability, which proposes to allocate approximately US$100 over 4 years for the region.
The programme is to be tabled in April 2008 and President Scotty once again called for regional support.The forum also applauded the landmark decision at the recent G8 Summit in Germany, held in June, in which the most powerful governments of the world accepted responsibility to act on emission reductions and eventual cuts, and called for closure by 2009 on a global agreement, under the UNFCCC, to ensure that there is no gap between future approaches to climate change and the expiry of the Kyoto Protocol in 2012.
The President concluded his statement by quoting the words of the Indonesian President at the High-Level Event on Climate Change in New York, "A global strategy would not work if it did not include pro-poor, pro-development measures. The spirit of partnership must guide the negotiation process."
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Wednesday, October 17, 2007
MPs Should Carry Out Own Survey on RAMSI: Fono

Solomontimes Online News

The Opposition is calling on members of parliament to carry out surveys in their own constituencies on whether the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands should remain.

Opposition leader, Fred Fono, made the call following his tour of his Central Kwara'ae constituency on Malaita where he discovered an overwhelming support for RAMSI to remain in the country.

The call also follows the recent Australian National University's survey into RAMSI's operation and whether or not it should remain. Although the findings show an overwhelming support for the intervention force to stay, the Sogavare-led government had flatly rejected them describing them as flawed.

Mr. Fono says that rather than brushing aside the hard work done by those involved in the survey, it is important for MPs to find out for themselves, particularly what their constituents think about the RAMSI mission.

He says as far as his constituents are concerned, they fully support the regional assistance mission to remain in the country."In the longer term, they feel that RAMSI should stay in the country until such time the Solomon islands police can once again enforce the rule of law without bias and in a neutral manner," says Mr. Fono.

"And if public officers serving in revenue generating departments are once again able to refrain themselves from dubious practices and if the peace now being enjoyed since RAMSI's arrival becomes sustainable."

He says his people believe once these are archived, RAMSI could leave or its operations could be diversified into other areas in particular "our efforts to re-develop our shattered national economy."

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SIBConline News

People of North Malaita Constituency have requested the government to engage a specialist medical doctor to certify the health of their member of Parliament, Daniel Enele Kwanairara.
Mr Kwanairara had a stroke early this year and was unable to attend the last two Parliament sittings.In a letter addressed to the Prime Minister, a group of North Malaita people says they want the government to engage a doctor to determine the health of their MP.
The letter says if the MP is medically unfit to perform his Parliamentary roles, then he should vacate his seat so that a bye-election would be held for the North Malaita Constituency.
It says it's important for the people of the constituency to have a voice or representative in Parliament.
The letter says the people have been respectful of their MP for the last two consecutive Parliament sittings, hoping that he would recover to perform his duties.
It says only a medical doctor can certify the health status of the North Malaita MP and whether he is fit to perform his duties.
The letter was also copied to the Governor General, Speaker of the National Parliament, Electoral Commission and the Attorney General.
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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

SIBConline News

The Parliamentary Opposition deplores government's decision to boycott the Pacific Islands Forum leaders meeting now underway in Tonga.

Opposition Leader Fred Fono says the boycott proves that Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare and his cabinet are not prepared to answer questions from forum islands leaders over the government's attitude towards RAMSI.

Mr Fono says the government's decision is not only shameful, but also disgraceful and disrespectful to forum leaders attempting to strengthen regional co-operation.He says Solomon Islands cannot afford to isolate itself from Pacific Islands regional organisations who are recognized by international financial and aid institutions.

The opposition leader says Foreign minister Patteson Oti and National Planning Minister Steve Abana should return home because they are not attending the forum meeting today and leaders retreat tomorrow.

He says attending the post forum dialogue on Thursday would not mean much because their boycott of the main forum sessions would likely impact badly on their meetings with dialogue partners who have a lot of respect for the forum.

Reports from Nuku'alofa say the Foreign Affairs Minister Mr Oti has confirmed he will not attend the Plenary Session and the Leaders Retreat of the 38th Pacific Forum Leaders meeting today and tomorrow.Mr Oti, told Government Communications Unit that the country's non-attendance follows a Cabinet decision.

It however reports Mr Oti attended several side meetings during his stay in Tonga, including yesterday's Pacific A-C-P Leaders Meeting and the M-S-G Breakfast Meeting today.

The Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare boycotted the meeting and over the weekend travelled to Taiwan instead.
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Bilikiki Prepares for Mighty Brazil

Solomontimes Online News

Bilikiki has nine more days left in the country before leaving Saturday next week, bound for Brazil.

This will be their second appearance at the Beach Soccer World Cup and, for the first time, come up against the host champions Brazil in their first game in pool A.

Team Manager Reuben Oimae spoke with optimism on Bilikiki's preparations after the SPG in Samoa.

"So far the training has been very good and things are looking bright especially for our first game against Brazil, which is what our boys have been training hard out for in the mornings and evenings Gideon and Henry Koto have put a lot of effort in this team", says Reuben.

Reuben highlights that Brazil will be a very tough game as they are arguably the Worlds best when it comes to soccer.

"The Brazilians will be expecting to win but not without a good fight, we will play them as if it's the finals", says Reuben.

Skipper and national defender, Gideon Omokirio sees this match as a dream date. "Giddy has played and represented Solomon Islands in the 11 man game and to play Brazil seemed impossible had it not been for beach soccer.

Giddy will captain the team against Brazil and I am sure it will be an honour for him, something he may never forget", says Reuben.The Bilikiki Team will leave on Saturday the 27th, transiting through Brisbane, Auckland, Santiago and then Rio.

SIFF will meet all necessary travel and accommodation expenses prior to the Beach Soccer World Cup.Bilikiki is in group A, pooled alongside host champions Brazil, Mexico and Russia.
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SIBConline News

Dubai, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, is set to later this week receive 30 wild dolphins captured in Solomon Islands.

The export of dolphins comes four years after the last of such shipment to Mexico caused international outrage. Solomon Times reports that the former Kemakeza Government had imposed a ban on the export of dolphins and sought to cancel the license of the company that engaged in the trade.

The dolphin trade picked up again when the current Sogavare Government allowed the trade to continue. It is expected that a high-level delegation will be in Dubai to mark the arrival of the dolphins this week.

The Solomon Islands Marine Mammal Education Centre and Exporters Limited said the dolphins were collected from the company's pens on the island of Gavutu and flown to Dubai.

Company director, Robert Satu, was quoted as saying the dolphins were flown on two planes that are scheduled to arrive on Tuesday.Mr Satu also revealed the company has hired a Dubai firm to provide extra security for the animals' arrival, in a bid to deter conservationists from staging any protests or trying to block the shipments.

Although Satu refused to say how much the sale was worth, he said both his company and the government would reap massive rewards.
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Govt Media Center
By Chris LeuaIn Nuku’alofaTonga

Solomon Islands Foreign Affairs Minister will be not present during the Plenary Session and the Leaders Retreat of the 38th Pacific Forum Leaders meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Mr Oti, who arrived in Nuku’alofa this afternoon, said his non-attendance was the result of a Cabinet decision in view of its (Cabinet) recent rejection of the Forum Taskforce RAMSI Review report regarding mechanisms regulating the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI).
The Mission (RAMSI) is also one of the major issues that will be discussed during the two-day Leaders Meeting on 16th -17th October, portrayed as one of the successful regional undertaking by Pacific countries.
However, on 10 October 2007, Solomon Islands Prime Minister has written a letter to the Chairman of the 38th Pacific Islands Forum Leaders meeting, Tongan Prime Minister, Dr Feleti Sevele, outlining his reason to stay away from the Leaders Summit, which will also to be attended by the Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer and New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Ms Helen Clark.
The letter was also sent to the Papua New Guinean Prime Minister, Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare and the Secretary General of the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat, Mr Greg Urwin.
One of the main reasons given by Mr Sogavare for his absence was with regards to the inconsistencies of the Forum RAMSI Taskforce Review regarding the operations of the Australian-led RAMSI that resulted on its outright rejection by the Solomon Islands Cabinet.
Prime Minister Sogavare further said the review of the Facilitation of the International Assistance Act by the Solomon Islands Parliament shall be the overarching framework that will regulate the partnership between the Solomon Islands government and its partners under the regional undertaking.
Mr Sogavare said the 6-point plan presented by the Solomon Islands government at the Forum Meeting in Nadi still forms the backbone of any review process.
The Prime Minister said the most important aspect of the review of RAMSI is the plan submitted by the Solomon Islands government, in which the leaders have agreed to the establishment of as task force to carry out the review.
The review process will emphasize the six point plan, which the Solomon Islands Government established as the basis for a continued partnership and discussions with all member countries.
The Six-Point Initiatives include: Respect for Solomon Islands Territorial sovereignty and integrity, restoration of the regional character of RAMSI; Establishment of a Forum Ministerial Standing Committee to oversee the operations of RAMSI; Exist strategy for the Regional Assistance to Solomon Islands; An independent Review of RAMSI operations and finally a Clear demarcation between RAMSI and AusAID programs in Solomon Islands.
He said the Solomon Islands government decision to review the FIA Act will be done in good faith, and not an attempt to expedite the early exit of RAMSI from Solomon Islands, as usually claimed by Australia.
However, Mr Oti said, he will still attend other meetings during his stay in Tonga. This includes the Pacific ACP Leaders Meeting this afternoon, the MSG Breakfast Meeting tomorrow morning as well as the 19th Post-Forum Dialogue Partners meeting on Thursday 19 October.
Mr Oti also hinted that he has accepted an invitation to meet with the New Zealand Prime Minister, Ms Helen Clark later this evening on an invitation by Ms Clark.
The King of Tonga, His Majesty King George Tupou V will officially open the 38th Forum Leaders meting tomorrow in the capital, Nuku’alofa.
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Friday, October 12, 2007

Tuesday, 09 October 07, 10:11 PM

Waitakere United Solomon Islands international striker Commins Menapi has been classified as a ‘marquee player’ for the 2007/08 New Zealand Football Championship.
Waitakere Executive Chairman Rex Dawkins has been a strong advocate of the playing talent in the Oceania region and worked hard to have Menapi recognized as much for what he has done for his country as for football in New Zealand.
"Commins is a player of great reputation and standing in his country and has played superbly for them over a long period of time. As well as that he has forged a successful club career in both Australia and now New Zealand, scoring goals at all levels on a consistent basis. When we assessed our squad for the season ahead, it became obvious to us that Menapi was the player deserving of this special status.”
New Zealand Football clearly agreed, providing confirmation of Menapi’s status as a marquee player in a letter to the club this week. Each club is entitled to one marquee player in their playing squads.
Dawkins said the decision effectively grants Menapi the status of playing outside the constrictions of an imported player and accurately reflects his playing ability and record.
“I believe this decision sends a clear message that our marquee players don’t always have to be from South America or Europe. I have long been a supporter of the islands and the quality of footballers they produce. Others have also seen the value in recruitment from our near neighbours, most notably Colin Tuaa during his coaching stints at Nelson and Manawatu. The more we can do to promote football in the Oceania Football Confederation the better; collective strength can only help New Zealand in the long term.”

Menapi will once again be the spearhead of the Waitakere attack this season as they embark on a year that includes the NZFC, O-League and the FIFA World Club Cup in Japan this December.
Waitakere United will play all their home matches at Fred Taylor Park, the home of Waitakere City. This is due to Douglas Field undergoing a turf refurbishment programme through the summer.
The entire Waitakere O-League squad will be confirmed on Monday 15th October.

Commins Menapi
DOB: 18.9.1977 (30 years)
Solomon Islands international 2000 – 2007
Oceania Champions League, Golden Boot 2006/07
Clubs: 1998 -1999 – Marist Football club ( Honiara)
1999 – 2000 – Nelson Suburb (NZ)
2000 – 2003 – Sydney United (Aus)
2003 – 2004 – Makuru Football Club ( Honiara)
2004 – St George Football club (Aus)
2005 -2006 – Manawatu Football Club (NZ)
2006 to present - Waitakere United Football Club (NZ)
For further information contact:
Rex Dawkins
Executive Chairman
Waitakere United
021 974469
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SIBConline News

The High Court of Solomon Islands had acquitted both East and Central Honiara MPs Charles Dausabea and Nelson Ne'e on charges related to the 2006 April riots.

In his judgement today, Puisne Judge Justice David Cameron said that Mr Ne'e is acquitted of the intimidation.Mr Ne'e was arrested for alleged intimidation with the intention of causing injury to Mrs Anna Nuaiasi during the riot period.

But Justice Cameron ruled that Mr Ne'e is not guilty on the charge of intimidation and is now acquitted and discharged.In the case of the east Honiara MP, Charles Dausabea, Justice Cameron ruled that the MP is not guilty on the charge of inciting a riot in Parliament house and also not guilty on the charges of inciting a riot to destroy buildings in China town.

He is also not guilty on the charge of intimidation.Justice Cameron therefore acquitted Mr Dausabea on all charges.
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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hannah Harborow
RRRT Media Officer
Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Know of any group making a difference in your community, country or across the region?

RRRT is seeking nominations and applications for the 7th RRRT PacificHuman Rights Awards in recognition of Pacific organisations that over the year 2006/7 have helped make our region a better place to livethrough promoting social and economic justice, defending human rights, promoting respect and understanding, or enhancing the dignity of the poor and disadvantaged.

Awards totalling FJ$8000 will be made in acknowledgement of winners'work.

RRRT currently offers prizes under two categories - the Pacific region and Fiji - however these may change if a large number of applicants from other Pacific Island countries are received.

Applicants or nominees must:
1. Be a national or regional Pacific Island organisation.Individuals cannot apply for the award.*
2. Have demonstrated extraordinary and exemplary initiative inpromoting and advancing human rights or human rights education at anational and/or regional level for women, children, youth or otherdisadvantaged groups over the preceding year.
3. Be a formally established organisation, association or body, setup in accordance with the laws of the country in which it is based.
4. Clearly demonstrate the internal practice of good governance.
5. Show a strong commitment to social justice and human rights.**

So apply for your organisation, or nominate another in the Pacific, and gain recognition for making an outstanding contribution to the wellbeingof your community. Form can be obtain from the RRRT website.

Deadline for applications is 9th November, 2007.
Winners will be announced at an awards ceremony in Suva on 10thDecember, 2007 (International Human Rights Day).

Previous winners of the 6th Pacific Human Rights Awards (announced in early 2006) were the Makira Community Conservation Foundation (Solomon Islands), Samoa AIDS Foundation, Tuvalu Church Women Fellowship, Equal Ground Pasifika, the Fiji Disabled People's Association and Women's Action forChange (Fiji).
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SIBConline News

Opposition MP Edward Huni'ehu is encouraging the Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare to attend the upcoming Forum meeting which starts next week in Nukualofa, Tonga.

Mr Huni'ehu made the gesture following the Prime minister's intention not to attend the meeting. He says with many issues pointing to Solomon Islands' government, Mr Sogavare should be at the meeting to clarify statements and actions he made which may have caused disappointment to other Forum leaders.

Mr Huni'ehu says the time would be crucial for the Prime Minister to explain Solomon Islands' position on certain issues and statements coming from the government in relation to RAMSI and other Pacific island leaders.

He says that although Solomon Islands values the relationship it has with Taiwan, Prime minister should attend the meeting. Mr Huni'ehu says the Prime minister's travel to Majuro to meet the Taiwanese president Chen Shui-bian and the Forum meeting were made known to him some time ago.

The Opposition MP says Mr Sogavare should have made arrangements to meet the President and attend the Forum meeting.
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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

SIBConline News

The new Minister for Justice and Legal Affairs Francis Zama (pictured on the far right hand corner) was sworn in at the government house this afternoon.

Mr Zama says that for the next few days, he will be settling in and looking at government policy directives in relations to law and justice.He says he will be working closely with RAMSI on the law and justice strengthening program.

Mr Zama says one of his department's task is to make sure the many back-log of cases to be dealt with and the improvement of magistracy in the provinces.

The swearing in ceremony this afternoon was witnessed by the Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare and senior government ministers and backbenchers.
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SIBConline News

Prime Minister Manessah Sogavare, has decided to boycott this year's Pacific Leaders meeting, to be held in Tonga next week.
Radio Australia's Pacific correspondent, Campbell Cooney, reports the boycott is in protest of a Pacific Islands Forum-run review which found the RAMSI assistance mission was a positive influence in the country.
The review of RAMSI was demanded last year by Mr Sogavare.Leaked copies show it has found RAMSI has been, and still, a positive influence in Solomon Islands on law and order and governance, and should continue. Mr Sogavare's secretary, Rence Sore, was quoted as saying that in retaliation the PM will boycott next week's Pacific Leader's meeting in Tonga.
Solomon Islands parliamentary opposition leader, Fred Fono, says as the other regional leaders have given Mr Sogavare their support for a review, he owes it to tell them why he's unhappy.
He says any leader in his right mind should attend the Pacific forum to explain clearly the position of the government.The Solomon Islands Government is to review the legislation which allows RAMSI to operate. RAMSI began operations in 2003, after being invited to the country by the then government.
Meanwhile, Mr Sogavare told SIBC News after the swearing of the new Minister for Justice and Legal Affairs Francis Zama is not attending the Pacific forum because it comes at an awkward time of his travel plans.
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Friday, October 05, 2007

Govt media Services

The contract with the Australian airline company, SkyAirWorld, to operate the Sydney-Honiara route has been terminated.

Finance Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo made the announcement yesterday following what he termed as SkyAirWorld ‘defaulting’ in terms of its contract.

“I would accept their decision to move ahead if we had not put forward that provision, the short term roll-over position”, he said refering to the ability of the Solomon Airlines and SkyAirWorld to get over their impasse that resulted in the grounding of the leased Embraer aircraft.

“SkyAirWorld have defaulted in terms of their contract”, he said.

Meanwhile, representatives from another Australian airline company, Pacific Blue has met with Mr Lilo earlier this week. Mr Lilo said the meeting was ‘very encouraging’ and has spoken of a possible arrangement that could be drawn up should a decision is being made.
“The respresentaive of Pacific Blue has express their interest to operate this (Brisbane-Honiara) route and I hope that they will be given their licence by the relevant Australian authority to operate this route”, he said.

“We have established some understanding on of operating a partnership for the Honiara-Brisbane route. The partnership will include the Solomon Islands Government, Virgin Blue and the private sector. This means some shares will be opened up to the private sector to invest in the airline, Mr Lilo said.

“Once they come in, I have no doubt in my mind that the airfares to Australia will go down, and it has been confirmed to us that as soon as they started operating the Brisbane-Honiara route that the airfares will come down at least 25 percent.”

However, Mr Lilo said the operation of SkyAirWorld in Solomon Islands to operate a twice-weekly flight to Honiara will depend on the the consent of Australian authorities.

“Their operation depends on how fast the Australian authorities grant Virgin Blue the licence. But may probably begin operations by mid-November if we do come up with any arrangement.”

The Minister said Virgin Blue has a strong marketing program that they can reach out to as much as many customers around the world to put Solomon Islands as a tourist destination.

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Thursday, October 04, 2007
Downer: 'Think of the Ordinary People'

Solomontimes Online News

Solomon Islands Government needs to think about the interests of the ordinary people of the Solomons, not just about their own personal interests.

Australia's Minister for Foreign Affairs, Hon. Alexander Downer, MP, made the comment in response to his Solomon Islands counterpart, Hon. Patteson Oti's "horrific spray" towards the regional assistance, RAMSI, and its leadership in the UN General Assembly.
Speaking at the 62nd Session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York a couple of nights ago, Mr. Oti said Australian-led peacekeepers were engaged in a "continuing occupation" of his country.
He told the meeting that the Solomons government wanted to see more UN involvement in the peacekeeping operation and was seeking to change the rules under which the mission operated.In an interview with ABC News Radio, Mr. Downer said the comments by Mr. Oti "doesn't really surprise me" as a coalition of politicians led by Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare are "always there attacking Australia and attacking RAMSI."
"It doesn't really surprise me because you've got a coalition of politicians led by Mr Sogavare and including Patteson Oti, the Foreign Minister, and of course the so-called Attorney General, Mr Moti, who want to destroy RAMSI," he said.
"...what stands between RAMSI and its destruction, to tell you the truth, is the very strong public support there is in Solomon Islands for the continuation of RAMSI so we're kind of used to this," Mr. Downer said.
He said the worrying issue is "the interests of the ordinary people of the Solomon Islands, frankly and if RAMSI were to fail, then I think the consequences for the ordinary people of the Solomons would be dire and that's why they don't want it to fail and I don't want it to fail.
" The Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI), made up of Australian, New Zealand and Pacific Islands personnel, arrived in 2003 to restore law and order and good governance after years of ethnic unrest.Relations between Canberra and the Solomons went sour following Sogavare's appointment of Moti, wanted in Australia on child sex charges, as Solomon Islands' attorney-general.
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Our Telekom donated the sum of SB$1000 to Kilu'ufi Hospital in support of their Beautification and Face Lifting programme for their 40th Anniversary.

The Beautification and Face Lifting programme was developed to help the Hospital prepare for its 40th Anniversary which they planned to mark on the 23rd of November this year. Our Telekom Manager Malaita Region, Mr Stanley Maelasia presented the donation to the Director of Kilu'ufi Hospital at the Kilu'ufi Headquarters on Tuesday this week.

Mr Maelasia said the donation was made in response to the Hospital's appeal for support from individuals, groups and organisations. Our Telekom responded with this donation as it felt that the Beautification and the Face Lifting programme is a worthwhile cause for this Health centre.

The Kilu'ufi Hospital 40th Anniversary Organising Committee stated in their appeal that assistance such as donations will go towards the repair and maintenance of the Hospital facility in areas of repainting and landscaping arrangements.

Mr Maelasia on behalf of Our Telekom conveyed the company's willingness to assist the Hospital in their efforts to beautify and improve the Health centre services for the entire Province.

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Solomontimes Online News

The Parliamentary Opposition has flatly denied a claim by the Finance and Treasury Minister, Gordon Darcy Lilo that some of his MPs intend to switch to the government.

Lilo earlier reported some Opposition MPs to have approached the Government, wanting to switch sides and take up new ministerial posts. While Mr.

Lilo could not immediately disclose the names of the MPs, he indicated that there is overwhelming interest from some opposition MPs to join the government.But Opposition Leader, Fred Fono in a statement said that not only is the claim not correct, but there is no need for "our MPs to switch to the government camp as it has enough members at its disposal to select from to fill vacancies".

He adds that Opposition MPs do not intend to switch camp because they understand their main mandate enshrined in the national constitution, which is to play the important watchdog role to ensure good governance, transparency and accountability.

Mr. Fono accused the Grand Coalition for Change Government of luring Opposition MPs to defect by offering them attractive financial benefit, assistance and state properties.

The Opposition Leader said the Parliamentary Opposition group is aware of the pre-requisite for getting funding assistant is to join the coalition government camp.
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SIBConline News

Malaita Premier Richard Irosaea Na’amo has signed financial documents relating to the Government Machinery Strengthening Programme.

The programme is a joint donor initiative set up by the National Government in 2004 for an integrated approach to provincial government strengthening.

The Government Communication Unit says the first phase of programme is the Provincial Financial Management Improvement Project which Malaita Province has just completed.

The phase involved auditing the backlog of Financial Statements to develop an accurate picture of the financial situation.It also included the initial development of individual and institutional capacities in both the Ministry of Provincial Government and the Malaita Provincial Government Treasuries.

The Provincial Financial Management Improvement Project aims to assist all Provincial governments to update their financial reports.It will also assist Provincial Governments to put in place Proper Financial management and reporting arrangements.

The project is also aimed at strengthening the link between these bodies and the Department of Finance and Treasury. The programme is jointly financed by RAMSI, the European Union, the United Nations Capital Development Fund and the United Nations Development Program.

The Ministry of Provincial Government and Rural Development is implementing the programme while the two UN agencies will provide support for the the five year programme.
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SIBConline News,

Finance Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo has ordered an investigation into the involvement of Statistics Division staff in the People’s Survey done on behalf of the Regional Assistance Mission, RAMSI.

A government press release says that Mr Lilo was horrified to learn that tens of thousands of dollars had been paid to staff who worked in a private capacity on the survey.

He says the staff had acted without his approval and their involvement was later used to authenticate the survey.

Mr Lilo says the behaviour of Australian National University Tech, the company which conducted the research, was disgraceful and corrupt.

The People’s Survey, released last week, showed that 90 percent of Solomon Islanders want the RAMSI mission to stay in the country but the Government has dismissed the results as not credible.
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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

By Brian Waqa
In Auki

Malaita Premier Richard Irosaea Na’amo on Friday signed financial documents dating back to 1986 which were released by financial specialists which will soon allow the province to become a party to the new Provincial Governance Strengthening Program.

The program also known by the acronym “PGSP” is a joint donor initiative established following a request by the National Government in 2004 for an integrated approach to provincial government strengthening.

The program which is jointly financed by RAMSI, the European Union, the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) is aimed at developing the capacity of Provincial governance systems through strengthening public administration to improve service delivery and local development.

The First phase of PGSP is the Provincial Financial Management Improvement Project (PFMIP) which Malaita Province has just completed.

The project involves auditing the backlog of Financial Statements with an aim in developing an accurate picture of the financial situation and also initial development of individual and institutional capacities in both the Ministry of Provincial Government and the Malaita Provincial Government Treasuries.

The project is also aimed at strengthening the link between these bodies and the Department of Finance and Treasury.
Malaita Province will be supported through the PGSP project to develop its capacity to undertake sound public expenditure management so that functions can be confidently assigned and proper financing can be provided to allow the province to comply with their mandates.

The Provincial Financial Management Improvement Project aims to assist all Provincial governments to catch up on their financial reports and assist Provincial Governments to put in place Proper Financial management and reporting arrangements.

The program will be executed by the Ministry of Provincial Government and Rural Development while UNCDF and UNDP will provide support for the implementation of the 5 year program.

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Govt media Services

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock will soon release funds for successful applicants for “The Support to Rehabilitation of the Copra and Cocoa Industries” following the closure of the application process on Friday 28 September.

Permanent Secretary to the Ministry Edward Kingmele said over 200 farmers from five provinces including Malaita, Makira, Isabel, Guadalcanal and Central Islands will be assisted from a total funding of 3 million dollars.

He said other remaining provinces will be included in the 2008 budget for the same project.

The National parliament this year have approved the first five provinces with Malaita, Makira and Isabel being allocated $750 thousands dollars each, while Guadalcanal was given an allocation of $500 thousand and Central islands Province $250 thousand.

Mr Kingmele said there were hundreds of applications from the first five provinces which makes it impossible for the government to fund all application projects from the present funding allocation of $3 million.

“All the project proposals received were thoroughly checked and appraised by the Agriculture Field Officers from these provinces.

“These project proposals were all sent back to the Ministry of Agriculture Planning Office for final consideration before the application period closed on Friday,” he said.

The National Project Committee had approved the first lot of projects for each of the five provinces which were then documented for the first tranche payment.

“It has been a very difficult exercise to accommodate every location but we pleased that all efforts have been made to ensure each constituency is represented in this allocation,” Mr Kingmele said.

The funds will cover different components of cocoa and copra production which include construction of new driers, tools and materials for rehabilitation of plantations, trading and storage, expansion and replanting and the processing of coconut into copra and coconut oil and other cocoa products.

Mr Kingmele said preparations of funding documents will take at least two weeks before payments are made to successful farmers.

“It is expected that the funding process will continue and should be completed by November,” he said.The names of successful farmers will be published shortly in the print media for clarification purposes.

Mr Kingmele further explained that successful farmers will sign and MOU to assure the government that the funds are for the purposes of the project.

“Should there be misappropriation, the farmer may be required to refund the whole amount of money,” he said.
Agriculture field officers in the provinces will monitor the implementation of the projects.

“Should farmers need technical assistance and advise the officers will be there to help them,” Mr Kingmele said.
The Ministry of Agriculture will also be monitoring the production of both copra and cocoa to ensure that the funds were spent for their intended purpose.

“We expect to see an increase in production from December and whole of next year,” Mr Kingmele said.

Mr Kingmele was thankful for the generous assistance of the Republic of China (Taiwan) for funding the project

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Source: UN News Center

The United Nations needs to become more involved in the management of regional peacekeeping operations in trouble spots or the lead countries in those missions will inevitably use them for the benefit of their own economic interests, the Solomon Islands’ Foreign Minister told the General Assembly today.

Patteson Oti said his Government has begun a parliamentary review of the legislative basis for the continuing presence in his country of the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands (RAMSI), which was deployed in 2003 to try to quell violent unrest after years of simmering ethnic tensions.

RAMSI comprises police, military and civilian personnel from Australia, New Zealand and 13 Pacific island nations.

While the visiting forces deserve credit for restoring law and order, Mr. Oti said, the underlying social and cultural causes of tensions in the Solomon Islands have not been addressed.

“Moreover, those who pay the piper call the tune… Howsoever dressed and rationalized, intervention and occupation allow ‘assisting’ nations to spend and earn substantial revenue for their supporting businesses and industries,” he said.

“Mine is too nationalistic a Government to become captive to the fortunes which justify our perpetual retention under siege. My Prime Minister, fellow Government ministers and parliamentarians, as well as our Attorney-General, remained unmoved by Australian resistance to our attempts to reclaim our sovereignty and independence.”

Mr. Oti said the Solomon Islands’ experience with “the Australian-designed ‘cooperative intervention’ package demonstrates the need for greater UN involvement in the leadership of future regional peacekeeping operations.”

Noting his multiple-entry visitor visa to Australia was cancelled suddenly last year on the grounds that he was “a risk to the health, safety and good order of the Australian community,” the Foreign Minister said it was an illustration of “international anxiety, insecurity and paranoia” about the threat of terrorism.
“One would have to admit that is an incredible justification for excluding democratically elected leaders of neighbouring countries unknown for breeding terrorists,” he said.

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